Use of technology in HR hiring process in India in nothing new. Job portals, networking platforms, job fairs, video interviewing and many such innovative mediums have eased the talent search woes since a long time. However, the dependence on them increasing by the day.

Our earliest memories of recruitment were employment exchanges, classifieds in newspapers & magazines and television advertisements. But the hiring landscape has truly evolved from there with constant changes in the employment scenario in India. Among all the factors that have been catalysts to the change, technology plays a major role.

HR Hiring Process : 5 Trends Illustrating the Use of TechnologyImage Source: Pinterest

Earlier the HR hiring process in India focussed on elimination rather than selection of the best. But technology has changed this very perspective. What seemed impossible few years back, has become a reality today.

The below list focusses on 5 ways in which companies and jobseekers are leveraging technology in hiring process.

(1) Using algorithm to collect right profiles:

There is a lot of data available on candidate profiles across portals, recruitment agencies and social media. Hiring agencies now use algorithms on this data to source the profile exactly suited to the vacancy. The algorithms change the data into actionable insights and makes decision making faster. This is not meant just for big companies which are sitting on huge volume of data. Even small and medium enterprises or start ups can use this technology to hire the best talent in the shortest possible time. Human resource is one of the biggest strengths of an organisation, thus hiring should be based on meaningful insights and reasoning.

(2) Leveraging social media

If you thought social media is only for connecting with friends and sharing images, think again. Hiring managers are all over on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn and using it for talent search. They track potential candidates, assess their suitability for the role and sometimes directly approach them with an offer. In order to assess the suitability for the role, the hiring managers study the social media behaviour of the candidates. They see who they are connected to in the industry, how much they indulge in active networking or knowledge sharing, the intensity in looking for a new role, etc. Hiring Managers also consider social media as one of the best platforms to judge the skill sets of the potential client.

(3) Use of Artificial Intelligence & NLP to assess the candidate

Until sometime back, screening the candidate meant screening the resume only. But Artificial Intelligence has given a new edge to screening of potential employees. Tools like Harver help to assess the skills and talent of the candidates by generating engaging tests. Other tools like Ansaro helps in creating a repository of employee data. This repository helps to build predictive models can make hiring decisions more accurate.

AI enabled chatbots can interact with potential employees, conduct the basic round of interview and also provide them feedback on assessment tests. The chatbots can be made more responsive and accurate by empowering them with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

(4) Video CVs

A CV used to be a piece of document which contained your job experiences, educational qualifications and skill sets. But today a CV is much more than just that. Today most candidates especially the millenials are tech-savvy and wish to add an innovative and meaningful touch to their CVs. Hence, the emergence of video CVs. There are platforms which enable you to create a video wherein you can talk about your experiences, skills, professional aspirations as well as give the employers a slice of your personality. New age candidates believe that this would help them to stand out from the crowd and increase their chances of being offered a face-to-face interview.

(5) Using apps and software in hiring

There are many apps which recruiters use to manage their work. There are apps which assume the role of planner, organizer, reminders as well as social media managers. Some of the apps also help to increase productivity. Recruitment software like Hire by Google enables faster and smarter HR hiring process. These softwares help in streamlining the entire process and reduces time in interviewing and bond building with candidates.

More use of technology in hiring process in expected

According to a report State of Talent Acquisition in India, by Mettl, 36.7% of the respondent have social media hiring as the most preferred means of recruitment on their mind. In fact, there are many start ups which have designed technologies to cater to recruitment needs of the company. But companies must remember that while the use of technology in easing HR hiring process, the focus should never deviate from acquiring the best talent. It goes without saying that the use of technology in hiring is here to stay. Going forward we can see more apps, softwares and Big Data offerings targeted at streamlining the HR hiring process in India.