The ACCA,CFA and CFP course after 12th commerce

Marks or successful life-skills.With school’s textbook knowledge you can only get one but the other; is quite important for growth, learning and survival. One of the biggest skills that is missing from the curriculum is financial knowledge. Be it an online checkout or future investment plan; having financial skills can go a long way in preventing you from making fatal mistakes. And hence we are bringing to you three of the most-demanded skills that are at a peak of demand currently; the ACCA, CFP and CFA certifications.

Before we dive into the details, it is important to first understand why exactly is the finance domain so enticing and instrumental.

Why should you go for finance courses right after 12th commerce?

Qualified financial professionals play an important role in the company’s cost and accounting system. It is indispensable for all companies regardless of industry. Until decades ago, financial courses were only available to certified accountants or MBA students in finance. Currently, there are numerous financial courses, both long-term and short-term, open to 12th, under-graduate and postgraduate students.

Grade 12th onwards, finance courses teach students how to manage money and other finance activities such as investing, saving, lending and planning. Post 12th, finance courses are some of the most popular courses in the world as they lead to rich and fulfilling career opportunities. Here are the top five reasons why you must consider finance as a career-option:

  1. You get to start early in your career
    Once you decide to pursue finance based courses after 12th; the going gets easier. When you have an end-goal in mind like pursuing ACCA, CFA or CFP; you know the direction to move in. And as a student, remember that moving in the right direction outweighs moving fast directionless.

  2. It is a cost-efficient approach to long-term growth
    Finance based courses are usually cost-effective and time-efficient. What we mean is, they require a comparatively lower finance investment and are also quite shorter as compared to other courses. All you need to ensure is that you have the right mentor to guide you through.
  3. You can grow your skills consistently
    Finance based courses cover areas like taxation, audit, accountancy and so on. These are dynamic fields which see frequent updates happening. And for a candidate to succeed, it is crucial that they keep themselves updated with the latest changes. This grows you into a wholesome professional in the long-term bringing your growth and success.
  4. You get to be a part of network of industry specialists
    A few courses allow you to join a community of expert and well known professionals. This not only expands your network but also your chances of networking and exploring opportunities. This is one of the biggest factors that you need to consider while filtering your career options. 
  1. You develop an entrepreneurial mindset for the journey ahead
    Finance courses are not just about number crunching. They are a lot more about managing various business aspects to lower down costs, timely file documents, get all the processes in place and much more. This allows you to grow in multiple directions and makes you realize the various responsibilities you need to fulfill. In this pursuit, you develop an entrepreneurial mindset of taking responsibilities, figuring out a way to fulfill them and contribute to the bigger organizational goal.

    Now that we know why it is important to make a career in the field of finance; let’s see the three most demanded skills of 2022 and what are the respective roles.

  1. ACCA
    ACCA extends to the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. It is a global professional body that allows growth and learning opportunities for accountants. For that, there are a few exams that deem you suitable or not to join the community. Candidates interested in becoming accountants, auditors, business analysts, and taxation experts can  join the ACCA.
  2. CFA
    CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. The CFA program is a three-part exam that tests the basics of investment vehicles, asset valuation, portfolio management, and asset planning.  CFA programs are usually completed by individuals with a background in finance, accounting, economics, or business management.
  3. CFP
    CFP converts to Certified Financial Planner. CFP, or Certified Financial Planner, is a certification given by the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) to those who want to pursue financial planning as a career. The CFP is internationally recognized and is deemed to be ideal for financial planning training, education and ethical practice.

Market Demand, Benefits of and how to pursue ACCA
Over the last decade,  the number of start-ups in the accounting and financial sectors has grown significantly around the world. In addition, several reputable companies have expanded their reach and operate from multiple countries around the world. 

 With the enormous growth of the industrial environment, the demand for internationally recognized and qualified ACCA professionals is also increasing.

