Why you should pursue CIMA after 12th commerce

The minute the ink dries on the last answer in your final 12th commerce exam paper, a fresh set of questions appears in your mind. 

What comes next? What should I do with my career? What are my best career options after 12th commerce

If you are interested in accountancy as a possible profession, the answers to all your pressing questions are in a CIMA qualification. It is one of the best certifications in management accounting in the world. It will help you transform from a novice with great potential to a global accounting expert. This course gives you the tools and knowledge you need to be a world-class professional. The best part? You can apply for CIMA after your 12th commerce exams are over. You could even study for your B.com degree side by side, as the CIMA program is flexible to work around. 

There are many more benefits to consider. Would you like to know about them? Keep reading. 

The CIMA course details 

The chartered institute of management accountants was established in 1919 for undergraduates and graduates who wanted a future in business and finance. Since then, it has grown extensively to become the world’s largest accounting body. Today, there are more than 250,000 CIMA members in over 180 countries. The course offers a comprehensive study in management accounting, which deals with preparing reports about business operations. CIMA-certified accountants are trained to analyze and examine financial data, which in turn, helps organizations make decisions about short-term and long-term goals. 

The advantage of the CIMA course is that it gives you the skills you need in accounting and business management. You develop the ability to work on strategies, identify risks and improve the company’s performance. 

How to apply for CIMA after 12th

You can do the course if you are:

  • An undergraduate who has cleared the 12th year exams 
  • A graduate from a recognized college
  • Hold a professional certification such as ACCA, MBA, CA, etc. 

The CIMA syllabus contains 12 subjects and 4 levels: 

1. Certification level

  • Fundamentals of business economics
  • Fundamentals of management accounting
  • Fundamentals of financial accounting
  • Fundamentals of ethics, corporate governance & business law

2. Operational level

  • Organizational Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Reporting & Taxation

3. Managerial level

  • Project & relationship management
  • Advanced management accounting
  • Advanced financial reporting

4. Strategic level

  • Strategic management
  • Risk management
  • Financial strategy

Exam details:

  • You will have to give three objective papers and 1 case study at each level
  • Objective papers are 90 minutes long, and the case study will take three hours 
  • Objective papers can be taken anytime, and exams for case studies are held 4 times a year 

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The benefits of applying for CIMA after 12th commerce 

1. Get a head start on an accounting career 

When you sign up for CIMA after 12th, you can finish the course within 2-3 years. If you opt for a good coaching institute, they will help you study efficiently, so you can grasp the material well and clear your papers. They will also help you be organized and plan your schedule if you are also pursuing a B.Com degree. By the time you are in your early 20s, you are ready to hit the professional market and begin your career. Meanwhile, your peers who have graduated will still be figuring out which course to do next. This will give you an instant edge during recruitment. 

2. You get connected to the CIMA network 

Even after you receive your certificate, you will continue to receive support from the global CIMA community. You will have insider access to all CIMA events in India and abroad. You can even attend important seminars and learn about new developments and job positions as they happen.

3. You can get the CGMA designation

3. The CIMA board, in partnership with the CPA institute, offers students the opportunity to become chartered global management accountants. The CIMA certificate is a gateway to CGMA. This credential is for management accountants to develop the skills that make them a cut above their peers and excel in their careers. 

4. Your qualification can lead to global job opportunities 

If you plan to migrate, it helps to know that the CIMA certification is valid in over 180 countries. There are many opportunities as companies around the world need highly qualified management accountants to work in their various offices. They know the value that a CIMA professional brings to the table. 

5. You receive well-rounded and intensive training 

There is a reason why CIMA-certified employees often end up in leadership positions as management accountants. The course offers a thorough education in core subjects and practical learning that helps each student master the syllabus. 

Career opportunities after the CIMA course 

Management accountant

This is one of the most popular job options for a CIMA holder. Your job will be to:

  • Create profit and loss statements on a monthly or yearly basis 
  • Analysing the expenses and identifying ways of reducing costs
  • Create strategies and financial plans to improve productivity 

Forensic accountant

You need good accounting as well as analytical skills to do the job, which includes: 

  • Examining the validity of various transactions 
  • Ensure all expenses and income are accurately reported 
  • Investigate the company’s financial records in times of fraud or mismanagement 

Project manager

If you have good leadership capabilities and a CIMA certification, then you will make a good project manager. You are responsible for:

  • Implementing a project plan and ensuring all deadlines are met 
  • Offering an analysis of the project 
  • Working with your team to ensure all requirements are carried out 
  • Going through the finances to create budgets 

Financial controller

There are a host of duties carried out by a professional in this position, such as: 

  • Analysing accounting records 
  • Supervising the team who creates financial statements 
  • Ensuring that budgets are properly allotted 
  • Finding funds for buying assets

CIMA-certified professionals with successful careers 

Famous CIMA member: Arun Kabra 

President – Enterprise Business Chief Financial Officer with TimesPro Group of Companies, India

Received the CIMA Most Influential CFOs of India award three years in a row 

Check out his LinkedIn Profile

Famous CIMA member: Olga Kaliadka

Chief financial officer with Enerterchnos, a clean-tech company, United Kingdom 

Check out her LinkedIn profile

Famous CIMA member: Amar Shukla

Business advisor and consultant 

Former Head of Finance of Holloways of Ludlow Design, United Kingdom

Check out his LinkedIn Profile

Famous CIMA member: Girish Kumar

Group chief financial officer with Baghirathi Travel Solutions Private Limited, India

Check out his LinkedIn Profile

Famous CIMA member: Anthony Murphy

Chief financial officer with Tandem Bank, United Kingdom

Check out his LinkedIn Profile

The Proschool GMA program

When you apply for the Global Management Accountant course with Proschool, you are putting yourself in the hands of one of India’s best coaching institutes. The GMA program is an intelligent and well-designed certification that helps you reach your goal faster. Students receive extra training in business and finance skills. 

The team at Proschool has achieved a lot of success in the past few years, with many students moving on to jobs with some of the leading organizations in the world. Here are a few more benefits of the GMA program and why it is one of the best courses for commerce students

  • Students study through experiential learning and innovative methods 
  • The focus is on ensuring that every study has a firm grasp of the material
  • The GMA program for undergraduates requires you to only write 3 papers on case studies
  • The course duration is shorter, around 2.5 years 
  • The course also training for the CGMA finance leadership program 
  • Financial modeling is part of the curriculum 
  • There is 100 percent placement assistance to help you get hired quicker 
  • Students are prepped for jobs with mock interviews and enhanced resume writing skills
  • You qualify for several job profiles in the industry as you receive Proschool and NSDC certificates 

In conclusion 

If you want to join the exciting world of business and finance, get started early with a CIMA certification. It is one of the best professional courses after 12th commerce. 

The CIMA program offers you much more than a basic education in accounting. You also receive skills in business management and learn to strategize intelligently. Your qualification makes you a global accountant with a bright future straight after graduation. 

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