Considering building your personal brand on social media is indeed a very good idea for both freshers as well as working professionals. It not only helps you showcase yourself across multiple social media channels but also feature yourself to a good extent.

8 Ways to Building your Personal Brand on Social Media

If you’re a fresher, building your personal brand socially can instantly connect you with potential employers. Similarly, for working professionals, it can bring better work prospects from your relevant job domain. Follow these simple steps to make sure you’ve built an amazing online presence for you.

Update all your social media accounts

Before updating your details across all the social media accounts you own, decide which ones you’ll be using for official purposes. Do off with accounts that have been idle and no longer in use. This way, you can objectives to your social media activities.

Now, start updating your personal as well as professional information on all the channels you’re choosing to use henceforth. By doing so, you’re not only diverting good traffic to your pages but also removing unnecessary or questionable content you wouldn’t want to reveal to your potential employers.

What are you pro at?

Whether you’re an IT expert or a marketing hotshot, identify your expertise beforehand to create appealing content for your social media accounts. Posting relevant content as per your area of excellence is a great way to attract more and more audience towards your page.

Your content could be in the form of videos, images, infographics, or a quote-based text as well. Remember, the more distinctive and engaging content you come up about your expertise, higher would be the quality of traffic. Your audience would surely have a clearer idea of your chosen domain. This way you can strengthen your personal brand on social media as seamlessly.

Balancing your posts

When it comes to posting on social media, people often tend to go overboard and share content more often. However, this can be hazardous to your online presence as your audience might not like getting flooded with your posts every now and then.

Hence, keep your posts regular by balancing them. Moreover, chalk out a posting strategy with which you can know which content need to be posted when. Keep shuffling between multiple forms of content, that is, videos, texts, and images.

For example, in a particular week you can post 2 videos, 4 images, and 6 text-based content. Half of which can be related to your profession and expertise, while the other half can be used for generic postings.

Curated content sharing

Now there are two simple ways of posting on social media in order to garner more audience and high quality traffic. One, you can share what others have been sharing – as generic posting. Reposting is another great way to build your personal brand on social media.

Second, come up with original content that you’ve written to showcase your skills and talents as per your domain. Such content would indicates your proficiency in the industry and how you’ll be taking it further.

Go on to occasionally put content about your personal life — from favourite movie to hobbies and more. After all, this is the type of content social media is hungry for.

Sync-in your contacts

At once, you may not be having more than a hundred followers on your social media pages. But only a handful of them might be connected with you in actual. For other contacts which are not actively connected, you can try importing them from your Gmail or Outlook accounts. You can even have your phonebook contacts synced with your social media channels.

By syncing accounts, you can effectively keep track of missing connections. Popular social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram do allow free importing of specific number of contacts.

Find similar groups & join them

If you didn’t knew before, you can have ample of opportunities to find and join groups especially on Facebook and LinkedIn. Moreover, as these groups emphasize on specific industries and topics, you can have better chances of expanding your network.

Just use the search bar on respective networks and lookup for relevant groups linked to your specific domain. Once you’ve found suitable groups for you, you can share your updates and build your personal brand on social media accordingly. Just make sure that you choose smaller and specific topic-based groups so that you don’t end up amidst your competitors!  

Stay consistent

Now it is very important to remain consistent with your postings as far as social media is concerned. If you’ve started with a particular tone or theme, make sure you continue with it for as long. You tend to lose out on audience if you keep switching your ideas and the way you present them.

So, set your own brand guidelines and control the manner in which your followers perceive your brand image. Otherwise, it won’t take long for you to destroy your online reputation if even one of your featured posts show irrelevant content or image.


For sure, collaborations do work big time. Especially when it is all about the online space, connecting and collaborating with similar individuals can spell immense success for you as a brand. However, you’ll need to spend some time studying your collaborators so that you become an expert yourself.

For instance, you can start with LinkedIn, as it is a great way to find and engage with experts within your industry. So once you’ve figured out such professionals, analyze their online presence, posting trends, and the type of content they share. Also acknowledge how their followers acknowledge all that they post online – likes, shares, comments, etc.

Too excited to build your personal brand on social media? Start right away by following the best practices as above and come with a better, stronger, and more influential personal brand online!