Today, ‘Analytics’ is everywhere. Whatever industries you are working in, you are sensing the dominance of the word ‘Analytics’. Because of the bright prospects of Data Analytics, it has also become a much sought after career option in India. This E-Book will lead you from “What is analytics?” to the “Future scope of analytics”. It is a comprehensive guide that throws light on the prospects of a flourishing career in Analytics and what it takes to climb your way to the top.

Outline of the eBook

1: What is Analytics?

2: Various components of Analytics

3: Types of Analytics

4: Applications of Analytics

5: Application in business verticals

6: Careers in Data Analytics

7: What are the functions of a Data Scientist?

8: Career path of a Data Scientist

9: Steps to become a Data Scientist

10: What does it take to become a Data Scientist?

11: Top 10 Jobs that Require a Knowledge of Data Analytics

12: Types of analytics companies

13: Conclusion (Data is the Future)