PG with Investment Banking and Equity Research: Your Best Shot at Great Job Roles

How often have you heard your neighbourhood uncle tell you – “Beta investment banker ban jao, life set hai!” or “Sharma ji ka beta to investment banker ban gaya na, uski life to set hai!”. He isn’t entirely wrong; a career in investment banking and equity research isn’t just lucrative in terms of its monetary benefits but is also a very satisfying role. (especially if you love numbers and you can knock insights from numbers)

The market was looking at a strong bull run until the last few months. However, even during this time of the bear run, people are buying more, and the Indian stock market is growing steadily. Economics Times stated that investment bankers in India earned a profit of Rs 2200 Crores in 2021. That being said, it is an excellent time to invest your career in investment banking.   
Pursuing a PG investment banking course from a renowned institution can open the doors for high-end career options. Moreover, it will help you comprehend how to land a job in the financial and banking sector with a post-graduation course in investment banking.

What is Investment Banking & Equity Research?

People often use investment banking and equity research in the same breath. They may share some similarities but are clearly distinct. Investment banking is more about investing and merging with profitable associations, and equity research involves an in-depth analysis of businesses and their data for making informed investment decisions. 

Investment Banking  

It is a segment of banking that involves raising capital for companies and underwriting equity securities & debt agreements to help facilitate business for organisations and investors. 

The job of an investment banking professional is to guide an issuer about the buying and placement of stock. Pursuing a PG investment banking course, you can build a promising career as an

  • Investment consultant
  • Banking analyst 
  • Capital market analyst 
  • Trading specialist
  • Research associate

Equity Research

It is a field in which experts research, buy and sell investment securities for the trading companies to do business for the organisations. Equity researchers deal in complex financial assets such as derivatives, equities, & fixed income securities and help individuals and companies make informed investment decisions. 

The equity research industry may offer you a job opportunity as 

  • Investment analysts
  • Portfolio managers
  • Relationship managers
  • Risk assess manager

Why Consider an Investment Banking Course?

It is a perfect time to pursue an investment banking & capital market course due to the upcoming surge in investment banking jobs. More businesses globally are established than ever before, and everybody who wishes can benefit from it due to the large market size. 

Here are a few other reasons why it is an excellent choice to enroll in the investment banking course. 

  • The Market is Wide & Open for Investment Professionals

The business market industry worldwide is volatile, and every organisation needs investment specialists that can build robust financial systems. They require individuals who understand the market functioning and analyse the trends around which profits could be earned.  

  • Lucrative Career Options

The job responsibility of an investment banker or capital analyst is not simple. It requires determination, intelligence, and cognitive abilities to earn income for the companies. However, this stringent job responsibility comes with several perks and higher pay scales for the industry-working professionals. 

  • Knowledge of Capital Markets and Its Functioning

Best of all, a PG investment banking course helps you get a job in the bank and finance sector and make you gain knowledge of the capital market. This knowledge is highly valuable for making money and other growth prospects, both for the organizations and yourself.   

  • Better Opportunity at Becoming an Entrepreneur

The roads to becoming an entrepreneur become clear after spending a sufficient amount of time in the investment banking sector. As you understand the circle of money that helps run businesses, you can start your own business with more confidence. 

What Are the Skills Required by an Investment Banker?

If you are willing to go for an investment banking course, there are a few skills that you must polish to avail the best opportunities for yourself. Some of these skills include:

  1. Analytical Skills

The job role of investment bankers is to research and analyse investment opportunities in the market. Hence, they need sharp analytical skills to crunch numbers and deduce critical insights that can assure risk-return tradeoffs and investment in profitable ventures. 

  1. Knowledge of Finance

Having a good understanding of finances is essential to becoming an investment banker. The business market runs on various levels of financial modelling activities. Each business has some kind of business model through which they generate income. 

Therefore, you must be adequate in concepts like discounted cash flows, 3-statement models, LBO and DCF models, and more to become a good investment banker.

