Responding to recent trends, companies have started taking “Online marketing” seriously, compared to last two years. Thanks to this change, need for online marketing professionals has been increased drastically. Among the companies surveyed, 39% have hired new digital marketers. As a result, increasing number of marketing agencies and as well as brands are also hiring in-house marketing team to fulfill their marketing needs. It is predicted that for upcoming year i.e., 2017, demand for digital marketers will increase at all levels, from fresher level to those possessing management level skill sets. Lets look at the hiring trend of year 2016.

Job Opportunities and Trends in Digital Marketing – 2017

As the previous graph indicates, within any industry and any vertical there is demand for a specific skill-set to complete company’s marketing needs which is aligned with all other skillsets. Interesting fact about these skill-set is that, 90% of these roles are expected to have digital marketing experience or at-least have online marketing knowledge and analytical skills.

It is predicted that, since the marketing industry has started treating online marketing as a separate marketing channel over the past few years, opportunities for digital marketers will be more in numbers as compared to previous years. Lets check out what the predictions are for the upcoming year, which is apparently a good news for people who are willing to start a career in this sector as well as people with experience.

Hiring Stats

Pie chart

The majority of companies are planning on hiring at a similar rate this year as they did last year, which certainly portrays a good picture. Over a quarter are planning on hiring even more than 2016, whilst just less than 1 in five are planning on hiring less, so overall it looks like a rather positive picture for the marketing industry.

In case you are wondering what level of experience you may require this may help you. When it comes to marketing strategy, people with 3- 5 years of experience are most in demand. Those hiring for online marketing and project management level roles are the most likely to require high level talent.

But, if you are a fresher you may want to break into sector as there are numerous opportunities for entry level candidates with the right skill set. Before breaking down into this sector and getting an entry level position it is suggested that one should consider his knowledge and skills that are aligned with the needs of employers. Let’s check what are the predictions of hiring in 2017 by experience level

Projected Hiring Stats 2017

Hope this information helps you to realize how much career scope is there in Digital Marketing.

Note: Statistics Source – smartinsights 
Data is collected from third party surveys and figures should be treated in an approximate manner.