If you are a candidate seeking opportunities globally, then you must give a shot to these countries that have a high demand:

  • UK
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Dubai
  • India

    Benefits of being an ACCA professional includes:
    – Numerous global opportunities
    – Consistent learning for professional growth
    – Support from community of like-minded candidates

    The ACCA course structure includes:
    – Attempt to and clear 13 exams which are segmented into three levels: Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills & Strategic Professional.
    – Achieve 36 months’ experience in a relevant role before,during or after the course
    – Clear the Ethics and Professional skills module

    To be eligible for the ACCA examination, various levels of education can become eligible but there are certain exemptions. Here are the details:
Current Qualification No. Of Exams to be given Exemptions
12th pass 13* None
Commerce Graduate 9 BT, MA, FA, LW
CA IPCC (Both Groups) 8# BT, MA, FA, TX,AA
CA 4# BT-FM (9 subjects)

Market Demand, Benefits of and how to pursue CFA

The demand for Chartered Financial Analysts is expanding globally, primarily because of the progression of the finance related instruments. With cryptocurrencies and NFTs picking up more notoriety and broadening the scope of the finance related industry, the need for CFAs is additionally set to spike up in 2022 and beyond.

If you wish to explore overseas options, given below is a list of countries where CFA’s are highly in demand:

  • UAE
  • Hong Kong 
  • China
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Australia
  • South Africa

    A majority of commerce students lean toward taking up CFA examination after effectively completing their graduation. Be that as it may, indeed students from arts and science streams who have an interest within the finance division and have a skill for the stock market can too apply for the CFA examinations.

    Also, the CFA institute gives distinctive grant programs that offer assistance to make this course easily available.

    If you’ve as of now made up your mind to apply for the CFA program post your graduation, you must be wondering about the scope and job openings it must offer in later times.

    Benefits of being a CFA include:
    – Jobs are provided by global institutes which equates to a higher than average salary
    – Over 70 countries have CFA societies which allows a major chance to network
    – It is one of the most prestigious profession in the area of finance and investment

    If you are looking for one of India’s top-recommended CFA courses; then here is the right one!

    The course structure of CFA program is as follows:
    – Firstly you have to enroll in the CFA Program after which you need to register for the exam
    – Clear levels I, II and III
    – Get an experience of four years and apply for Charter Awards

    The eligibility criteria to pursue CFA includes:
    – Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent program
    – Over 4,000 hours of work experience
    – If you are in the final year, ensure that your exam window is eleven months or fewer before the graduation month of your bachelor’s

    Market Demand, Benefits of and how to pursue CFP
    Certified financial planners work with their clients to help them make informed investment, retirement, and insurance decisions. Their job is to conduct meetings with clients, research new opportunities, and analyze financial information.

    If you wish to explore overseas options, given below is a list of countries where CFA’s are highly in demand:
  • UAE
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Australia
  • India

    Benefits of being a CFP includes:
    – Over 27 countries recognise and welcome CFPs
    – An opportunity to join a global network of 203,000+ CFP professionals
    – Your expertise and credibility as a financial planner is highly respected by others.

    For dedicated students that wish to pursue a CFP course under the guidance of professionals; this is the best course for you.

    The course structure of CFP program is as follows:
    – Register with the Financial Planning Standards Board
    – Book yourself for an upcoming exam
    – Take a quick look at the FPSB portal
    – A monthly doubt solving session will be conducted
    – Post this, career guidance will be provided to help you enter the professional market

    The are three possible ways to become eligible for CFP:
    – Instructor-led mode:
    Enroll with an education provider that is authorized by the FPSB

    – Individual-led mode:
    The FPSB offers multiple study materials in various formats such as presentations, textbook content, quiz post sections and much more. These prepare an individual to confidently appear for the exam

    – Education exemption mode:
    Individuals can apply to be exempt from either of the above modes. Such a permission is granted only when the candidate can provide enough proof of holding any of these certifications.

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