Digital Marketing is fast becoming one of the most trending career choice in recent times. We have already discussed in our previous post about upcoming opportunities in digital marketing by experience level. However, you need to choose which job profile in this sector is perfect for you, according to your personality traits. Let’s see how the flowchart helps you to discover your interest, existing knowledge and your goals to figure out which role in the digital marketing sector is more suitable for you. This information will be useful to guide you through the maze of online marketing, not just limited to find out what is right for you, but also to build up role specific skills for your career.


Digital Marketing Career Opportunities – Which one suits you?


Now, once you have figured out which role is suitable for you, there is more to each profile as they all have their uniqueness when it comes to actually performing jobs with your skills.


Think you have the ability and keen eye to detail? Interested in knowing how things are and how they can be improvised to look/work in the best manner? If yes, then development is your calling. Lets see what makes a good developer,

  • Curiosity: Keep an eye on everything going around you.
  • Be Logical: Problem solving is impossible without logical thinking.
  • Attention to details: Remember, even a tiniest person can cast a large shadow.
  • Pick up individually: Learning on your own will make you unstoppable.


Have a knack of visualizing the bigger picture, which will help business grow and reach the audience? Love engaging with customers? If yes, choose digital marketing as your specialization and make the best of your creative and analytical skills. and Here are some more checks on skills required for a successful marketer.

  • Alertness: Knowing what’s coming up next is a sign of a good marketer.
  • Constant Learning: Learning in marketing is like food, a must to survive and thrive.
  • Be insightful: Be the marketer who is able to change the brand outlook.


Pictures speak a thousand words – Is imagination and creativity your forte?  If you’re interested in creating visually expressive images that add color and vibrancy to information, ‘Designing’ is the best option for you. so what designers must have?,

  • Have a heart of an Artist: Designers don’t simply create image or info-graphs. They craft and develop art.
  • Creative mind: There are thousands of ways to get a thing done, picking up the amazing one is your job.
  • Flexible mind: If you want to be a designer, expect variety of tasks coming on to your desk.
  • Adaptable mind: Prepare yourself for disagreement, disapproval, and take criticism in the right spirit.


Love telling tales? How about helping a business communicate their tale by weaving magic with words? Content writers/developers/managers have the ability to dig deep and know the finer nuances of grammar. If you prefer captivating the audience with words, content is the domain you should be looking forward to.

  • Be a storyteller: Nobody likes boring stories, so make sure you reach out to the hearts of your readers.
  • Have a personal brand: Never deter from writing emotionally, it’s your way of writing that makes you unique.
  • Trends hunting: Keep yourself updated with new trends, topics, news, etc., to make your writing more interesting as well as insightful.
  • Be Convincing: You may need to interact with your clients, influencers, boss and make them understand your point of view.