Landing a perfect banking job requires both hard work and perseverance. After all, bank jobs have always been considered as the safest, most sound and more rewarding as far as a career is considered. However, banking jobs are not for everyone!

Apart from possessing pre-determined skillset and specific traits, banking job also needs a suitable individual personality. As the banking industry is quite demanding, you should be a committed individual to have a long-term banking career.

Banking Job CV - Important points you shouldn't miss out on!

Wondering what else? Let’s begin from the very start. Banking job CV! In this article, we shed light on how good and professional a banking job CV should be.

First things first, your resume for banking job should not only feature your skills and qualities but also highlight qualifications and work experience.

What bank job qualities recruiters are looking for?

  • Promising future performance on the basis of strong educational background, impressive GPAs, and stable past experience
  • Customer-centric approach, wherein candidates are able to provide proactive customer-friendly solutions
  • Constant learner who is eager to know more about developments in the banking industry
  • Analytical thinking and skills to identify low performing products and services including loans, bonds, securities, etc.
  • Candidates that are professionally sound, trustworthy, committed, and sincere towards the organization as well as the customers.

Consider who your banking job CV will be targeted to and what message do you want it to convey. Then you need to customize your resume as per the institute standards where you’re seeking employment.

Highlight points that show how exceptionally well you’re as a candidate for the banking job as compared to other job seekers. Make sure you are easily capable to comprehend the duties and responsibilities involved in a banking job. Some of the most important banking job areas include:

  • Handling routine bank transactions
  • Dealing with cash, cheques, and credit cards
  • Ensuring proper processing of all kinds of loans
  • Preparing travellers’ cheques as per requirement
  • Devising marketing plans to sell financial products
  • Dealing with client withdrawals and deposits
  • Looking after customer queries and other teller responsibilities

banking job

Your resume is a reflection of your capabilities to perform the aforementioned tasks as well as allied ones effectively. Let’s elaborate more on it. Make sure you have following points in your CV

Brief on objectives

Your objectives should be a good blend of your career objectives, leadership qualities, and skills relevant to the job. It should be able to easily portray your goals and ambitions if you wish to have a secured employment with a coveted bank.  

Contact Details

The second thing to mention in your bank job application is your contact details. Wherein, you need to mention your first name, last name, contact number, email address, and residential address. In case you also have any alternate contact details as in residential address, contact number, or email address, you need to mention those too.

Career History

In this section, you’re required to highlight career history in the banking sector, if any. Describe your ability to carry off roles and responsibility towards the prospective bank and its customers.

Clearly showcase your performance level, as in, contributions that you might’ve made to your past employers. Wherein, include no. of work years, designations undertaken, positions held, leadership roles assigned, and professional skills gained. Also mention all the names of the banks you have worked with.

Educational Qualifications

Here, your resume should display details of your entire educational journey. Right from school to college graduation, along with any specialized short-term certifications you would have completed in between.

Your banking job CV must also carry the names of Educational Institutions you’ve attended, irrespective of how many they were. It would be added advantage to put in years of completion and if any degrees/ diplomas received.

Additional Achievements

Save all the appreciation in form of prizes, medals, merit certificates, and accolades for this section. Irrespective of the institution, field, year; go on mentioning here every appreciation you’ve received during your education.

Relevant Skills/ Qualifications

No banking job resume is complete without mentioning any relevant skills or qualifications that you may possess. Hence, this part of your CV should feature both natural as well as technically acquired skills.

So whether it is IT, computer languages, banking software eg. Tally ERP, or any other similar skills required for bank jobs, do elaborate them here.

When presented in an eye-catching format, complete with sub-headings as mentioned above, every banking job resume is sure to get noticed. Such a resume is most likely to help you end up with interview calls and eventually get placed in a coveted bank for a flourishing banking career ahead!