The PGCM program The 21st century choice for management studies

There was a time when doctors and engineers were the coveted career choices of a generation. 

Today, it’s management. 

Financial firms, health care organizations, retail industries, multinational corporations, and tech companies all have one thing in common. They need skilled, qualified and capable professionals to lead the company in a profitable and productive direction.

That could be you. If you are a student with an affinity toward administration, an instinct for strategy and an ability to take on leadership roles. 

You could apply for an MBA in marketing or an MBA in investment banking. Or, you could do the PGCM program. It is a perfect course to help you hone your natural skills. 

The post-graduate certificate in management is a specially designed 1-year course that offers intense training and a foundational education. The carefully crafted subjects help future managers learn how to handle the nuances of business. It has been developed by the illustrious AIMA board, an organization that has been actively promoting higher education in business studies for several decades.

An introduction to the AIMA board

The All India Management Association has been around since 1957. Since then, they have grown into one of the most renowned educational organizations that offer business and management courses. Today, they have over 38,000 students, around 6,000 corporate members and 67 afflicted local management associations. 

What makes them so popular? 

Since its inception, the AIMA federation has worked towards improving management studies and their availability in India. They offer long-distance education, online classes, all-India entrance testing, skill development and a variety of research publications. While they have a series of management programs, their post-graduate certificate in management is one of the most appreciated courses. 

Through this program, they have shaped and molded the future of managerial executives in India. They have worked with the best international collaborations, adopted the finest techniques and study practices, and produced some of the country’s most proficient management professionals. 

Why you need to do the PGCM course

What is the only constant feature of the corporate landscape? It is always changing. The business world is quick to adapt when new economic trends emerge or if a disaster strikes. You must keep up or be left behind. A PGCM course can help you learn the skills and expertise needed to function in a fast-changing environment. A one-year certificate course will boost your management and professional skills. It will also offer you a detailed understanding of business concepts and managerial principles. Along with the tools and techniques you need to implement them. Whether you are a working executive or a student, this course will advance your career opportunities. 

Features of the PGCM program

  • The course duration is for one year where you learn specific job-relevant topics in the 2nd semester which is not the case in a normal MBA.
  • Proschool’s PGCM program provides the best ROI for your time and money. Normally, MBA colleges in India charge tens of lakhs of rupees as fees and are still not able to provide students with a decent placement in terms of salary. Whereas Proschool’s PGCM course charges less than 2 Lakh Rupees while ensuring that you are able to at least earn back your course fee in the first year of your job.
  • After finishing the PGCM course, you get a 1-year exemption for your MBA and you also get a 5-year window to work towards getting an AICTE-approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management which is practically equivalent to an MBA degree
  • Active learning methods where you study with your peers in a group and solve cases that are monitored by our expert faculty at all times. Wherever & whenever you face any challenges, these experts will help you overcome your challenges.


Benefits of the PGCM course 

  • You can learn about management in one year, instead of two.
  • You are up to date on the latest developments within your chosen industry 
  • Part of the course includes learning valuable insights from 10 case studies 
  • Your resume gets shortlisted over peers who do not have any background in management training
  • It counts as your 16th year of formal education if you wish to go abroad for further studies
  • You can straight away start working one year from when you begin the course 
  • You are eligible to do one year of the postgraduate diploma course which is the equivalent of the MBA

Want to do the PGDM after PGCM? Here’s how

The post-graduate diploma in management is one of the most popular courses on the AIMA roster. It is considered a worthy alternative to the best MBA programs by all leading companies and professionals within the management industry. 

Once you have finished your PGCM course, you have the opportunity to apply for the PGDM program. Simply register with the AIMA, complete the course in a year and collect your AICTE-acknowledged diploma in management. You can enlist for the program within five years of getting your management certificate.

  • To apply, you must be a graduate with an average score of 50 per cent or more. 
  • If you don’t have the required grades, then you can sit for any of the entrance exams like, CAT, MAT, CMAT, etc.

Proschool’s PGCM Course Specializations

The post-graduate certificate in management course offers three specializations. They are: 

  • PGCM in DIgital Marketing
  • PGCM in Data Analytics
  • PGCM in Investment Banking & Capital Markets

PGCM in Digital Marketing

The post graduate digital marketing certification is your ticket to getting a lucrative piece of this multi-billion dollar industry. The course offers all the latest tools, techniques and technology that ensure you make your mark as the 21st century savvy marketing guru. Students stand to benefit from this multi-faceted program that offers a well-balanced education on all topics relevant to this field. Here are some of its unique features:

  • This one year course also offers a year exemption off the MBA-equivalent PGDM (if you wish to pursue that within the next five years)
  • You learn how to use valuable digital platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Ubersuggest, Microsoft Clarity and many more
  • The syllabus covers an array of subjects, some of them are: 
    • Data Analytics in Excel
    • Business Statistics
    • Visualization with PowerBI
    • Website design and SEO
    • Search engine marketing and social media marketing
    • Creative communication
  • On completion, you will receive two certificates — AICTE-approved PGCM and NDSC
  • You can choose between learning in a live or virtual classroom
  • The active learning methodology helps you study through practical applications, problem-solving techniques and analysing case studies
  • You also get the added benefit of a personal mentor who will address all your queries and doubts

PGCM in Data Analytics

If you are a graduate with a keen interest in big data and its applications, this is the perfect course for you. It offers real-world learning, cutting-edge software systems and a detailed theory-based curriculum. It ensures you receive the training and tools to become an efficient, capable data analyst. Here are some of its unique features:

  • A one-year course that also offers a year exemption from the PGDM program (if you apply within five years)
  • Intensive coaching in all the relevant software platforms such as Excel, Tableau, Python, SQL and machine learning
  • Some of the subjects taught are
    • Business statistics 
    • Marketing management
    • Data handling & Python
    • Machine learning techniques
    • Advanced machine learning
  • You can learn in a live classroom or receive 300 hours of recorded sessions
  • Highly experienced, expert faculty

PGCM in Investment Banking and Capital Markets

The IBCM is a one-of-a-kind investment banking certification that uses innovation, technology and in-depth analysis of several case studies. It is ideal for students hoping to break into the investment management field, but don’t know where to start. Here are some of its unique features:

  • It is a one year course that teaches industry-specific tools such as financial modelling and analytics
  • Subjects include:
    • Data analysis in Excel
    • Business statistics
    • Business communications
    • Financial management
    • Introduction to IT systems
    • Financial markets
    • Business economics and industry analysis 
    • Project finance and equity modelling
  • You learn how to use software such as Tableau, advanced Excel and statistical applications
  • There are intensive lectures focused on theory, along with independent study where work on real business problems
  • This diploma carries the same prestige as an MBA in investment marketing
  • You receive two certifications — AICTE approved PGCM and NSDC
  • You are ready to start your investment career at the end of the course 

In conclusion 

If you have been looking for a comprehensive, well-rounded course in management, your search stops here. The PGCM program is well suited for today’s dynamic and fluid business climate. The corporate world is changing to incorporate newer fields and sectors such as data analytics and digital marketing. Even traditional finance sectors are transforming into digital avatars. It is only fitting that formal education reflects the reality of business. Between the management certificate and diploma courses, you’ll find yourself in the unique position of being a competent, savvy professional. And you will be ready to take the world by storm.