Why You Should Learn Social Media Marketing. How to select a social media course

Title 1: A Complete Guide To Social Media Marketing And The Future Ahead

More than 59% people worldwide utilize social media to share, find, interact and produce content. 

From 12 years old to 80 years old, it is for everyone. 

Quite literally! 

From photo sharing to video content sharing to microblogging, it has opened doors to earn, interact and sell. 

The fact that 97% of the fortune 500 companies have been using social media marketing even before 2018 only points how important it is to be on social media. 

Today consumers have a habit of looking up brands on social media before searching it on Google and buying the product/services says a lot about the impact social media has on their overall buying behavior. 

From fitness to fashion to finance, there is no business that cannot utilize social media for their growth. Small and medium sized companies have realized the potential of social media marketing. This  potential of social media marketing has created a scope for an attractive career in this creative industry. 

Read on to find out why you should learn social media marketing and why you need to do it right now!

What Is Social Media Marketing

Connecting with your potential customers or audience and helping them better understand your brand are the main goals of social media marketing.

No matter how you do it, making others happy seems to make them like you more.

Similar to the offline world, finding and satisfying your target audience will be crucial to your social media marketing success if you want them to enjoy your business and spread the word about it.

If your narrative isn’t worth sharing, your social media marketing efforts won’t be successful. But how to know if your narrative is right? If your efforts and ways are correct? By investing a little bit in learning social media marketing.

Why You Should Invest In Learning Social Media Marketing

In 2021, brands spent almost Rs. 6000 crores on social media marketing. And it is expected to go as high as Rs. 35,809 crores by 2023, according to The Mint. 

Brands are ready to invest in social media marketing, and this is because they know how essential it is for their business growth and reputation. Social media gives them the opportunity to connect with their audiences better and mold their own story.

Not just big brands but even startups recognize the importance of investing in social media marketing. From Zomato to Mamaearth, we can see almost all types of businesses taking social media by storm. 

Since the need for social media marketing is rising rapidly, it is going to create a lot of job opportunities for everyone who has the right skill. It is the best time to enter this world and make a name for yourself before the demand increases, and everyone you know is into it in one way or another.

But how do you learn everything about social media marketing the right way? Sure a few videos on Youtube can help, but what about insider information and making a career out of it? Here’s how!

How IMS ProSchool’s Course Can Help You Get One Step Ahead And Learn From Experts

One of the best things about learning social media marketing from ProSchool is its faculty. All the mentors are experienced professionals who have been in this industry for years. Their knowledge base is incomparable, and they are enthusiastic about passing their knowledge on to you.

IMS ProSchool’s Social Media course covers everything you need to know before entering the market. From planning content to brand management and to crafting strategies for maximum ROI, they will teach you everything.

And that’s not it. You also get a certificate along with 100% placement support. The course is also based mostly on practical learning, and you’ll gain a lot of experience to include in your resume before you even get a job.

How Individuals Are Benefiting From Social Media Marketing

1. Showing Their Artistic Skills

Social media has made it easier for all forms of art to reach the fame and attention they deserve. Not just unique brands and big companies, but even artists can utilize this social media and build a fan base for themselves. And this is not limited to just one form of art.

From dancing and singing to drawing, painting and even comedy. Social media is for everyone, and people have used it well.

2. Building Or Joining A Community

There are all kinds of groups available on social media. Groups for those interested in Space, groups for travelers and so on. Social media has made it so much faster and easier for like-minded people to connect and blur geographical lines in the process.

You can even start your own groups and build your own community on Facebook. Every social media platform has their own way of building a community. For example, on youtube it’s by starting a channel getting subscribers and on Instagram it is to build a huge following.

3. Creating Brand Partnerships

Remember watching ads on TV when you were little and thinking about how fun it would be if you could be a part of that video? Well, social media has made that easier. Now, if you are an artist or someone with an adequate social media following, you get a chance to connect with your favorite brands and be a part of their marketing.

Brands love to reach out to social media influencers and include them in their marketing to reach a wider audience. This works for both the business and the influencer. Sometimes, you can even reach out to the brand and land a deal. Influencer marketing is hot right now, and brands do not shy away from being associated with famous people.

4. Building Their Own Brand

If done right, social media can make you famous and well-recognized. You can market yourself on social media and create a massive number of followers. Names like Bhuvan Bam, Carry Minati and Prajakta Koli are just a few examples of people who used social media to create their own brands.

5. Monetizing Their Social Media Accounts

There are multiple ways of doing this, from paid promotions to ads and brand partnerships. Once you have an adequate amount of followers, making money through social media becomes a lot easier.

There are other ways to earn as well, including affiliate marketing, running ads on youtube channels and promoting a particular product, person or brand.

How Businesses Are Benefiting From Social Media Marketing

1. It Is Cost-Effective

Using social media to promote businesses or brands is perhaps the most affordable and effective strategy available.

Creating a profile on the majority of social networking sites is free. In comparison to other advertising platforms, the cost is relatively modest if you want to execute a paid campaign to promote your content.

