Artificial Intelligence use cases are very many – ranging from agriculture to corporate sector and healthcare etc. Here’s an article guiding you how AI has touched the Government Ministries to renew them for better results.

Artificial Intelligence use cases: 5 Top Indian Union Ministries

As we all know, Artificial Intelligence or AI, has managed to find a way in everybody’s lives in every possible way. That being said, the Government of India is also not far behind in marking the prominence of the technology.

In fact, Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most crucial aspects of various initiatives by the Government of India. The ruling side, that is, NDA-led BJP Government seems to have invested considerably in new technologies by putting forth new programmes. So much so that they have as well launched an AI Task Force, which preps up for the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Let’s see Artificial Intelligence use cases within the Government sector. AI Task Force is becoming an amalgamation of several domains including corporate, academicians, government officials, individuals with other specialization as well. Below are 5 Union Ministries that are using Artificial Intelligence use cases to scale-up their operations.

Ministry of Railways

Always ridiculed for their poor food and catering services, the Indian Railways is all set to get a pretty AI makeover. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the Ministry of Railways is all set to transform its train kitchens and pantries.

Apart from revamping the food menu, Indian Railways is also advocating use of environment-friendly and biodegradable food containers. With the AI project already been kick-started at the IRCTC base, they have installed around 16 HD cameras linked to monitors. These cameras would not only help detect pests in the facility but also notify to the concerned authorities.

artificial intelligence use cases

Ministry of Home Affairs

Irrespective of any given condition, Delhi, the capital of India, is best known for its traffic woes. In order to curb traffic and automate the entire system, the Delhi Police has sort help from Artificial Intelligence.

The Delhi Police, which falls under the Home Ministry, would be installing India’s first ever Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) across the capital. The systems are designed to create smart traffic signals based on inputs by AI.

The technology can be used to determine traffic flow, automate traffic rules enforcement, and communication to smoothen and transform traffic problems in the Capital.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs

The Union Government has planned to take stern actions against companies under Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Wherein, they have strategized to use Artificial Intelligence to MCA21 portal for detection of any discrepancies in company balance sheets.

For that, the Ministry has resolved to terminate around 2.35 lakh companies that are non-compliant to company laws. The step has been taken after substantially investigating their transactions and every bank account detail.

Ministry of Defence

The AI Task Force for the Ministry of Defence wing, led by Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran, have submitted its conclusive report to the Defence authorities on using AI for military purposes.

Within the report, they have suggested numerous recommendations on how to make India a superpower using AI. As far as both offensive and defensive needs are concerned, the report guides the Ministry for applying AI technology in aviation, naval, cyber, land systems, biological, and nuclear warfare areas.

The Defence Ministry has accepted the report and soon we shall have our country’s defence system supplemented by Artificial Intelligence.

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

The Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited, also known as BCIL – a public sector enterprise, has recently released a tender under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. In which, the body has featured its urge to take media and public opinion very seriously.

The Government also sent out a proposal for a specific “technology platform” for noting down emotions exhibited by the general public. For this, the concerned authorities shall analyse social media posts, emails, blogs, and miscellaneous social media content. The idea behind such a move is to boost nationalism, patriotism, and harmony; while neutralizing any negativities caused by Media.

Artificial Intelligence use cases

Ministry of External Affairs

The Ministry of External Affairs is also not far behind the other Government departments. To boost the flow of knowledge transfer among countries, the Ministry of External Affairs have decided to integrate with Artificial Intelligence.

In the recently concluded meeting, the authorities discussed on ways to attract Indian-origin individuals settled in abroad with better work or business opportunities. Although very little has been closed upon, the meeting promises to yield sweeter fruits.

Given the applications of Artificial Intelligence, all we can hope is for better functionalities among the various union ministries. Let’s see how and when above Artificial Intelligence use cases could automate Government departments.