This blog highlights the importance of CIMA Certification in India. Let’s dig deeper and see what CIMA has to offer us..

What is CIMA?

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, likewise perceived as CIMA, allocates a Master’s certificate in Management Accountancy and related subjects for accountants working within the Industry. The CIMA is UK based and it’s the world’s biggest and most reputed accounting body.

CIMA Certification in India - Everything in a Nutshell

The CIMA Certification in India is accountable for the direction of the tasks or activities of each one of its members to guarantee that codes are pursued and discipline is maintained while trying to meet a customer’s requirements.

In case you’re somebody vigilant for a business-centric career, CIMA course is the correct career for you. The CIMA Certification in India qualification is an international certification.

CIMA certification

The CPA (USA) institute certification is an additional qualification for CIMA members as CGMA.

CIMA has more than 4500 training and recruitment partners across the globe. The CIMA Professional Qualification is perceived worldwide as the most important worldwide financial qualification for a career in business.

By acquiring CIMA Certification in India, you will join a worldwide association powered by two of the world’s leading accounting bodies (AICPA – the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and CIMA).

On fulfilment of the CIMA Professional Qualification, you will be awarded the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation, perceiving your esteem and displaying your polished skills, business, ethics and commitment.

When you are working as an accountant in the business field; you need to understand the business operations, strategy, performance management and risk. These skill sets are in addition to the core technical financial skills for a professional accountant.

This CIMA Professional Qualification can give you the correct blend of abilities, knowledge and experience required to increase the value of associations and drive business achievement.

Roles and responsibilities

CIMA professional’s roles and job descriptions go beyond the finance, along with strong fundamental skills. CIMA curriculum will teach you strategic skills and management skills. Their core activities involve information analysis for business decisions, creating a business strategy for wealth and shareholder value, risk identification and management, planning and budgeting, current trends, charts etc.


CIMA curriculum has 3 major learning pillars – Enterprise pillar, Performance pillar and Financial pillar. There are total 12 exams with nine objective tests and case study exams. There are total 90 minutes long computer based objective tests. An individual can opt these exams from Pearson VUE assessment. Also, 3 hours long case study exams are available in 4 windows throughout the year.

The enterprise pillar mainly focuses on effective implement strategy along with change management, project management and relationship management.

The performance pillar focuses on techniques and tools for risk management and management accounting.

Financial pillar focuses on the creation of financial statements and interpretation. There are total 3 pillars i.e. operational level, management level and strategic level.

Can you consider CIMA?

When considering CIMA as a career; graduate students from any discipline can study CIMA certification, but proficiency in mathematics and English language is a must. CIMA after the graduate degree is a strong career path. This certificate can be completed by undergraduate students as well. It is not mandatory to complete your graduate degree for CIMA.

For master’s degree students like MBA or Master’s in accounting holders; CIMA is a great booster. Once you pass the CIMA gateway exam, you can directly skip 11 exams and progress to the strategic level of CIMA. Similarly, if you have relevant experience and qualification in the financial stream, you can get access to an advanced entry to CIMA. The member of IFAC body will be eligible for advanced entry in CIMA through professional gateway route.

Why pursue CIMA?

There are many entry routes for CIMA certification.

  • Choose your own career path:This course is not specific to job roles but helpful for an entrepreneur also. If you wish to start your own business; the skills and tools in CIMA will help you in decision making.
  • Diverse roles:You will understand the key areas of business and finance accounting, company laws, budgeting corporate governance and all types of competencies required for the small business entrepreneur.
  • Global recognition: With CIMA recognized across the globe, thousands of companies around the world are scouting for qualified CIMA designation holders.
  • Monetary rewards: Whether you are already working or a fresher, CIMA certification will help you to accelerate your career path and get an edge in the job market.
  • Study at your own pace: With the on-demand and flexible structure, you can study at your own speed.

To cut the long story short, CIMA Certification in India is the most promising and knowledge oriented course to go with.