Certified Financial Planning Professional jobs are trending as far as the finance domain is concerned. This article guides you on how and why now is the right time to become certified financial planning professional..

You might be someone, just graduated and still thinking what career path to take or have been in the finance field for long and have been longing for change.

Why Is This The Best Time To Become Certified Financial Planning Professional?


Well, the profession I am talking about goes by a lot of names, like a certified financial planning professional, personal financial consultant, and financial advisor, but what it typically is, financial products sales.

However, how does that matter? What matters is, have you thought about being one? If not, then I would suggest

NOW is the time!

This tax season yielded a lot more questions from CPA’s clients about financial future than in previous years. That is because of the changes in the country economy and tax reforms. These had implications on everyone’s 2018 tax return and the importance of making sure that they are adjusting their financial plans accordingly has become increasingly important.

What are the best things about being a Certified Financial Planning Professional?

Helping People Make Smart Decisions

Many of your clients will be dependent on your advice, and nothing will make you feel better than the sincere thanks for helping them out.

You Can Make Your Schedule

Everyone loves the freedom of being able to work on their own time. Now, it might not be as luxurious as it sounds. You may have late meetings and Saturday appointments as well. Sometimes making your schedule may mean working around the client’s clock.

Financially Rewarding

It’s not a lie; the profession pays rather well compared to others. The first couple years may be an entirely different story, but eventually, it pays.

What to become the best financial advisor in town?

Follow 3 I’s: Interpretation, Integrity, Information

First of it is crucial to interpreting the client’s psyche before offering them a solution. The work of the financial planner is nothing less than solving a complex jigsaw puzzle, where he first needs to interpret the goal (not his but clients) and then bring the scattered pieces together.

It is pivotal, or I should say crucial, to advise clients based on their goals and objectives and not as per their vested interest.

Lastly, it is important to keep them updated on products related to them.

What is the misconception people have about this job?

Just so that you know, a financial planner doesn’t get any insider tip. They have as much information that is available to everyone else. One might have easier access to or better at interpreting the available information, but nothing worthful that turns your investment 1000% overnight.

To sum it all, it’s a tough business to get into, but it has its own perks. And the best time to get into is now, especially when everyone is struggling with the tax reform.