Introducing Flexi MBA – An MBA with placement in the first year

Even with a great job, you might be unable to move up in your career. So, what do you do? 

There are many reasons why someone with a good job cannot climb the career ladder. Some of the reasons could be:

  • Lack of professional qualification
  • Not enough core subject knowledge

So, what should you do? 

Go for a career-enhancing MBA degree? 

Quit job? 

Certainly not. You shouldn’t have to gamble experience for education. 

Several hundred employees go through this very same dilemma, but before you do some mental gymnastics, let’s introduce a simpler and more effective solution – Flexi MBA

Flexi MBA is everything you need in a course – it gives you complete core subject knowledge and flexibility to keep your job intact. And pioneering the flexible post-graduate management program is IMS Proschool. So let’s get you into the nitty-gritty details of this flexible course. 

What is Flexi MBA?

A Flexi MBA is uniquely designed to cater to the students who aim to build their educational profile while continuing to hold various jobs. The flexible MBA course gives them the freedom to earn a highly recognised post-graduation certification while building a robust resume. 

Flexi MBA builds your knowledge base, sharpens your skills, and makes you an ideal candidate for a career jump. As the name suggests, Flexi MBA allows you to complete the MBA program at your own comfortable pace by giving you the freedom to pick one module to ace at one time. In addition, you don’t have to sit for the entire program at once, making it ideal for working professionals or someone in the midst of changing professions. 

Leading the flexible and customised learning courses is IMS Proschool. They offer three specialisations for students, which helps develop their market-relevant skills. In addition, IMS Proschool helps accumulate skills and knowledge in all the major professional fields making students gain top-level positions in various departments of any organisation. 

As a student, your leadership skills are honed, and with the experience you gain during your course study, you can quickly become an effective marketing professional. Moreover, the courses are typically designed by experts in the relevant industry, and they include topics, real case studies and application-oriented projects. 

MBA should not be about gaining theoretical knowledge – textbook knowledge will only take you so far. 

To crack the interview, group discussions and make a mark at any organisation, you need hands-on experience, which the training courses in IMS Proschool will amply provide. Start-ups and established organisations seek experienced and skilled students with industry-relevant subject exposure. 

What makes Flexi MBA different from traditional MBA? – A Comparison

Traditionally, students had only a few choices regarding specialisation in MBA. However, it is not the case anymore. Now, there are several specialisation options that students can pick to help them achieve their career goals that align with their interests. 

Moreover, recently, students can also decide whether they want to take it up as a regular traditional course or through a flexible method. 

Although the flexible MBA is making huge inroads into the education system, students still have some lingering ambiguity about its value in the market. So let’s pit traditional MBA against the Flexi method to understand them better. 

Traditional MBA Flexible MBA
Completion Time
Traditional method of MBA has a specific timeframe within which a student has to complete the MBA program to qualify for the certification.  A Flexi MBA gives students the freedom to complete the course at their pace.
Job Opportunities
A traditional MBA is a full-time regular course which helps you secure a job only after the course completion.  A Flexi MBA is a self-paced study which gives you the freedom to get a job and earn relevant experience while pursuing the course.
  Mode of Learning
A traditional MBA is an instructor-led teaching mode that depends on the teacher’s ability to impart subject knowledge. In a Flexi MBA, the student leads the learning, meaning the student sets the pace, and learning methodology.      
Course Structure
A traditional MBA is structured in the age-old methods of teaching where more emphasis is on theory.  A Flexi MBA is more practical and project-based learning in which the student learns by experience. 
A traditional MBA is meant for students ready to commit to full-time learning with the option of taking evening classes or part-time jobs. A Flexi MBA is more suitable for non-traditional students with full-time jobs and other commitments.
Access to Learning
A traditional MBA is a typical classroom course where the student has to be physically present in the classroom every day for the entire duration of the course. Some Flexi MBAs are offered on a distance education system where the courses and learning material can be accessed online. 
A traditional MBA structure specialisation starts from the second year of the course, in which the first year of the academic calendar is spent on learning foundational subjects. A Flexi MBA course structure focuses on specialisation from the first year, which helps them secure a course-relevant job right after the first year. 

Benefits of Flexi MBA

Now that we have seen the differences between a traditional MBA and a flexible one let’s look at the benefits of pursuing the latter. 

