The many advantages of holding an ACCA certification

When you head out into the job market, you better be armed with the best arsenal. That means, you need an impressive resume and qualifications that appeal to prospective employers. When you have an ACCA certification under your belt, there are opportunities presenting themselves at every turn. From startups to large corporations, every business requires skilled employees who are able to efficiently handle their financial affairs. Employers are on the lookout for resumes that set potential hires apart from the competition. This means you. Your ACCA certification makes you quite a catch in the job market. Make no mistake, ACCA jobs in India are high in demand.

Today, more and more people are opting for an ACCA qualification to sweeten their resumes and snag that highly coveted job within a global organisation. Here are some of the most effective ways that an ACCA certification may help you land your dream career.

1. You get to keep up with the trends

The field of accounting and finance is constantly evolving. You have to stay ahead of the trends. Whether there is a change in current administrative protocol, a new government guideline to contend with or a brand new accounting software. A full-fledged ACCA course can help you keep up with the new standards. You learn about new developments,  join  important industry and expert groups on LinkedIn, and you gain the information you need to move up in your career. 

If you’ve studied at any of the top ranked ACCA coaching classes, you know that they can also help their candidates keep up with the latest tools and techniques within the industry allowing them to further their career trajectory in their respective companies.

2. You pick up a mean set of soft and hard skills

Employers are always looking for highly competent and trained financial experts, but they want something more than just a certificate. Professionals with a wide variety of technical and soft skills will always find themselves ahead of the pack. You can set yourself apart from other job searchers as the ACCA syllabus is designed to create a well-rounded professional. You don’t just learn hardcore financial information. You also get an education in effective communication, problem solving and teamwork building. The ACCA course covers a wide range of topics, and you get the benefit of picking up valuable career skills that goes beyond what the syllabus entails. This, in turn, can help you stand out as the most qualified applicant for a job application.

3. You get to network within the ACCA community

While some jobs are advertised through traditional job listings, most positions are filled through referrals from current employees or by networking through events.

As a member of the ACCA , you get the advantage of being a key player in the world of financial networking. Meeting like-minded professionals or industry giants is easy when you are a part of the ACCA network and are able to attend special events. Here, you could meet your next possible employer and make a good impression even before the job opening becomes official.


4. Your resume gets international recognition 

The ACCA certification is an international standard which is recognised in major companies all over the world. Your ACCA status is your badge of honour, making you a you a prospective employee anywhere in the world. If you’re planning to work abroad or within a multi-national company in India, ACCA helps you get your foot in the door. It’s such a prominent accreditation that almost any organisation will immediately recognise its value on your resume.

What also tips the scales in your favour is that the ACCA, the global organisation for professional accountants, works in close collaboration with several companies around the globe. These companies are aware of what an ACCA certification brings to the table, and are only too willing to hire a member of this highly reputed financial institution.

6. You get to be an ACCA member

Once you’re a member of the ACCA, you’ll have access to training and research materials that will help you perform better at your job. Whether it’s accounting and auditing standards, or special learning opportunities, you’ll receive all the tools you need to further boost your productivity and increase your career prospects. When it comes to getting that next promotion, guess whose name will be on the top of the list? 

As an ACCA member, you’ll have the privilege of gaining access to a unique employment board. The ACCA provides members-only job postings that ensure you have a higher chance of getting hired. The ACCA board vets each company carefully, ensuring the standards are of a high quality, before they allow them to advertise for prospective employees. ACCA works with over 7,400 organisations across the world connecting them to the finest candidates for each available post.

In conclusion 

Whether you want to secure one of the top ACCA jobs in India, start your own firm or go after a lucrative career abroad, an ACCA certification can help you achieve your goals. As a financial expert, you’ll be able to work in any field or industry. The possibilities are increasing everyday. You don’t have to limit yourself to a single path. Instead, bask in the knowledge that you possess a wide range of relevant talents that allows you pursue a flexible career. The financial area is brimming with amazing opportunities to build a lucrative career. You can land the job you want, and get many other spectacular benefits when you are part of the ACCA family.