There are best career podcasts are specially dedicated to career enhancement and help you to perform well in the interviews, build your resumes, enhance your knowledge for competitive exams or find the best job in your profile.

Apps, videos, websites, we have explored it all. While there is no end to learning, there is a limitation of time. Why not utilise your travel or workout time to enrich yourself? Yes, podcasts can make this happen. One of the best ways to enhance your knowledge on various subjects while continuing with your existing schedule in to tune into Podcasts. It is most effortless way to gaining something valuable.

7 Best Career Podcasts 2018 to Boost your Career

Whether you want to monetise your side gig, move up the corporate ladder, de-stress yourself from work pressure, or re-launch your career, there are podcasts for everything.

Here are 7 of the best career podcasts for enriching your career:

(1) Career Cloud Radio

This is one of the best career podcasts and is globally renowned. This podcast has helped students and aspirants in their job search efforts since a decade. What to put on your resume? How to negotiate a better salary? How to answer interview questions? are some of the answers that this podcast provides.

The interviews are crisp, full of effective and actionable advices, and has the quality to hold the interest of the job seekers whether a fresher or an experienced professional.

(2) Being Boss with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

If you are a creative entrepreneur trying to build your dream company, this one is for you. This podcast helps to bring out the leader in you and manage your life and career. For prospective entrepreneurs, who are looking to get started in their new ventures, this is the ideal podcast. You can gain immense wisdom from this podcast and it is enough to get you started on your dreams.

(3) Career Re-launch

In this age of technology disruption, there is constant need for up-skilling and re-skilling. Many a times you may even think about changing your existing career track and switching to a more lucrative career option like Analytics or Digital Marketing.

best career podcasts

Career Re-launch provides you the much needed wisdom for making that transition seamlessly. The host of the program, Joseph Liu, interviews professionals from almost all walks of life who have successfully made the transition into a drastically different career arena. They talk about their experiences which gives you hope that making a transition is possible. Not just that, they guests also give you tips about how you go through the change with ease.

(4) Manager Tools

Who doesn’t want to climb the corporate ladder? But for achieving great heights in your career, you need to sharpen your management skills. Manager Tools is one such podcast which gives you plenty of topics helping to learn about the performance review process, leadership skills and actionable ways to progress to the next level.

(5) Tara Brach

Now this one is slightly spiritual. But when you are disturbed with your nosy boss, interfering colleagues and a stubborn subordinate, its best to turn to spirituality isn’t it? Tara Brach is a teacher of Buddhist meditation and she teaches effective meditation techniques which will help you to relax your mind, refocus on your goals and get less impacted by the distracting events around you.

(6) The James Altucher Show

James Altucher is a former hedge fund manager who is also a bestselling author. He conducts interviews with thought leaders. However, his interviews are little offbeat and comes as a whiff of fresh air. They are quirky, refreshing, humorous and absolutely honest.

James challenges conventional wisdom and makes you look at another side of things. Whether it is earning a seven figure income, ideas on economic development, or simply laughing out on day to day things.

(7) The Pitch

For those who have a barrage of ideas but do not know how to market themselves, the Pitch is here for you. Not only will you learn about other offbeat ideas but also learn how to market yourself. You will know what it takes to sell someone your unique ideas. This podcast by Shark Tank prepares you for the perfect pitch and helps you to convince everyone why you are the best candidate.