Top 5 productivity apps in 2020

Anshul and Bhargav work in the IT Company, both have 8 hours a day with both having family and friends in their personal life.

Though both have passed out from reputed MBA colleges, both having the same IQ level, Anshul is achieving great success in his professional as well as in personal life. 

Well, what lead Anshul to thrive and Bhargav to struggle?

“It was my management, which ultimately increased my productivity!”, Anshul answered politely. 

Microsoft recently introduced a 4-day work week in Japan to boost productivity and the results were astounding. But in India, a 4-day workweek is a far-fetched dream. That said, we cannot ignore the importance of being productive in our lives. At work, many times we set out to achieve something, but we don’t end up completing even half of it despite the time spent. Causes may be the lack of motivation, improper time management and other distractions at work. In these cases, we have to be proactive enough to keep ourselves pepped up and achieve the maximum in stipulated time. 

We use our smartphones and gadgets for many purposes. Most of our activities on the phone waste time, but the same gadgets can also help us boost productivity. Yes, productivity apps are the answer to our problem. These apps help you to decide how to divide your time in between tasks, where you are wasting most of the time, which task takes the maximum time and how to be more productive overall.

Here are the five best productivity apps in 2020

(1) Trello

 When you are managing projects, the best app you can use is Trello. This app helps you to divide your projects into smaller tasks and create a card for each of the cards. The cards are not only easy to create but also fun to use since they have a visual appeal. Trello can be your go-to tool whether you working alone on a project or as a part of the team. After you create the cards for each task, you can also move them across the workflow to mark their progress. The cards are descriptive, have space for sharing comments, plus you can also color-code them to denote priority. The basic version is free for use, however, they also have premium plans. 


2) ToDoist

We all have an endless to-do list, don’t we? But more than half of the time, we miss out on our most important tasks. Enter ToDoist and we have an answer to our problems. This is an app that helps us to first list everything that we need to get done no matter how small it is. The software for ToDoist then classifies each task according to the category and importance and reminds us when its time to do it. For example, if you add a task like “discuss plans with Reema at 11 am”, the app will automatically classify it as Meetings. ToDoist is a versatile productivity app. It can be used to enhance personal productivity as well as ensure that your team is functioning well. You can plan projects, monitor tasks as well as assign jobs through ToDoist as well. Just like Trello, this app also works on Freemium. 


(3) Forest

This is one of the most interesting apps on the Google Play store. It is based on an innovative concept and helps to stay away from wasting your time on the phone. The main purpose of Forest is to keep your focus on work. As you want to work more, you plant more trees. But if you are excessively using your phone, the trees eventually die. The working of this productivity app progresses like a game. Not just this unique and fun productivity app gives you complete statistics. This includes how you have spent your time, whether you have focussed well or whether you have wasted more time. 

Forest is only available on Android devices.


(4) Evernote

Productivity is not just restricted to work, it is also applicable to our personal lives. Evernote is a classic productivity app that helps you to gather and organize your thoughts. Whether it is a good read on the web, a nice photograph, screenshots or a to-do list, Evernote is the answer for it all. This productivity app supports a vast variety of notes, reminders, sending e-mail alerts, or crucial tasks. There is also a smart search tool that helps you to wade through the innumerable notes. Evernote also features a notebook that can be shared across devices. This enables you to access your work from anywhere. 


(5) Habitify

We all are made of our habits. Some habits are good while some are bad. To be the best version of ourselves we must quit the bad habits and enhance the good ones. This is where Habitify steps in. Habitify is a paid personal productivity app that helps you to track your habits, discover your weaknesses and turn them towards improvement. Available on iOs, Andriod, Windows, and Mac, this app lets you view the habits most important to you, track your progress and analyze your performance with insightful data. 

Final thoughts: Choose the most suitable app

So out of these top five productivity apps, which one serves your purpose? Remember, while all these apps are immensely useful, their utility varies across people. While some of them are useful for individual workers, some are better for team management. Some help you to be productive at work, while others help you to be a better person. So, do some soul searching and identify your goal. Only then will you be able to choose the right app for yourself. 

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