What does a course PG in Global Financial Markets mean?

There are probably a handful of us who aren’t fascinated by the stock market. The stock market has always maintained a certain charm and appeal that is quite unmatched by other financial markets. 

Call it “Wall Street,” ‘Dalal Street,’ or ‘Capital Market.’ They all mean the same – raising money. So if you are someone who has always wanted to be a part of the elite financial markets trading group, you need to brush up on your core financial skills, preferably gain a PG in Global Financial Markets. 

Trading of financial assets – such as buying and selling stocks, shares, debentures, and bonds – occurs in financial markets. These global financial markets are crucial for any country’s GDP. 

These markets play a critical intermediary role between investors and savers by creating an avenue for mobilizing funds. It also helps redistribute the limited resources of a country’s economy to maximize its potential.  

Overview of the Indian Economy

According to the World Bank, in 2020, India’s GDP was $2622.98 billion, contributing to 2.32% of the world economy. Trading in global financial markets aids in the growth of a country and its economic standing. 

Until recently, Indian investors were trading US stocks only through designated brokers. Moreover, they could trade in global markets from the UK, USA, or NSE platforms using Indian currency without its associated risks. The NSE International Exchange out of GIFT city is now offering trading of securities in any global currency. 

What are the types of global markets and their functions?

Making a mark in the global financial market needs specialized knowledge and experience. But what are the global markets, and how do they help raise the needed capital. Some typical examples of financial markets include,

  • The Stock Market

Arguably the most common financial market, the stock market is where public company shares of ownership are traded. Since each share has an initial price, the investor makes money every time it performs well. For the business, issuing shares is one way of raising capital. 

  • The Commodities Market

The commodities market is where investors and traders buy and sell commodities such as meat, gold, oil, and more.  

  • The Bond Market

Large organizations and governments issue bonds to raise money to finance a project or a business proposal. Then, investors buy these bonds, providing the needed capital. In contrast, the companies return the bond amount with interest after a stipulated time. 

  • The Derivatives Market

The derivatives market is the financial market where the futures contracts based on the asset’s market value are traded. 

While the economy and markets are looking great, there is an acute shortage of qualified global financial market experts to make sense of the progress. Qualified and competent experts who can make businesses take proactive steps toward a higher capital, better revenue, and enhanced revenue are the need of the hour. 

What is the Scope of PG in the Global Financial Market?

The course in the Global Financial market prepares studies for higher career positions in financial markets in the USA, Singapore, UK, and many other countries. After completing the PG Global Financial Market, candidates can form their careers in financial domains such as mutual funds, capital markets, commodities, derivatives, and financial services. 

You can also find positions in wealth management, investment banking, stock broking, risk and asset management, research and analytics, and more. With a PG in Global Financial Market, you can secure jobs in top financial firms such as, 

  • Asset management firms
  • Private equity firms
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Venture capitalist firms
  • Hedge funds
  • Consulting firms
  • Regulatory agencies

Skills Top Firms Look in Certified Global Financial Market Professionals

As a global financial market professional, you’ll be expected to have exceptional core subject knowledge and hands-on experience formulating winning trade strategies. 

You’ll be expected to track world economies, form data-backed opinions, and formulate strategies based on current economic trends. In addition, you should be able to analyze policy paths of banks, research reports, and analyze trends, events and data. 

You will be expected to devise strategies and investment opportunities. As a global financial market professional, you should have the skills to build financial models based on market data and create frameworks for businesses. 

You will be expected to have technical and computer skills to publish commentary for research papers and events. You will be expected to collaborate with various global teams on financial markets and track economies. 

Job-ready Specializations of PG Global Financial Market Course

Financial jobs are always in high demand, and with the right specialization, it is possible to get high-level jobs in your preferred companies and positions. Some of the career opportunities you can secure with a PG in Global Financial Market. 

  • Investment bankers

Global financial market professionals can be placed in major financial institutions as investment bankers who help their businesses raise capital by selling equity or issuing debt. As investment bankers, you’ll also be expected to handle mergers and acquisitions and advise on global investment opportunities.

  • Business Analysts

Since a PG in Global Financial Market gives you immense core subject knowledge, you can get placed as a business analyst. As an analyst, you will be expected to advance business growth and sales efforts. For this, you will be required to have extensive analytical skills, technical skills, and the ability to use analytical tools. 

The analysis will ideally start with defining business requirements, documenting the process, and developing solutions for business problems. 

  • Capital Market managers

A capital market manager’s main goal is to work towards the growth of capital market practices of a business by undertaking business development activities. 

You’ll be required to prepare client proposals, develop a business point of view, and manage global market campaigns. In addition, you should be prepared to build and maintain a strong network of stakeholders and provide insights into the progress and outcomes of products in the markets. 

  • Risk management specialists

Being a Global Financial Markets professional will help you land a lucrative job as a risk management specialist. 

Using a plethora of tools and analysis techniques, you will be required to evaluate the present financial condition of the firm, understand the financial risks of the investments it undertakes, and make decisions that could potentially impact the business. 

  • Investment advisors

Sometimes referred to as stock brokers, they are responsible for making investment decisions, conducting analyses, and providing recommendations. 

Investment advisors should have an acute knowledge of all financial subjects and should expertly handle the finances of investors, businesses, and corporate houses. In addition, they should be able to ascertain the global market conditions, provide customized investment decisions, diversify market exposure, and build a portfolio of quality stocks. 

Ideal Features in a PG in Global Financial Market course

An ideal PG course in Global Financial Market should give you the complete low-down on the fundamentals of global financial markets. And one place where you can gain extensive knowledge of global financial markets is IMS Proschool. 

The PG in Global Financial Market course offered by IMS Proschool is meticulously designed to give students a thorough knowledge of global markets. The course curriculum has been structured with the help of industry experts, professionals, and market and regulatory authorities to ensure that the training is in-tune with the current market needs. 

The students are given thorough theoretical and hands-on experience on current market practices. This specialized course helps students gain focused training on global financial marketing skills, which will make them employable in handling international markets. 

The certification is provided by IMS Proschool in collaboration with Jain University. The course is combined with CFA Level 1 and practical application-oriented technical knowledge. 

The course syllabus includes an introduction to financial models, corporate finance, quantitative methods, investment banking operations, risk management, equity valuation, derivatives, and investment. 

IMS Proschool prides itself on having the top industry experts and market professionals on its trainers’ list with CFA, CA, and MBA in Global Financial Markets teaching experience. Therefore, the course is ideally suited for all financial professionals who want to make it big on the global financial scene. It will give you the chance to raise your career goals and reach the top levels of the corporate world. 

As the course is industry-relevant and job-oriented, you can get a well-paying job right after the very first year of the course. Moreover, the course’s pedagogy makes it ideal for working professionals of any graduation – direct learning, case studies, and detailed videos. 

IMS Proschool provides one of the best placement assistance for students. It considers students’ career aspirations and offers them interviews and placements based on their core competencies. The students are given mock tests and interviews to ace the interview. 

IMS Proschool helps you achieve your financial career goals. Are you ready?

Becoming a successful financial professional is possible when undertaking the PG course in Global Financial Market from IMS Proschool. The course material is industry-relevant, and the teaching is from renowned professionals. 

Gain intensive insight into the global economy and the world market with detailed lectures, tutorials, seminars, and hands-on, real-life case studies. 

Be a part of the successful network of global financial professionals and make your mark in the world of business.