Why Should You Opt For A Postgraduate Course In Digital Marketing?

Did you know that LinkedIn kept Digital Marketer in the top ten most-in-demand jobs in 2021?

In this year, there were 86,000 job openings for a digital marketer and that is only in the countries LinkedIn surveyed. 

Imagine the scope, importance, and popularity of this job role and the people involved with this industry. 

It is HUGE!

Digital marketing, as a role and business activity, has evolved substantially well, especially in the last few years. Irrespective of the size, every type of business leverages the possibilities provided by this segment for getting more revenue, customers, leads, impressions, subscriptions, etc. 

Companies like IBM are using digital marketing, specifically social media, and they are today sitting on an increase in sales by 400%.

Add to this, the mobile-frenziness which has led businesses to change their entire marketing structure because the customers today are using mobile phones to purchase almost everything under the sky. With this said, digital marketing can help businesses tap into the market and build bespoke campaigns unique to their customers, products, services, motives, and targets. 

A course in digital marketing means you will learn about the tools, methods, and techniques to build campaigns for promotion, selling, and subscription. It’s a skill that is essential for every industry because businesses today are not easy to run and grow without a digital presence. Hence, completing digital marketing courses will prepare you for better growth opportunities in every sector. 

Understanding Masters in Digital Marketing Course

Becoming a professional in digital marketing requires understanding the basics and learning more about the field as a whole. And when it comes to learning, your first preference might be watching videos on YouTube or joining a digital marketing company as an intern and start building your skills from there. 

However, you can also join a graduate or postgraduate program in digital marketing designed specifically for imparting quality education in digital marketing and related aspects. 

Master’s in digital marketing is a professional course typically running for two years and divided into semesters. The PG in digital marketing, teaches about basics of Marketing, using and implementing digital channels, including Google search engine, social media, email, websites, landing pages, and video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. 

Some of the areas covered under the master-level digital marketing courses include;

  • Principles of marketing 
  • Consumer behavior
  • Campaign creation and planning
  • Research methodologies
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Customer centricity
  • Fundamentals of advertising 
  • Trends in Digital Marketing
  • Web Analytics and Performance Marketing

In addition to this, you will understand the required skills and attributes to achieve success in the digital marketing field. These include creativity, innovative thinking, verbal and written communication, and an advanced understanding of online marketing tools and technologies. 

After completing a PGCM course in digital marketing, you will probably work as a digital marketing specialist, social media manager, SEO specialist, SEM expert, email marketing specialist, etc. 

Watching videos and joining a company as an intern are good ways, but they don’t carry a structure. And with thousands of videos available on YouTube, you cannot build a great plan to study and implement your learnings. And joining a company as an intern means you will be underpaid, underappreciated, and learning is not guaranteed. 

Compare these two methods with a structured degree course where you will learn from professionals of different fields, sharing their knowledge and experience. A degree is specifically designed to inculcate the latest industry trends, and it covers all the components comprehensively. Not to mention that you will get a certificate at the end of the course, which can be utilized to get a good starting job in the market. 

Scope of a Course in Digital Marketing

The scope of PG in digital marketing is huge mainly because the field itself is highly popular, and when you add a master’s degree to your resume, there cannot be a better combo. 

The rising need of digital marketing means that the scope of a course in digital marketing is only going to rise in the future. With the digital revolution, online marketing has become cost-efficient and a necessary element. 

The importance of digital marketing was clearly seen in the pandemic when businesses dependent on offline marketing channels almost went out of business until and unless they didn’t have a digital presence. 

Take a look at the salaries digital marketers can get in different cities across the globe;

  • New York: $85,500
  • London: $55,000
  • Sydney: $48,000
  • Canada: $41,000
  • Dublin: $25,000

In India as well, digital marketers can earn a substantial amount of money if they have the required experience, skills, and knowledge. After completing master’s level digital marketing courses, individuals can start earning around INR 5,00,000 per year. 

Eligibility for a Postgraduate Course in Digital Marketing

The eligibility criteria for getting into a master’s course vary with the institution you have chosen. But there is a general consensus that is applicable in every university or college for a master’s course. 

  • You must have completed a bachelor’s degree in a related field with at least 50% marks. The minimum marks required may be higher for some universities. 

Why Pursue a PG in Digital Marketing Course?

Completing a course in digital marketing means you can learn from the professionals and build a detailed understanding of digital marketing and its components. As advantageous as digital marketing is, businesses are heavily investing in people, processes, and technologies to implement digital marketing strategies for effective results. 

Here are some reasons why you should join a master’s course in digital marketing.

