A Game Of Pawn - How To Take Charge Of Your Career And Leave Nothing To Chance

If you look closely at the current job market, you’ll notice that it is nothing but a game of chess – one wrong move and you are checkmate. Everyone is struggling to sustain their job and grow in career. However, only the smart ones can survive and thrive as it takes a lot of strategic effort to make it big.

At the start of the career, everyone has their own plans and dreams. As time passes, the envisioned image changes and the work you used to enjoy once become a mundane routine. However, it doesn’t have to be that way always. You can take charge of your career again, revive it and change the view of your current situation.

Though your career may not define who you are, it takes most of your time. So, isn’t it wise to make the most of it? Here are a few ways which can help you take charge of your career and leave nothing to chance.

Find the right people to share your workload

As you progress in your career, the scope of work broadens, and you are expected to handle a few areas which you do not really excel in. Such aspects mentally exhaust and drain you. To keep your workload in check, you should always know when and what to delegate and outsource. This can help you in balancing your workload by focusing on what you excel in and getting the rest done by the team or vendor.

Do not be a victim

We always have a choice. You can always choose the path you want to take when it comes to career. If you have decided to be there, be positive, be resilient, be engaged and bring your best game. There is no point complaining and playing the victim. If you are not happy about working in a particular company, industry or role, only you can do something about it. So, take charge and bring the change that you wish.

Control your attitude

Your resume and work ethics play an essential role, but it is crucial to be careful about how you present yourself to others. It is you who have decided to take the current career path, so give your best and be mindful of your attitude. Your energy and attitude can single-handedly make or break your career. Do not forget that these are the most compelling element of your personality.

Don’t give up

In your professional life, you will come across a lot of tricky situations when starting fresh, changing careers, gaining experience in a new skill and more. However, going on is critical. Rejection is a part of the journey as well and that should not stop you from finding the job or making a new connection that will give you a chance. Remember, problems are to make you and not break you.

Stop negative self-talk

Our mind creates the image what we want it to and what we tell it. Have conversations, even with yourself. With all the negative chatters distracting you, it will be hard to take charge. Changing your thoughts can change the outcome.

Set a clear goal and check periodically

Our dreams, vision and our approach towards certain things keep changing. It is essential that you keep asking yourself – What do I want? Does the answer match with your career goals? So, with the changing environment, situations and time, we need to make sure everything is in line with our goals and wants, and it is still exciting.

Do not be afraid of making changes

Change is always difficult, but that’s the only thing constant in our life – both personal and professional. If something is not going right, accept and change it. Enjoying the comfort zone doesn’t do any good for your career growth. Take action required, be it talking to your supervisor/organization about adapting your role in some way or leaving it for another role/career path altogether.

Taking charge of your career determines your future. You may not know what you want or where you want to see yourself in the next ten years. But being realistic about setting goals and taking actions towards it will ensure your success in your career. Work hard, Work smarter!