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Anyone can enrol for this course.
However, to be eligible for certification, the student must be 18 years old
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Certificate from NSE Academy

NSE Academy, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NSE. It offers programs in various aspects of banking, financial services, financial markets and financial literacy. NSE Academy Certification in Financial Markets, or NCFM, program is an online testing and certification that is available on payment of Rs. 1700+GST

Additional certificate from IMS Proschool

Awarded on clearing all end-terms exams that would include a combination of an online exam and project-work submission. Proschool is one of the leading NSDC-approved institutes of skill development in India, with a strong presence in technology, finance, and accounting domains. It brings a strong understanding of the industry needs and a unique “active learning” approach to skill development.

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Meet Our Expert Faculty

Our faculty are all professionally qualified and have rich industry experience, essential for giving a practical context to concepts

Varun Kumar Anguralia

MBA, MCA | AVP Analytics | 11+ Years of
Exp. in Analytics

Joyjeet Banerjee

BTech, PGDM, MBA Head Of
Ecommerce & Business Planning

Where Our Alumni Work

Our Alumni are all placed in reputed firms in high positions due to the knowledge and skills gained from this course.


Our course has been devised with a lot of thought with respect to the number of hours required to comprehensively understand a particular tool or technique. At the same time, we have done extensive research on the most common tools and techniques that are applied in the industry to enable “Industry-Readiness” on course completion. The experiential approach of the course blends academic content with hands-on application to ensure that students are comfortable with both.

No, the course has been designed so that all participants can build their knowledge from basic concepts to advanced applications. For example, Linear Regression starts with the concept of mean and variation followed by correlation. Regression is then explained via Correlation followed by Interpretation of Regression results. Any knowledge of Math and Statistics will be helpful to the participants. Also comfort with data and its various formats will be an added bonus.

IT or programming deals with processes. Business Analytics deals with data. As a part of a programming team you will try and automate processes. A lot of these automated processes now generate huge amounts of data. This data is now the focus of Business Analytics. BA gains insights from these data to get an edge. A lot of IT processes such as Project Management are getting automated so demand in the sector is going to stagnate in the long run. At the same time, data is increasing exponentially, consider this: From the beginning of recorded time until 2003, the world had created 5 Exabytes of data. In 2011, the same amount was created in 2 days. In 2013, the world produced the same amount of data was created in just 10 minutes. IDC estimates that Data creation will reach 163 zettabytes by 2025. Hence the demand for BA professionals will continue to increase.

Most of the consulting profiles involve analysis of data to drive future business plans and strategy. Business Analytics will clearly give you an edge in your analytical and data handling capabilities.

If you are pursuing an MBA and want to make a career in Analytics, Consulting, Finance or Marketing then BA will be helpful to you. This course will make you comfortable with data and data analysis along with popular analytical tools such as MS-Excel, SQL and Python. It will give you the desired exposure to various domains thus creating a well-balanced outlook on data usage. Lastly, it will also help you to improve your profile vis-à-vis other candidates of your institute.

Typically, engineers are already conversant with basic IT tools and data structures. As an engineer, you can exploit this advantage and bolster it with techniques and domain knowledge from our course. If you are interested in a career in Analytics or Market Research or Finance, then data analysis can be handy.

A lot of IT professionals find Business Analytics more exciting. Along with this, the demand for Business Analytics professionals is growing whereas the demand for IT professionals is stagnating. Business Analytics hence may be a good career shift for you. Also, familiarity with IT leads to a better understanding of data leading to improved data analysis.

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About Certifying Authorities

About Proschool

IMS Proschool is one of India’s premier skill development institutes, with a strong presence in analytics courses. Proschool delivers a thorough awareness of the industry’s needs as well as the rapidly changing landscape. Proschool has received recognition from various government bodies such as the National Skill Development Corporation and the Ministry of Skill Development, as well as numerous awards from certifying bodies for its leadership in the skilling space.

About NSE Academy

Awarded for clearing the CompTIA online examination. CompTIA (The Computing Technology Industry Association) is the leading provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications in the world and has issued more than 2 million IT certifications worldwide in the last 20 years.

About NSDC

Awarded for clearing all end-of-term exams that would include a combination of an online exam and project-work submission. Proschool is one of the leading NSDC-approved institutes of skill development in India, with a strong presence in technology, finance and accounting domains. It brings a strong understanding of the industry needs and a unique “active learning” approach to skill development.

About The Course

  • Prepares you for entry level Analytics / MIS jobs at average CTC’s of 4 Lacs
  • Access 100+ curated analytics jobs across BFSI, Marketing, E-commerce and other sectors
  • Work with real data using Proschool’s unique Active Learning methodology
  • 75+ hrs of live faculty-led training

Career Services

We strive hard to build a successful and rewarding career for our students.

Conducting Practice Tests and Mock Interviews

At IMS Proschool students are assisted in gaining success in different exams pertaining to the levels. Mock interviews are also conducted to make the students ready to go for the final interviews.

Provides support in Goal Setting and Development of Resume

Industry experts belonging to the financial industry contribute in designing futuristic goals and also in the development of resumes in a professional manner.

Professional Networking

Become a part of the most prestigious alumni network in the country. Network with them and explore internship opportunities.

Hand Holding from Day One

Hands-on support is provided to the students from day one. Quality training support involving practical exercises are provided to the students for making them industry-ready.

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Program Highlights

The key points of our business analytics program.

Certification from NSE Academy, IMS Proschool, NSDC.

Expert Faculty practising Business Analytics

5+ Real-life

Interview preparation and access to 100+ relevant jobs

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Why IMS Proschool?

We focus on personal career goals.

Placement Assistance

We help you find the right job in a reputable company with our strong network. We also help you get ready for interviews and polish your skills for recruitment processes.

Flexible Learning

Flexible learning is designed to meet the unique schedules and specific needs of working professionals and students.

In-demand certifications

After finishing this course, you will be able to get Joint certification from NSE Academy, NSDC, and IMS Proschool. All these certifications are highly recognized in the industry and have a positive impact on the recruiters.

All-Inclusive Syllabus

The syllabus for this course covers various essential topics and up-to-date information. It includes software and tools like Advanced Excel, SQL, Tableau and Power BI.

Practical Knowledge

Our mentors are experienced professionals, who have been working in the industry for a long time and know a lot about it. They’ll be passing on this valuable knowledge and make you job-ready.

Work on Concepts and Logic

While you undertake this course with IMS Proschool you will learn problem identification, storytelling, descriptive & inferential statistics from the best tutors.

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