Benefits of undertaking a Business Analytics Course From IMS Proschool before enrolling for a college/university program

Business Analytics (BA) has become an interesting arena these days and many candidates are contemplating to have a career in the field of data science. However, before plunging into this field one should probe whether they’ve a knack in working with complex figures and statistics. The NSE certified Business Analytics course at IMS Proschool is an opportunity for students from any field to learn basics of business analytics covering all aspects, including “R” programming, Excel and SAS.

Let’s explore, why it is advisable for students to get an NSE certification in BA before enrolling for a course in top colleges/institutions.

Duration of the course

Most colleges cover a huge chunk of the BA syllabus in a short duration. The programs are designed in such a way that it is expected from the students to have a good understanding of maths and statistics. Most probably, a novice will find it extremely difficult to pass out in the certification, owing to which it will be a wastage of both time and money resources.


Institutions usually hold a time-bound program, which are mostly taught by industry experts and international professors, and it is extremely difficult for them to spare time to clear the basics of the students. IMS Proschool, on the other hand offers its students flexibility, with a smaller batch size and one-to-one attention given to all students.


Investment in a Proschool program is around INR 25-30 thousand, which is much lesser than the fees you’ve to pay to these institutes. Moreover, fees from top institutes may require you to invest around INR 7-8 lakhs. It may also require an additional financial investment in buying computer system of the required configuration and transportation costs in case you’re an outstation student. In addendum, SAS training may also be charged extra.

Buzz of Big Data

Big data has become a buzzword these days, and many candidates fancy having a career which sounds in demand these days. Yet, some fail to realize that it requires the data scientists to decode complex graphs and statistics, work under monotonous and stressful situations. Hence, it is necessary that the student has a knack to have ‘fun with numbers’. With Proschool, students can learn about their inclination towards the subject also gain conceptual clarity.

Strong Foundation

Since the courses at institutes requires students to have a strong base in data analytics and statistics, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the subject, else, learning complex formulae and information might be difficult for the candidate. With a good background and clarity of concepts, there is a higher chance that students enrolling for BA courses in these academic institutions pass out and are at ease in learning. Moreover, in this case, they can truly benefit from these industry experts, by asking them logical questions.

Placement Assistance

IMS Proschool also offers the students placement assistance after completion of the course. Students are given a NSE approved certificate after completion, which gives them an additional edge over the competitors.

With the aforesaid benefits, a student considering investing money in learning from a top grade college should definitely take this brief stint of Business Analytics at IMS Proschool.