  1. Technological Advancement

As a field, digital marketing is evolving and adding new technologies to the ecosystem. These additions are becoming the key to providing higher value to the companies and businesses wishing to leverage the wide expanse and possibilities of digital marketing. 

As a learner of this field and while pursuing a degree, you will learn more about these latest technologies. For instance, digital marketers are using artificial intelligence to customize their communications and target customers personally. 

With AI, marketers are also using machine learning algorithms to understand customer preferences, behavior, and choices. This is essential for building hyper-personalized and hyper-centric customer experiences.  

  1. International Acceptance

A digital marketer can work in any country and for any type of company, providing they have the required skills and knowledge. After completing the PG in digital marketing course, you can start working with a US company while staying in India or vice versa. 

The only requirement here is that you need to possess the right skills, which are gained by the digital marketing course. 

  1. Professional Learning and Strong Foundation

A course is specifically designed to help students build the required skills and understanding of the field. Since it’s a full-fledged course taught by professionals, the students will be able to learn better. 

Plus, a course will help create a strong foundation, which is essential for upgrading the skills and learning the latest technologies required in digital marketing. 

It’s an evolving industry, and a professional course will set you on the right path along with creating a strong foundation for future learnings. The courses here target understanding of the current trends followed by managerial skills and technical expertise. 

  1. Enormous Professional Networking Opportunities

Digital marketing is an industry where building connections is as important as learning. A course will expose you to several such activities where you will be able to build connections and network with the right people. 

These connections can come in handy when you are building your own business, looking for an excellent job, freelancing in digital marketing, etc. Not only this, but while taking the course, some institutes also call investors and venture capitalists to the events, which is again a golden opportunity for a business enthusiast who may need funding for this venture in the future. 

  1. Develop Critical Market-Ready Skills

As an evolving industry, the required skills and traits must also align with the industry requirements. Completing digital marketing courses means you will become data literate and become familiar with the technologies, methods, and approaches to building high-yield campaigns. 

  1. High Demand for Digital Marketers

According to the 2019 Marketers Hiring Report by McKinley, digital marketing and research & analysis are the two most essential and high-in-demand fields that require effective learning. 

61% of the companies included in the survey claimed that they are planning to add more digital marketers into their teams. As these companies are working to hire a new generation of digital marketers who can conduct extensive research, and create, run, and optimize digital campaigns. 

  1. Start your Own Business

Even if you are not looking for a job after completing a PG in digital marketing course, you can always start your own business with the knowledge and experience gained from a postgraduate degree. 

Reiterating our previous point of building connections via the degree program, you can leverage those connections here to build and grow your business. They can be used to get leads, projects, and references. 

  1. Easy to Build a Career

It is substantially easier to build a career in a field if you have a degree in your hand relative to a situation where you have only watched YouTube videos. You can start a career in digital marketing without a degree as well, but the hardships will be more here as compared to when you have a degree in hand. 

  1. Technical and Creative Field

Digital marketing is a technical and creative field where the marketers are expected to create bespoke content and analyze the campaign’s performance with the required tools.

Going forward, this field will profoundly include advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, etc. To create high-performance and effective campaigns, you need to write catchy headlines, add bespoke creatives, and run them on the appropriate platforms for the best results. 

What’s the Best Mode for a PG Degree in Digital Marketing?

When it comes to joining the digital marketing course, you have two options, join an online course or take it up in a college and attend regular offline classes. But which model is better for this course? Let’s find out.

Online Classes: With digital marketing online classes, you will get the freedom to customize your learning process. Some online courses run live, while others are recorded video sessions covering every aspect of the course. However, even in the case of live classes, you can access the lecture later as it is recorded. 

Offline Classes: Offline classes means you must travel to the institution for the tenure of the course. The offline learning mode is one of the oldest methods and is considered the best learning method. You can interact with the students directly, which is not easy in the online model. Even the teachers can help students and clear their doubts on the spot. 

When choosing between the two, don’t consider credibility as a selection criterion. Because today, both online and offline learning models are recognised globally.  

The point of differentiation you should consider is the accessibility, curriculum, and reputation of the course. If you have easy and continuous access to the internet or have access to transportation facilities, if the curriculum is pertinent, and if the institution and the course are well-off, you should not debate the learning model. But internet accessibility and the course curriculum are fine. Choose the online model for digital marketing courses to save time and effort. 


Digital marketing has surpassed the traditional marketing models giving quick and better access to the customers and markets. Today, millions, if not billions, of people have access to the internet, and digital marketers are trained to leverage this presence for promoting products and services. A PG in digital marketing course means you will learn how to tap into the right audience, customize the campaigns, and measure the analytics to modify the marketing material. 

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