5 Top Technology Trends In 2019 And The Opportunities They Will Create

In today’s world, the strategic priority of every business is digital technology. As per the Accenture Technology vision survey performed on more than 6600 IT executives and businesses, 94% of respondents said that in their organisation the pace of technology had either significantly or at least accelerated since 2016.

It’s the technology trends that shall determine the fate of businesses in the future. It is already transforming many industries rapidly and shaping the world and its future. Leaps in computing capacity, connectivity and data capture are speeding this change.

Below are 5 tech trends for 2019 to watch for:

Artificial Intelligence

One of the technologies that are a part of all the tech talks is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It has already created a lot of buzz in almost all the sectors and still going to continue to be on the watch list for long. It is not just affecting the businesses, but also the way we live our daily lives in some way or the other. Artificial intelligence is the computer systems that are built to mimic human intelligence and perform tasks which were usually done by humans only until it came into the picture.

AI has been around for more than 50 years, but recently it has evolved and how. Broadly termed as automation, AI is predicted to eliminate approximately 73 million jobs by 2030. On the other hand, it will also create jobs in programming, development, support, testing, maintenance and much more. Seeing the developments happening and will happen in the future, it is definitely worth earning an AI certificate.


You must have heard about Bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrencies. Well, many people associate Blockchain technology with that. However, the security offered by it is useful in many other ways. Like, it can be described as data you can only add to and not take away from it or change it, which means it is so much more secure. Along with that, Blockchains are consensus-driven that ensures that no one entity can take control of the data.

Since the technology is highly secured, Blockchain is used for cryptocurrencies and play an essential role in protecting information like a personal medical record. It can also be used to drastically improve the global supply chain and protect assets such as art and real estate.

Augmented Reality of Virtual Reality

If you are a fan of video games and stuff like that, you must be aware of it. Virtual Reality plunges the user in an artificially created environment, whereas Augmented Reality enhances the environment. Apart from gaming, VR has also been used for training purposes like in the US Navy, coast guard ship captains and army.

Well, if you will look at the technology in terms of creating job opportunities, the demand for candidates with VR knowledge has increased by 37%. However, potential employees are not able to match the demand. Both, VR and AR, have enormous potential in entertainment, training, marketing, education and rehabilitation after an injury. These can significantly impact the way surgeons are trained, the experience of going to a museum, theme parks or marketing.

Internet of things (IoT)

It may sound like one, but it is not a game to be played on your smartphone. Almost all the things we use these days are now being built with Wi-Fi connectivity. That enables them to get connected to the internet and hence to each other. IoT makes things like cars, home appliances, etc. much more connected and exchange data over the internet.

Well, what we are seeing is just the beginning. It is predicted that some IoT devices will reach 30 billion by 2020, which is currently 8-4 billion. It has made life easier by enabling people to lock their doors, pre-heat the oven, switch on or off the lights and much more remotely. It also enables better efficiency, safety and decision making for businesses by collecting and analysing data.


First manufactured in the 1960s, automation has now scaled and transformed into an entirely new level with the help of advances in machine learning and connectivity. It is the use of software to automate processes for personal and business purposes. Businesses are using it for interpreting applications, dealing with data, processing transactions, replying to emails and what not.

The tasks being automated are not just the jobs of low-paid workers; up to 45% of the work of financial managers, CEOs and doctors can also be automated. Estimates are that the livelihood of 230 million or more knowledge workers is going to be threatened. On the other hand, it will also create new jobs and alter existing ones.

Technologies are continuously emerging and evolving around us. However, these 5 domains offer promising future possibilities and career potential. If you follow closely, you will see that all these domains are suffering from a shortage of skilled candidates, hence, it is worth training yourself for one of these and be in the game for the long run.