Hottest Positions in the Blockchain Industry

The blockchain is the most discussed technology that offers huge opportunities for professional growth. Even as the Blockchain related skills are still in its nascent stages, there is a demand for Blockchain professionals from both start-ups and established companies. The application of Blockchain is not just restricted to cryptocurrencies. In fact, distributed ledger, which is the core of the Blockchain Technology, is being increasingly used in other areas such as process designing, accounting, supply chain management, legal processes, contracts etc.

The successful adoption of Blockchain technology requires the skills of professionals who can develop strategies and design Blockchain solutions. Some of the potential opportunities in the field of Blockchain Technology are:

Blockchain Developers: The primary responsibility of Blockchain developers is to design and develop Blockchain platforms. Unless the platform is developed properly, the complete benefits of the blockchain cannot be realised. This an extremely technical position and requires immense knowledge and tremendous attention to detail. Certain organisations also call this role as Blockchain engineers. According to research by, a Blockchain Developers was ranked amongst the top 20 fastest growing job skill.

Some of the technical skills that a Blockchain developer needs are Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Studio, .NET, MVC, AJAX, SQL, C, C++, C#, Javascript, JQuery, SOAP, REST, FTP, Neural-networks, Regression, Agile Scrum, MYSQL.

Blockchain Designers: Blockchain is expanding to a lot many sectors and not just limited to the IT segment. Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of their advantages such as operational efficiencies, cost-savings and many more. Therefore the user interface and design of blockchain solutions are becoming more and more important. A proficient Blockchain designer knows how to design an interface that gives smooth experience to the users, ensures maximum transparency, trustworthiness and a platform that requires minimal interference from middlemen. In a nutshell, designing an interface that offers a seamless experience.

Blockchain Project Managers: The Project Manager is the first point of contact in an organisation when a company intends to adopt Blockchain and integrate it into the in-house process. Primarily, the Blockchain Project Manager is responsible for planning, supervising and executing the Blockchain project. They need to understand the organisational needs and convey the same to the Blockchain developers in technical language. Again, the Project Manager needs to convert the end result to regular English for the management to understand its progress and application.

Blockchain Quality Engineer: Just like assurance engineers in a software development field, Blockchain quality engineers are responsible for testing the interface and ensuring high quality in the development environment of Blockchain.  The Quality engineers in Blockchain are responsible for testing and automating the framework for Blockchain. They also guide the test strategy for blockchain development and maintain Quality Assurance standards. The QA engineers are involved with defining, writing and implementing test automation strategies.

Blockchain legal Consultants: Cryptocurrencies are still in the nascent stage in a country like India. There are a lot of rules and regulations governing the launch and application of cryptocurrencies. In such a situation, the companies involved with these new age currencies will seek a consultant who is well-versed with all the directives governing the initial coin offerings. Many companies now look for consultants with a legal background who can merge the cryptocurrencies in the existing financial model, performing due-diligence, performing various merger and acquisition activities as well as negotiating any agreements.

Final thoughts: Blockchain is the next big thing

Large organizations are now planning to recruit Blockchain specialists in their middle management as they concentrate on Big Data, Blockchain and App development. The most in-demand professionals are quality control, e-commerce and app development. There is a skill gap in the Blockchain industry and that is the reason why many large organisations are preferring people with a certain level of experience.

Professionals with expertise in specific Blockchain tools such as Hyperledger Composer and Solidity. Expert level skills in IT applications, cloud and mathematical skills rank high in the preference list of employers. Not just in the middle management level, there is immense scope for Blockchain professionals even in the entry-level positions as well as for freelancers.

The pace at which the Blockchain technology is deployed in most of the sectors and industries is paving way for another technological revolution with distributed ledger at its core. There is going to be a huge surge in demand for Blockchain related openings. However, since the job segment in Blockchain is still in its infancy, the career path will be far from conventional. The learning curve will be steep and you have to be ready for way more challenges. While there is immense scope to make a breakthrough in the Blockchain world, in order to grow in the field, you need to constantly update and reinvent yourself.




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