Work ethic tips help you groom to face the corporate world in a better and a much polished manner. For, work is one of those very important places where you need to present yourself in a unique way.

Let’s see at some of the work ethic tips to build your confidence while you’re surrounded by your peers, superiors, clients, customers, etc.

You are a participant in a workshop, and some important brainstorming session is going on! Though you have a lot of vital information and ideas in your mind for it, you are just not able to convey in front of everyone!

6 Work Ethic Tips to Gain Confidence to Speak while at Work


Anything beyond the limit is always harmful; the same applies here also. If you are choosing to be a passive participant in a meeting and never offer any comment or opinion, you may end up with the impression of being an unconfident person or people may think that you don’t care about the subject.

On the other side, if you speak up continuously in the meeting, your colleagues will feel dominated or that you love to hear yourself.  Both the impressions will have a negative impact on your public image.

Below are work ethic tips to put your points more confidently at the workplace:

#1 Prepare in advance (Do Homework)

It has been said, “practice makes a man perfect”. Start sharing your viewpoints in front of your colleague’s often. This will help you to speak confidently and present your views with clarity.

If you try practising this; it will help you to boost your confidence level up.  There are platforms like Toastmasters, which help people to improve their public speaking skills. These chapters can give you a chance to practice outside your workplace.

#2 Slow down your speed

It is a natural tendency that when we are nervous or feeling insecure; we speak too quickly. We make this mistake very often; which gives an impression of low confidence. Talking at a slower and reasonable speed is essential. Speaking at a relaxed pace gives you more time to think. It also gives the impression of self-control and commands over the subject. So try to slow down your speaking speed.

#3 Get to the point at the right time

The most common mistake we make is that we quickly rush into speaking.  During any meeting or conversation, jumping in between and immediately starting to talk shows eagerness and also comes across as being rude.

Sometimes other person thinks that you are not listening properly. So it is essential to have an excellent start when we start presenting our views.

You might also have a fear that somebody will interrupt you in between; so you sputter to finish your point. In this case, you can start with something like “I am going to discuss a few points, first… second… and so on.”

Along with right time to start; you should also focus on putting your points succinctly. If you are slightly at a verbose side, try putting your thoughts in a way as if writing a Tweet.

#4 Body language and gesture

When you are interacting; your body language and gesture plays a significant role. If you sit in the wrong position, if you speak loudly with a lot of hands movements; this gives a false impression. So pay attention to your body language: keep your hands on the table, sit up normally, and make eye contact with everyone around the table. Don’t forget to smile, when appropriate.

#5 Breathing Properly

When you are speaking in a meeting or in front of a crowd; a proper breathing pattern will give you support and strength to your voice. Try taking steady, slow and deep breaths which will help you speak in a steady voice. Breathing deep into belly will give a right voice projection. This breathing technique is very crucial for those who are shy as belly breathing will give more power to your words.

#6 Eliminate filler words

While talking, people use filler words like “umm, like, uh”. These filler words make you look uncertain about your point. If you want to sound more confident in a meeting; try avoiding filler words; instead you can take a pause.

If you try to practice above work ethic tips; then speaking well with conviction will become your natural habit. If you do this on a regular basis; you will gain more confidence.

Has that ever happened to you? Or, is it something that keeps happening with you? If this is just once in a while situation, it is completely normal. But if you find yourself in such a circumstance quite often, then it’s time to fix it.