Take Your Learning to the Next Level with IMS Proschool’s Flexi MBA in Investment Banking

Investment banking is an important part of studies in the financial world. Investment bankers are high in demand because of the profits and revenue they can generate for their clients. Due to this, investment bankers and professionals in this domain of study are also paid handsome salaries. 

The Managing Director role of an Investment Banker can take up as much as $1 million in base salary

A Flexi MBA degree allows students to take a mixed study approach. They learn partly online and partly from a classroom. The exact structure depends on the institution. The benefit of pursuing a Flexi MBA degree is that it helps save time and money. In a traditional study setting, the student has to attend regular lectures in the classroom, but in a flexible MBA, they can also study online and work along with studying. 

A traditional MBA degree takes two years to complete, but a Flexi MBA degree can take more time. However, with the IMS Proschool Flexi MBA structure, the students can secure a job after completing their first year. Let’s find out more about the Flexi MBA in Investment Banking from IMS Proschool. 

Investment Banking – Course and Scope

Investment banking is a tough nut to crack. With the complex market structures and an ocean of rules and regulations surrounding the financial market, gaining in-depth knowledge of the subjects is essential. While there are related courses that can teach and train individuals in subjects related to investment banking, there is no match for what a post graduation MBA degree in Investment Banking can provide. 

A standard MBA course in Investment Banking will teach about;

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Dissertation
  • Foundations of Corporate Finance
  • Principles of Markets
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Organizational Behavior and HRM
  • Business Environment and Strategy
  • Asset Management
  • Equity and Firm Evaluation
  • Forecasting and Financial Modeling
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Equity Research
  • Financial Statement Preparation

Different institutions may add other concepts and subjects to their course. The overall impact of an MBA degree in Investment Banking is about becoming an intermediary between the company and financial markets. 

An investment banker is expected to help the company make smart financial decisions, especially regarding investment. They study and receive training to advise businesses and governments, helping them meet their financial goals. They also build strategies to help them procure financing from different avenues. 

A traditional MBA degree is divided into semesters. Each semester has a fixed number of subjects. At the end of each semester, students are supposed to sit in exams, and the scores from all semesters accumulate to generate their credits and total score at the end of the two-year course.

This is how a traditional MBA works, but a flexible MBA degree course and structure is different. The word “Flexible” denotes that the students will get the advantage of studying at their own pace.

Essentially, a Flexi MBA degree will more or less teach the same subjects as a traditional MBA. The differences appear in the structure, number of years required to complete the course, number of semesters, etc. 

In the USA, more than 115,000 investment bankers are working, and their number has grown in 2022 by 12.2%. You can expect the market momentum to move forward positively and generate space for more investment bankers in the coming years.

IMS Proschool’s Flexi MBA in Investment Banking Model

IMS Proschool provides individuals an opportunity to gain market-ready skills and talents according to their schedule and comfort. The Flexi MBA structure is set in a manner to provide the students with job-ready skills in the first and then give them more than enough time to complete the second year. 

Here are the core tenets of the Flexi MBA program at IMS Proschool;

  • AICTE Approved: The MBA courses at IMS Proschool have received recognition from the All India Council for Technical Education. This gives the students the recognition of passing a national-level course. 
  • Ready for Job: The students will learn and train in the job-ready skills in the first year itself. This gives them enough knowledge to look for jobs after completing the first year. The students will receive a certificate after completing the first year, which authenticates their study and helps them apply for jobs. 
  • 5 Years Extension: The Flexi MBA course in Investment Banking at IMS Proschool teaches all about core skills in the first year, and the students will get up to 5 years to complete the 2nd year of the course.
  • Practical Training and Course: 80% of the course training at IMS Proschool is practical. The clear focus is on helping students build the required skill set. 
  • Placement Assistance: There is a dedicated placement cell working at IMS Proschool, helping students obtain a job right after completing the course. 

The MBA in Investment Banking course at IMS Proschool is designed specifically for individuals who wish to pursue a career as an Investment Banker. The IMS Proschool advantage helps the enrolled students find a high-paying job in the industry after completing their first year in the course. 

The course per se, is designed to teach students;

  • Financial statements
  • Project finance
  • Business valuations
  • Financial models

Among other topics, the course prepares students to take on the role of a financial analyst and an investment banker. Passed students from IMS Proschool are currently employed in several national and international organizations. These include;

  • Morningstar
  • Axis Bank
  • Deloitte
  • Accenture
  • EY
  • Pepsico
  • Citi
  • TCS

As these organizations are known for their contributions and work in the finance industry, IMS Proschool identifies the core requirements of these organizations only to build relevant course structures for the students. 

At IMS Proschool, the students can take Dual Mode learning. They can learn online while sitting at their home or join the designated classrooms in select cities. In both mediums, the courses taught are the same. 

Why Choose IMS Proschool for Studying MBA in Investment Banking?

IMS Proschool helps MBA aspiring students with several conceptual advantages making it convenient for them to learn and grow. Our placement assistance, practical training approaches, and personal mentorship instill industry-relevant qualities in the students. 

We prepare our enrolled students for the market and help them work according to national and international standards. While focusing on the basics, we also provide our students with practical and technical training required to learn holistically. 

Our placement support system prepares the students with;

  • Placement support
  • Personalized feedback
  • Access to jobs

As a result, they will find it easier to approach new job prospects with confidence. At IMS Proschool, its about the structure we have created for our students and how we help them with gaining the right knowledge at the right time. 


A post-graduation course in Investment Banking will make the students work in high-paying jobs. It will also allow them to explore different opportunities in reputed and acclaimed companies across the globe. However, with the existing study structures focusing on theoretical knowledge, IMS Proschool introduces a Flexi MBA program. 

It will help the students build and gain the practical knowledge required to obtain a job right after completing their first year in the course. Effective tutoring is the right way to help students gain knowledge and grow to explore lucrative career opportunities.