Your possibilities of generating bigger returns on your investment are higher when done properly. If your social media marketing approach includes paid advertising, you can start out modest and increase the spending as you gain confidence.

You can always do something to increase the effectiveness of your digital advertising. One advantage of social media marketing is that it enables you to monitor your results and adjust your plan based on real-time data for free. Insights are available on all major platforms, and you don’t have to pay any fee to view them!

2. Improve Connection With New Audience/Customers

Nothing is worse than speaking in front of a chilly crowd or individuals who have never engaged with your brand before.

Access to tools and strategies that make it simple to engage a new audience for your business is made possible by social media marketing.

You can utilize content on Instagram and other social media sites to engage and acquaint potential customers. Even though it can be challenging to capture people’s attention, interesting material can help you stand out from the crowd.

On Facebook, Youtube and now even on Instagram, you can even pin your content on top of the feed. This way, the new audience can get access to introductory content easily.

3. Easy To Keep Communication Open With Existing Customers

You may create enduring relationships with your social media followers by interacting and communicating with them. You can accomplish this by engaging with them on your postings, answering their queries and comments, and offering them any assistance they require.

To assist you in establishing trust and letting your followers know how much you value their opinions and support, you may also ask them questions about your products and their problems or make giveaways.

Each social media platform provides various unique ways to connect with the audience. There are some common features like going live, posts on comments and direct messaging.

4. Helps Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Social media marketing can help drive customers to your website. Although search engines are excellent, relying too heavily on the results means you’re losing out on a ton of potential customers. More varied inbound traffic streams are possible through social media networks.

You should consider how regularly you should publish, even if social networks are great for bringing traffic to your website. You don’t want to become that obnoxious salesperson since you’ll turn off your audience.

It is good to have a regular posting schedule. This makes sure that your content is posted regularly.

5. Generates More Leads & Conversions

Companies may produce leads via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. Conversions can be increased by combining paid and organic strategies.

Some of the most effective methods for drawing potential customers into your sales funnel include video marketing, paid advertising, giveaways, and email opt-ins.

You can increase the number of qualifying email addresses on your list by running a giveaway campaign on Facebook.

Social Media Marketing is a quantifiable, quicker, and easier way to create a database of prospects because everything takes place online. Your company discovers a lot more conversion potential with higher visibility.

Engaging content can direct your followers on social media to your business’s website and win them over as devoted clients.

The 5 Core Pillars Of Social Media Marketing

1. Strategy

Strategizing is the most important part of any social media marketing strategy. You cannot just go into this without having a proper action plan. Strategizing includes having a set of well-defined goals with timelines, a list of social media platforms to target and what types of content you will produce, and what will go on which platform. 

Your action plan will heavily depend on the goals you set. Is it driving sales for a product? Is it brand awareness? Or is it driving traffic to the website? Is there a new product launch? Once you have a clear set of goals, you will be able to create a great plan to achieve them all.

2. Content Planning And Publishing

It’s time to start publishing content on social media platforms once a plan has been established. A fresh blog post, information about a future event, or a new product video might all be used to achieve this. But maintaining consistency is essential for a successful SMM program. Businesses should update their page frequently in order to grow their audience. The audience will continue to revisit their profiles if you continuously post pertinent information.

Social media posts from businesses should complement other marketing campaigns. Marketers can time their articles to go live using tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social.

3. Engaging And Initiating Conversations

Conversations about your brand will rise as your company and social media followers expand. People will leave comments on your social media postings, tag you in theirs, or send you direct messages.

Your brand may even be mentioned on social media without your knowledge. Therefore, you should keep an eye on any conversations regarding your brand on social media. You can provide assistance or make a correction before a situation deteriorates.

And if there is no activity at all, post content that initiates conversation and replies to the comments so you can create a personal bond with your audience. Brands like Zomato, Chemist At Play and even Amul post such content every now and then to keep the audience engaged.

4. Analytics And Reporting

The outputs of data and analytics are crucial to the success of any marketing effort. A marketing team can utilize this information to better intelligently plan out future projects and profit from what succeeds.

Even though each social media platform has its own analytics data, there are other programs that can compile data from several sources and store it in one location. This can be used by marketers to evaluate the overall success or failure of their advertising campaigns.

5. Advertising

With the exception of some specialized tools, a large portion of social media marketing is free. A wonderful way to accomplish marketing objectives is by creating an audience and sharing content on free social media platforms, but as the program expands, so does the expense.

For businesses, paid marketing features can be extremely beneficial. They can target audiences with their ads based on a variety of facts, such as habits, retargeting, and demographic data.

Although there are solutions to assist with managing social media marketing at scale, starting with the native advertisements feature is sufficient to promote posts, gather leads, and guarantee messages are seen by the intended audience.


Given that there are currently billions of users on social media, it is simple to understand why so many brands and marketers use the platform for advertising their goods and interacting with clients. It is also understandable that learning social media marketing from IMS Pro School is going to be a great investment for your career. 

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