What Experts Say About Credit Analysis

Credit Analysts play an important role of helping determine the financial health of any entity. If you’re planning to be a credit analysts, the following experience of an expert in this field might be helpful for you.

Interview with Kinjal Shah, who has a 6+ years of experience in a top Credit Rating firm

Proschool : Please tell us about your background and qualifications.
Kinjal : I completed my BMS from Narsee Monjee and then went on to do my MBA (majoring in finance) from NMIMS, Mumbai.

Proschool : Why did you decide to pursue this career and how did you get into this role?
Kinjal : I always knew that I wanted to do a core finance job. Among the many roles that were offered on our campus, this role seemed to do justice to both my interests and qualifications and so I applied for it and got through.

Proschool : A typical Day for a Credit Analyst?
Kinjal : At the entry level, you start off with assisting seniors in writing credit reports. Credit rating typically involves receiving rating mandates from companies, post which we have to gather information about them. Based on the information sent by the company, secondary research and meetings with all divisions in the firms operations etc., reports are made on the creditworthiness of the firm. The reports are then presented to a rating committee that takes the final call. As you grow senior, the report writing part reduces and there is more emphasis on attending meetings, checking reports etc. One may also be involved in contributing towards general research content.

Proschool : High points in your career so far?
Kinjal : Meeting the top management and directly interacting with big names in different industry sectors are definitely high points in my career

Proschool : Projects you have worked on?
Kinjal : I have worked on reports for several reputed names in the Media, Entertainment and Pharma sectors in India

Proschool : Challenges faced?
Kinjal : Sometimes we receive credit rating mandates with very short deadlines (3-4 days), which can be difficult to manage, given that we may be working on several other things at the same time

Proschool : Outlook for the industry?
Kinjal : The Indian debt market is not yet fully developed and hence opportunities to rate different types of instruments are still low. However, it is expected that the market will develop and with it bring a lot more scope for credit rating and analysis. Basel 3 has indicated that banks should have their own internal rating teams, in which case the structure of the industry may see changes

Proschool : Career opportunities for aspirants in India (and elsewhere)?
Kinjal : Credit analysis will be much in demand when the Indian debt market scenario improves. Most credit analysts are picked via campus or lateral placements. Most firms do emphasize on hiring MBAs and CAs.

Proschool : Word of advice for aspirants?
Kinjal : The knowledge gained in this field is immense. Interactions with top management and exposure to different sectors make the job very enriching