Tech Driven India: Careers in demand in 2018

Do you know what sets a successful person from a mediocre apart? It is their ability to identify upcoming trends in its infancy. In our previous post, we saw the career trends that defined 2017 and we also promised to keep you posted about the much in-demand jobs this year. 2018 is here and we are all geared up for this, isn’t it?

This year is going to be the year of ‘technology’. It is the single powerful tool which is set to rule each and every operation in an organization. Recognizing developments beforehand will help you prepare for the same and stay ahead of the game.

Below is an indicative list of the various jobs that will be created due to this huge quantum of technological invasion.

Machine learning Expert

Though used interchangeably with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and a more focused concept. It is actually construction of algorithms that can help machines to make predictions based on a data set. Building these algorithms and testing of machine learning systems is a skill that is going to be in huge demand in times to come. The knowledge of Big Data & Data Science, analytical mind-set and understanding of the whole ecosystem of the particular business, play an important role in building a base for strong Machine Learning skills.

Cyber-security professionals

Dreaded malware attacks like the ransom ware rocked businesses across the globe, last year. Security breaches like this one and many more have frightened organizations and has led to the increased requirement of cyber-security professionals. After all, these companies have massive data and confidential accounts which need to be protected. This is a question of their brand image and they are ready to spend huge amount on data protection. Hence cyber-security firms are hiring experts in this field which includes Architects, Security Auditor and Information Security Manager.  According to the Global Information Security Workforce Study, there is going to be a workforce shortage 1.8 million in cyber security by 2022.

Video Marketers

Visual content has always appealed to viewers and we have seen its increased influence in recent times. Written blogs are gradually giving way to Video Blogs or Vlogs as popularly called. The online videos are in huge demand and most digital marketers are using You Tube and Facebook for designing their campaigns. Another estimate states that over 250 million video messages get exchanged on Whatsapp daily. This trend is here to stay!

Individuals who have the talent of creating informative and engaging videos will be highly sought after by digital marketing agencies in 2018. Along with this, a certain degree of technical knowledge of camera work, sound etc. is also important. Not only this, many individuals are launching themselves as freelance Vloggers and expect to make a lot of money through this.

Natural Language Processing

Another offshoot of Artificial Intelligence is Natural Language processing. Speech synthesis, Speech recognition and Machine translation form part of NLP. Since India is a land vast linguistic diversity, Natural Language Processing is a coveted profile. As compared to the rest of the world, NLP is still in formative stages in India, however prospects are huge. MNCs like Accenture, Google, Genpact and Wipro are recruiting more and more professionals for Natural Language Processing. These professionals are expected to have Data Science skills as well knowledge of tools such as Python, Java, R etc.

Blockchain Specialists

Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. have everyone’s fancy in recent times. Though, virtual currency is still not regulated in India, Blockchain technology has become a hot topic of discussion. Blockchain, a technology which supports the crypto currencies, is touted as the next big thing. Professionals are keen on developing Blockchain skills and there are companies who are recruiting fresh graduates from campus especially for this. Due to lack of skilled professionals on this front, currently there is only lateral hires. Because of increased interest in Bitcoin trading there are thousands of customers who are on boarding the Bitcoin companies every day. Hence, currently, the demand for Blockchain specialists exceeds the supply.

Risk and compliance analyst

Nowadays, global businesses are exposed to various risks such as Cyber Security Risk, Regulatory risk, Emerging Technology risk, Geopolitical risk etc. India too is dependent on international markets for growth and hence not insulated from this risk. This kind of business environment has given rise to growing demand for Risk and Compliance Analyst. Frauds in e-commerce business is another area which has led to the rise of Fraud Analytics/ Management.  Mostly, these profiles will be available in financial institutions and MNCs.

Final Words

It is true that technology will change the career landscape in India. However, it is only wise to look at this as an opportunity rather than a threat. An opportunity to learn new skills and improve the way the global businesses function. So pull up your socks and get going! The earlier you start, the better you are braced to face new challenges.

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