  1. Mathematical Skills

Children always wonder where math is helpful in the real world. Yet, having excellent mathematical skills is necessary if you wish to score good investment banking jobs. Investment bankers use numerous mathematical formulas and expressions to deduce the data into valuable insights to get the right deals. 

  1. Pragmatic Knowledge of Excel

Excelling in Excel is one of the primary needs of being an investment banker. Excel is excellent at handling large figures and segmenting the data to generate analysis, leveraging excel formulas and tools. Hence, become an expert in Excel and see job opportunities coming your way. 

Job Growth Chart After PG in Investment Banking?

The reason for the high prominence of the investment banking course is due to its swift growth chart that offers you to excel in your career expeditiously. 

Here is the job growth chart for an investment banker in a professional investment organisation:

  1. Analyst 

This is the entry-level profile for an investment banker. The job role of an analyst is to research and evaluate companies with good investment opportunities that could meet the goals of your corporate clients. 

The average salary of an analyst in investment banking is around 8-10 lakhs per annum. 

  1. Associate 

Once you understand the business world and how it functions, the next job role you can get is of an investment banking associate. The job responsibilities of an associate are mostly the same as those of an analyst, but they are better qualified for the job. 

With higher job responsibilities, the associates’ salary also increases and averages around 15-18 Lakhs per annum in India. 

  1. Vice President

Becoming a vice president is the next step in the investment banking arena. Vice Presidents prepare and present the pitches to the clients and offer to lead them opportunities to invest in companies to earn profit. 

VPs handle the basic workflows of the organisation and assist associates and analysts in their jobs. VPs get an average salary of around 25-30 Lakhs per annum in India. 

  1. Director 

The director plays one of the most crucial jobs in investment banking. Their job responsibility involves restructuring the resources for clients and strategising plans and methods to make pitches for potential clients. 

An investment banking director plans ways to make funding feasible by utilising financial modelling and business planning concepts. The average salary of a director of a good investment corporation would be around 30-40 Lakhs/annum. 

  1. Managing Director 

The position of a managing director is at the pinnacle of the chart of investment banking. They are the supreme of the organisation and keep a check on how the duties are being fulfilled by everyone else in the company. 

A managing director heads different divisions for different business operations such as risk management, reporting, data analysis, etc. On average, a managing director earns a salary of 80-100 Lakhs per annum. 

Why Is IMS ProSchool the Best Way to Commence your Investment Career? 

If you really wish to pursue a career as an investment banker, the best way is to get enrolled in an investment banking course from a reputed institution such as IMS ProSchool. 

IMS ProSchool collaboratively works with NSE Academy (National Stock Exchange) and prepares students to become functional for the investment organisations. Here are some other reasons to join IMS ProSchool for PG in investment banking. 

Acquire Industry-Specific Knowledge 

As the program is done in collaboration with the NSE, students get an opportunity to gain knowledge of industry-specific processes and workflows and develop a deep understanding of the real markets. 

A student with an IMS ProSchool investment banking certificate is well-versed with all basic knowledge of real-world investment banking and can perform better at his job. 

Practical Training with Real-Time Tools and Applications

Another great advantage of getting an investment banking course from IMS ProSchool is that it provides students with tools and apps used in the real world financial markets. Leveraging the tools and understanding their functioning help students quickly get a job after completing their course. 

Right Student Assessments  

Industry specialists purposefully design the PG investment banking course in IMS ProSchool to make students knowledgeable about all the working of financial organisations. 

Moreover, the course is structured to measure and assess student’s knowledge at various levels to make them optimal for the financial world. 

Working on Live Projects

IMS ProSchool also offers candidates to work on live projects for companies and businesses. This opens up the opportunity for students to comprehend the market in its true form and have the experience of working as an investment banker. 

Ready to Become an Investment Banker?

A career in investment banking is undoubtedly promising and remunerative. With a simple PG investment banking course which is well-structured as IMS Proschool, a candidate can get access to multiple investment banking jobs. So enroll in our investment banking and capital market course today and start your journey to become an investment banker.