PG Certification in Digital Marketing: A Sure Shot Way of Getting a Job

Secure a High-End Paying Job with IMS Proschool’s PG Digital Marketing Course
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Remember the time when marketing was done only through big hoardings or TV advertisements which only the top brands could afford. Fortunately, now the time has changed and our smartphones have become the biggest source to advertise and market a business. This has all become possible because of the digital marketing industry.

It is one of the biggest industries of today’s time which will stay in business for a long time. Digital marketing is essentially a way of promoting a brand and its products & services over the internet. Active campaigns suggest that 75% of the digital marketers uplifted their company’s sales growth with digital marketing tactics in 2022. 

So a career in digital marketing is undoubtedly promising and highly rewarding in the current market scenario. For a successful digital marketing career, you need to get a PG certification in digital marketing that can ensure that you have a thorough knowledge of its concepts and can create successful digital campaigns for the brands. Let us go a little deeper and study more about it in detail. 

What is PG Certification in Digital Marketing?


PG certification in digital marketing refers to a 3 months instructor-led professional course for which the candidate is awarded a certificate after they clear their examinations. 

PG in marketing is an experiential learning program in digital marketing that offers practical skills based on real-life businesses to the students to make them well-versed in digital marketing concepts. 

The course is designed keeping in mind the current trends of the industry and covers all essential concepts of digital marketing such as SEO, social media, emails, website, Google AdWords campaign, etc. 

All these concepts are covered in-depth and thorough knowledge is given to the students so that they can effortlessly counter all the marketing challenges and provide optimal outcomes. In all, PG in marketing is an advanced course that can easily help you get a job in the digital marketing sphere. 

Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Certification?


A PG certification in digital marketing is a great course that is highly in demand today and can help you get a high-end job within a few months. Let us glance at a few reasons that make this course suitable for people:

  • Opens Job Opportunities 

One of the fundamental reasons people opt for a course in digital marketing is the extensive amount of job opportunities it opens for them. Digital marketing is a vast industry and offers a plethora of job options such as SEO, content curation, social media management, etc. Besides that, the number of businesses going digital ensures that people in this industry never go out of work. 

  • Offers Higher Salary

Another substantial gain of working in the digital marketing industry is its payoff to its workers. As the demand for digital marketers is high, so are their salaries. Unlike many other fields, people working in the digital marketing industry earn a good amount of money. 

  • Skills Upgradation

If you are a person who likes to keep learning new tools and technologies and always look forward to upgrading your skills, then digital marketing is the perfect profession for you. 

Digital marketing is a highly dynamic industry, and new tools and methods keep evolving in it over time. Therefore, you always learn new things when associated with this industry, which helps grow your skills.   

  • Improves Your Entrepreneurial Skills 

A course such as PG certification in digital marketing from a renowned institution is a great platform for you to learn various behavioral skills. 

Digital marketers are highly proactive people who understand the markets working, know how to represent and promote a brand to take it to the next level, and build good working relationships with clients. Exercising all these skills regularly builds up the confidence in most marketers to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs. 

  • A Combo of Technicality and Creativity 

One of the best features of having a career in digital marketing is combining your hard work with your creative side. Digital marketing is a field that is truly open in all its aspects. 

There is no fixed way of doing things. The more creativity you show, the better results you can yield. From planning strategies to creating content, explore your creativity and make a promising career for yourself. 

  • Makes you Understand the Working of Businesses

When you work as a digital marketer, you actively create, work and manage the campaigns for different businesses. It allows you to know how a business works and the most important parameters to run a business. 

It will help you understand the customer’s needs, the functioning of businesses, etc., which will be beneficial in commencing your startups. 

What are the Job Prospects of Digital Marketing Professionals?

It must be clear now how doing PG in digital marketing can help you build a secure and lucrative career. Further ahead, let us look at the job prospects that open with this course in digital marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization 

SEO has become an essential part for businesses to promote their brand awareness. Search engines such as Google receive over 60,000 searches per second daily. 

Hence, SEO involves creating purpose-driven strategies that can elevate the search rankings for your website. A career in SEO pays a good salary and can make you a master of internet management. 

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms today have become the number one source for business promotions. Instagram, Facebook, etc., are filled with advertisements from different brands. 

A marketer who has the core knowledge of social media and knows how to handle different campaigns for brands on social media can earn a great amount of money from becoming social media manager.  

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective form of marketing that can generate a substantial amount of business leads. Businesses leverage email marketing for both inbound and outbound marketing. 

The role of an email marketing manager is to reach out to customers via their mail accounts and offer them promotions to sign up for their brand. 

Furthermore, your job responsibility will include increasing the number of newsletter signups, building compelling and engaging content for the newsletter, and turning subscribers into brand customers. 

  • Content Marketing

The content that you see online, whether it is website information or blogs, results from content marketing. Content marketing is a field where valuable content that can boost brand sales is designed and managed by the content marketing manager. It is a highly versatile and creative field and is picked by most people who work in digital marketing. 

  • Reputation Management

A great benefit you get by doing PG certification in digital marketing is you learn the tactics to make your brand favorable for the customers. Being a reputation manager, the primary task of your job would be to make your brand and its products and services presentable to the audience. 

How the brand engages with its customers and how to promote it on all online and offline channels is the duty of a reputation manager. 

Why is IMS Proschool’s PG Certification in Digital Marketing Suitable for You?


IMS Proschool is one of the leading educational institutes that help thousands of candidates each year to gain knowledge on crucial industrial technologies and score jobs with high-end salaries. 

Here are a few reasons why you must do your PG certification in digital marketing from IMS Proschool:

  1. It Offers Practical Knowledge of All Digital Marketing Concepts

The reason why the demand for PG in digital marketing from IMS Proschool is high is because of the nature of the course it offers. As opposed to many other institutes, IMS Proschool’s digital marketing course is designed to provide candidates with an in-depth knowledge of various digital marketing concepts practically used in the industry. 

This allows the enrolled candidates to gain experience in how digital marketing works in real-time, and they get jobs easily after completing their course. 

  1. Covers Multiple Areas and Niches of Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is a big industry. It covers niches such as content marketing, email marketing, content creation, social media management, etc. The benefit of doing a PG certification in digital marketing from IMS Proschool is learning about all these niches and the tools that manage these areas. 

At the end of your course, you will be skilled enough to crack the interviews for different job positions, and you can work as per your choice. 

  1. Online Availability

Another benefit that you can avail of by opting for this course is the work of a digital marketer is completely online. This means that you can easily work through any place, make adjustments for other works, and still earn a good amount of money. 

  1. Short Time Course with Long-Time Benefits

PG in digital marketing from IMS Proschool can be a course that can change your career trajectory. IMS Proschool is a reputed school with many connections with different industry giants and even with the Ministry of Skill Development, India. 

In addition, the course is structured in a way that provides you with six certifications by Google and Facebook. Hence, enrolling in this course from IMS Proschool can be rewarding after your course completion. 

Ready to Commence Your Digital Marketing Career?


Having a career in digital marketing can be profitable for your future and its growth. However, it is important to nurture and build a strong foundation for your digital marketing basics if you really wish to become a pioneer in this field. IMS Proschool’s  PG certification in digital marketing is a professionally designed course that can elevate your skills with the right knowledge and help you start a career with the best growth prospect. You may explore more about our program and find out why it is the best choice for your PG in digital marketing.