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Core Job Opportunities offered via placements from IMS Proschool

Jobs after CFA® course

IMS Proschool offers various CFA job opportunities with positions in a wide range of industries. It might also include working along with other finance professionals in managing the fiscal objectives of a company. In fact, most CFA® charterholders usually land with jobs in asset management, equity research, fixed-income securities, etc. Some of the common job profiles of CFA® charterholders are investment banker, portfolio manager, and equity research analyst.

Jobs after ACCA

Jobs for ACCA-qualified professionals include profiles like risk advisory, accounting advisory, corporate finance, internal audit, audit & assurance, taxation, investment advisory, etc.

Jobs after CIMA

Jobs for CIMA professionals mainly include management accounting roles in some banks. Most of the CIMA-qualified candidates land with strategy-based roles that require forward-thinking because the CIMA course molds you in such a way that you become capable of handling such tactical roles in any organization in any industry, be it taking financial decisions or making strategies. Some of the major job profiles that CIMA candidates apply for, are management accountant, business analyst, forensic analyst, project manager, finance controller, etc.

Jobs after CFP

Graduates of the CFP program can find jobs after CFP employment in a number of industries, including consulting in finance, banking, investing, risk management, office administration, relationship management, portfolio management, etc. To manage the varied obstacles in each of these course-related fields, students receive professional training in the program.

Jobs after Financial Modelling

There are various job opportunities after Financial Modelling. One may get into profiles such as Financial Modelling, Fund Valuation, Equity, etc.

Jobs after IFRS

On completion of the IFRS certification course in India, the professional can be eligible for positions such as External Auditor, IFRS Controller. Such professionals are often needed by companies that are expanding their operations overseas and need to adhere to these standards and regulations.

Jobs after Data Science

A data scientist is a professional who comes up with effective measures for real-life problems by collecting, sorting, and understanding huge data sets. There has been a rise in the jobs for Data Science in India as technological advancements have led to building an important role for data scientists in every industry. From the healthcare & medical sector to the legal field, hybrid as well remote data scientist jobs are in demand in every market.

Jobs after Cyber Security

While other types of IT jobs like network administrators or software developers are more common and well-known, cyber security jobs are smaller in number but fast increasing in importance. Jobs for Cyber Security in India offer work profiles such as network security engineer and cyber security analyst.

Jobs after Digital Marketing Course

The Digital Marketing professionals get job opportunities across domains with an objective that can range from building brand awareness to triggering a purchase decision. Jobs in Digital Marketing may offer positions such as Digital marketing Manager, Content Marketing, Brand Marketing, Product Marketing, etc.

Jobs after Business Analytics Course

After completing the Business Analytics Course from Proschool, professionals can receive top-notch Business Analyst jobs in India. Business analysts are highly in demand across companies, small-scale options, and enterprises. Companies tend to pay higher salaries certified expert-level Business Analysts.