CSR Partnerships

If you have a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative or simply a philanthropic goal, we could help you to deploy your resources in a transparent and effective manner. We are keen to partner with organizations/individuals that would like to contribute to society and/or impact communities around their businesses. Through this outreach program we hope to augment our resources in skilling the underprivileged youth and to make contributions to both society and businesses.

We can setup a customized model/project based on your priorities and preferences such as available budget, regional focus or chosen student group/communities. Some of the possible models are :

  • Sponsor Organization sets up the training center at their premises and funds the operating costs; we manage it i.e. mobilize students, deliver the training and report outcomes.
  • Contribute machinery/lab and fund the operating cost; we setup and manage it.
  • Sponsor the training fee of students
  • Allow us to use your workshops/premises for training purpose
  • Recruit Interns and Trained students

To discuss CSR projects/partnerships, email us at cts@proschoolonline.com

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