Common questions about ACCA

Make an impression on the best employers.

Employers in the ever-expanding field of accounting and finance are increasingly looking for the best talent and relying on various parameters, one of which is a global testing standard. The credential you get from your ACCA institute makes sure that you have  strategic thinking, technical skills, and professional values, all of which are essential and highly sought after by any organization in the world. Many ACCA institutes have a dedicated Careers Job Board where you can connect with members for thousands of job opportunities. They have 7,400 approved employers and 80 accountancy partnerships worldwide.

Work from anywhere on the planet.

ACCA institutes provide this certificate that has a worldwide reputation for excellence and rigor, and it is highly regarded. Candidates who join ACCA institutes can gain information relating to the career, course structure and even the ACCA eligibility criteria to become part of a professional network with over 219,000 members. You can assume key responsibilities in top positions across industries, anywhere in the world, with a qualification like this.

Quality Tuition is a big help.

The ACCA institutes assist students in achieving a blended learning experience at any point in your career. In both full-time and part-time modes, whether in the classroom or online, the quality of tuition is guaranteed.

The Freedom to Follow Your Own Direction.

Exams are held every quarter, and some exams are available on demand, allowing you to progress at your own pace. You can gain more information relating to the eligibility criteria and the syllabus on ACCA official website. If English is not your first language, you can get extra help with language learning.

Criteria for Eligibility

To be considered for the qualification of the ACCA certification the eligibility criteria on the official website of ACCA needs students to be at least 18 years old and hold a 10+2 diploma with a minimum of 65 percent in Mathematics or Accounts and English, as well as a minimum of 50 percent in all other subjects. 

Is it possible to study through ACCA online classes while pursuing your bachelor’s degree? 

You can do it alongside your graduation in courses like BCom, BBA, BMS, and so on. Different colleges have different admission procedures for the ACCA online classes program. Some colleges use a merit-based admissions system, while others use entrance exams.

After obtaining the ACCA qualification, there are a variety of options about your career.

Employers respect the ACCA examinations because it provides a globally recognized credential, and candidates who hold it have an advantage over others. Surprisingly, candidates who have this qualification earn more money than those who do not. The ACCA course teaches you knowledge that can open doors to a wide range of opportunities around the world and allows for rapid advancement in the field. If you are confused about ACCA professional course, this blog can provide a variety of career paths, including:

  • Business Restructuring
  • Corporate Business Accounting
  • Audit and Assurance
  • Business Development
  • Corporate Finance
  • Education and Training
  • Financial Services
  • Commercial Finance
  • Compliance and Risk
  • Consulting and Advisory

You should now have a good idea of what the ACCA course is, what its cost is and what the structure of the syllabus is all about. Global education, like internationally recognized qualifications, can add luster to your resume. The ACCA cost is mentioned in detail in the institute you are pursuing this course from. These institutes offer Economics, Finance, Management, and Accounting with academic direction, ensuring that students follow the same curriculum and have access to the same opportunities as students.

The ACCA subjects list is vast and provides students with the most up-to-date knowledge on subjects necessary to work in finance. However, it provides a much broader and more comprehensive perspective than a purely technical approach.

The ethics and values that students need to make a difference are threaded throughout the entire journey. Members become extremely valuable to employers wherever they are based in the world because they can only qualify after completing at least 36 months of hands-on professional experience.

How long does it take to become eligible?

This is dependent on the qualifications that students possess prior to registering with the institutes. They are committed to ensuring that as many people as possible have access to our internationally recognized qualification, so you can begin at the level that’s right for you.

Some of the exams may be exempted for students who have prior qualifications that match the skills and knowledge required in the ACCA eligibility criteria.

Students can use our exemptions pages to see if they qualify for any exemptions from our exams.

Working and studying at the same time is the quickest way to become a member. You might be able to qualify in as little as three or four years if you do.

Is there a timeline?

Students can spend as much time as they want on the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams. Students have seven years to pass the remaining exams after passing the first Strategic Professional exam.

Exams for Applied Knowledge

These exams provide students with a broad understanding of essential accounting techniques and are an excellent introduction to the world of finance and accounting.

  • Technology and Business (BT)
  • Accounting for Management (MA)
  • Accounting for Money (FA)

Exams in Applied Skills

Applied Skills develops strong, broad, and practical finance skills required of future strategic professional accountants in any sector or industry, building on your existing knowledge and understanding.

  • Law of Corporations and Businesses (LW)
  • Management of Performance (PM)
  • Imposition of taxes (TX)
  • Reporting on finances (FR)
  • Assurance and Audit (AA)
  • Accounting and Finance (FM)

Professional Strategist

These exams give students a unique combination of skills, real-world focus, and specialization options that will help them advance their careers and become strategic, forward-thinking professional accountants. Both Essentials and Options exams are included in the Strategic Professional exams.


Both of these exams will be taken by students, and they will equip them with the skills they need to make an immediate impression on employers.

  • Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
  • Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

Professionalism and Ethics

The Ethics and Professional Skills module is intended to help students develop the full range of skills that employers have indicated they require. Institutes are doing everything they can to make our students shine with recruiters and be truly credible in the workplace by exposing them to the full spectrum of advanced ethical and professional skills and exposing them to realistic business situations.

Prior to taking the Strategic Professional exams, students should complete the module. More information on the Ethics and Professional Skills Module can be found here.

Experiential learning

Exams are crucial. However, real-world experience is part of what makes the course structure of the ACCA course so valuable.

To qualify, you must have three years of practical experience in a relevant role in addition to passing the exams and completing the ethics module. More information on the Practical Experience Requirement can be found online.

This blog provides you with some of the most important and prominent knowledge that is required by you if you want to pursue a career and know the ACCA course structure

ACCA subjects list has been made to provide students with a deeper insight in the financial space. A career in the ACCA field of work can be professionally as well as financially rewarding for students in general. We hope that we have provided you with the best ACCA  course details and eligibility criteria.