Skills Required to do CPA

CPA is a highly revered accountancy course in the United States, who has the statutory right to conduct audits, quite similar to the Chartered Accountancy Course in India. However, passing this exam is not an easy feat, and requires a flair for continuous learning. Following are the skill sets expected from students who are undergoing CPA –

1) Flair for accounting, laws and regulations:
It goes without saying that the candidate would need to be comfortable with accounting. There will also be numerous laws, regulations and accounting standards to memorize. Not only do you need this for the exam, pursuing this course would mean you end up with an accounting career for good, so it is best that you have a keen interest in it

2) Quantitative and analytical ability:
Number crunching will be an essential component of the exam as well as this career. CPAs are largely involved in auditing, forensics and other financial analytics, so analytical ability is a necessity

3) Good written communication:
The written communication sections in the exam are designed to assess a candidate’s verbal skills because they have increasingly become an important skill in a good public accountant’s repertoire

4) Perseverance, diligence:
The exam requires dedication and a lot of hard work. Perseverance is hence a key factor.
A lot of candidates have benefited from enrolling in coaching institutes to help them understand tough concepts, manage their study time and practice mock tests. Having regular discussions with a peer group also greatly helps in understanding complex topics