Freedom to complete the MBA program at your pace

One of the benefits is the flexibility it offers students in terms of course duration. 

You have the freedom to complete the course at your own pace without compromising on the subjects or the quality of learning. In addition to the flexibility in course completion, the workload is also far less. 

A Flexi MBA focuses on only the subjects relevant to your specialisation instead of requiring the students to pass the general subjects. As a result, you would spend significantly more time on specialisation subjects and waiving some of the non-mandatory foundational subjects. 

Learn from Anywhere

Flexi MBA allows you to learn from anywhere without being restricted by location, timing, and other compulsions. For example, you don’t have to relocate near the study centre, nor are you required to spend time on-campus. Instead, you can get an MBA certification while holding on to your day job or fulfilling family obligations. 

Advantages of having a one-on-one personal mentor

A traditional MBA is a regular course with a skewed teacher-to-student ratio, where the students are significantly more than the number of teachers. It effectively makes it tough for the students to interact with the teachers during the course. 

With a flexible MBA, the students can interact with their teachers one-on-one and in real-time. It helps the students get clarity of topics and greater subject knowledge. 

Ability to interact with industry-experienced professionals and faculty

The trainers in a flexible program are typically from the industry. Therefore, it gives students a great opportunity to gain industry exposure and awareness. Moreover, in a flexible program, some industry stalwarts interact with the students and conduct advanced courses and seminars. 

With a Flexi MBA, students can rub shoulders with experts worldwide. You can also interact with other students from different parts of the world. You will not be restricted by geographic location and have the chance to participate in conferences, meetings and online events. 

Allows you to focus on your core disciplines

Flexi MBA helps you build a network of professionals and allows you to explore the concepts pragmatically. 

For example, in a Flexi MBA, topics won’t be taught traditionally. Instead, you will be encouraged to explore the topics and practically apply the learned concepts. Moreover, the students will be given real case studies to understand the topics better. 

Helps accelerate your career

The flexible MBA program caters to working professionals and helps them accelerate their career goals. The courses are designed to empower students to explore high-growth areas and lays both a foundational and advanced framework from which the student can explore various career goals. Since the students are provided with both practical, technical and theoretical expertise, they are highly sought-after by employers. 

Dual Advantages of working and learning

Flexi MBA’s major advantage is it gives students the chance to continue learning while working. With this dual advantage, they become a much more valuable asset to their organisation. In addition, they can apply the learned concepts in their work setting and easily gain a competitive advantage over others. 

Where can you learn from the leaders in the field?

Learning from the leaders gives you the advantage of learning from the best. IMS Proschool is the leading institute offering advanced Flexi MBA programs that benefit students and working professionals. 


After completing the course and completing the AIMA exams, students will be eligible to receive two career-boosting certifications – AICTE approved PG Certificate in Management and NSDC certification. 


IMS Proschool offers three distinct and current industry-relevant courses:

Digital Marketing: The PGCM in digital marketing introduces the specialisation subjects from the first year and allows the students to complete their MBA within the next five years. 

The course provides in-depth knowledge on website design, SEO, SEM, SMM, web analytics, communication and more. 

Data Analytics: The PGCM in Data Analytics is a highly preferred course since it gives students immense career and growth opportunities. With the digital world exploding, there is a huge need for data analytics professionals with both domain experience and subject expertise. 

With this course, students can get placed right after completing the first year and get a one-year exemption from their MBA. The course curriculum is expertly designed to cater to market trends. It includes SQL and Python knowledge, machine learning techniques, business simulation methodologies and more. 

Investment Banking: The PGCM in Investment Banking and Capital Markets is one of the most preferred courses by industry experts. It is an active learning program with a focused curriculum. The topics include financial performance and analysis, industry analysis, financial management, equity modelling, valuation, and simulation. 

IMS Proschool has been providing top-notch courses for successful students and professionals for over two decades. They have been able to command this success because of their emphasis on having

  • Expertly curated curriculum, 
  • Seasoned experts, 
  • Industry-relevant topics, 
  • Flexible learning
  • Focussed student-led training, 
  • Exposure to real-life issues, 
  • Emphasis on practical and application-oriented learning.
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Customised training for interviews

While many places promise professional programs, IMS Proschool is perhaps one of the few that can show the results on the table. If you are motivated enough to make a change to your career and are looking for the right place to launch your career, reach out to IMS Proschool today.