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Trained 10000+

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Trained 10000+

Expert faculty

Active learning


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  • Anyone interested in the Financial Modeling online course can enrol, irrespective of their education stream or age

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  • Candidates should be at least 18 years of age


Certificate from NSE Academy in Financial Modeling

NSE Academy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NSE. It offers programs in various aspects of banking, financial services, financial markets, and financial literacy. NSE Financial Modeling Course Certification, or NCFM, program is an online testing and certification that is available on payment of Rs. 1700+GST

Additional certificate from IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool is one of the leading NSDC-approved institutes of skill development in India, with a strong presence in technology, finance, and accounting domains. Proschool brings a strong understanding of the industry’s needs and a unique “active learning” approach to skill development.

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Meet Your Course Faculty

Our faculty are all professionally qualified and have rich industry experience, essential for giving a practical context to concepts

Sameer Gunjal

CEO, Ennovate Research Investment
and Capital (Hedge Fund)

Yogesh Sakunia

Ex-CRISIL | CA | CIMA Level 1
of the CFA® program

Mushtaq Ali

18 Years of Experience in
Equity Research and FP&A

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The financial modelling program doesn’t require the candidate to have a commerce background. As long as the candidate wants to understand decision making which may be in the form of project finance, or equity research or any other field where decision making comes in handy.

The CFA® Program would have taught you the theoretical base on valuation, investment banking etc. In Financial Modelling, you will learn how to use this conceptual understanding in the practical world of finance where you will prepare financial models of a company to estimate its valuation.

If you are a CA who doesn’t want to get into the traditional fields of audit, account and tax and instead covets Investment Banking, Private Equity, Equity Research then you should learn Financial Modelling. Moreover, many CAs are involved in Project Finance as well. Financial Modelling will help you to make Project Finance reports using all the contemporary techniques.

Earlier, most of the job opportunities in the field of finance such as Financial Research, Equity Analysis, Credit Analysis were available only to the CAs & MBAs. But with changing job profiles and cost pressures, many companies are hiring fresh graduates. If you do Financial Modeling, then your chances of being selected for a research job increases substantially. Moreover, many opportunities are opening up in the field of Financial Research and KPOs where they hire Graduates. Financial Modeling will also provide you to form a solid foundation and understanding for The CFA® Program as well.

If you are pursuing an MBA in Finance and want to make a career in any of the financial sectors such as Equity Research, Investment Banking, Project Finance, Corporate Finance or Credit Research then Financial Modelling will definitely be a big part of your job profile. You will learn practical applications of the theory subjects that you have learnt in your MBA such as Financial Management, Accounts and Economics. In Financial Modelling, you will learn Excel in both its basic and advanced avatars. Lastly, it will also help you to improve your profile vis-à-vis other candidates of your institute.

In corporate banking, most of the work deals with lending money to institutions and/or projects. Financial Modelling helps you to evaluate them and fund the projects/intuitions which are Financially Viable.

Credit Analysis is primarily used to check the creditworthiness of a company which wants to raise money. In such cases, the analysts observe the past performance of the company to evaluate whether the company can meet its financial obligations. In India, companies that want to raise debt from the market will get a credit rating from the rating house. Based on this rating, they can raise money from the market. With a better rating, more funds will be generated with a lower interest rate.
Financial Modelling equips Credit Analysts in collecting historical information as well as outstanding debts and forecasting the future growth on excel to determine the nature and degree of risk factors, which helps him/her in giving the rating.

As we have seen, Financial Modelling also helps investors to find companies where they can invest for better returns. Usually, the Investment Banks also end up helping/advising their clients on how to manage their financial assets.
Financial Modeling assists the investment bankers to do the valuation of the companies. If you want to get into Investment Banking, then Financial Modelling has proven to be a prerequisite.

The primary role of an equity research analyst is to analyse companies in order to find possible investments. Sell-side equity research provides its research to the clients. Buy-side equity research is when the analysts perform research to invest in their firm’s money (e.g. mutual funds, hedge funds etc).
In Financial Modelling, you will learn how to discover the financial condition of a company and its future growth prospects. Based on this you will carry out valuations of a company and prepare a research report.

Project finance deals with long term financing of infrastructure and industrial projects, based upon the projected cash flows of the project instead of the balance sheets of the project sponsors. It is quite attractive to the private sector because of the ability to fund major projects off the balance sheet. For instance, if Reliance Infrastructure wants to build a metro in Mumbai, they will need huge investments for the project. An investor will invest in Reliance Infra after evaluating the potential cash flows from this project.
Financial Modelling will train you to prepare such project finance models, forecast revenues, evaluate projects and finally present a project finance report to the investors. We have prepared a special module in the Financial Modelling program for Project Finance.

Proschool was the first to introduce a Financial modelling course in India. Proschool’s FM program offers NSE Certification which is better accepted compared to other qualifications. Moreover, Proschool uses an active learning approach, which is basically a method in which the student is engaged in solving and building models from Day 1.

NSE Financial Modelling Course Certification in Financial Markets, or NCFM, program is an online testing and certification that is available on payment of Rs. 1700+GST.

Proschool has a defined fee structure for any course you choose. Proschool offers Financial Modelling certification that comprises advanced examples of Financial Modeling subjects. Major examples of Financial Modeling courses include aspects of Banking, Financial Services, Financial Markets and Financial Literacy. You may either refer to the Financial Modeling course fees structure or speak to a counsellor for more details on this.

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“Reliable, honest and extremely helpful.” Those three words explain how the mentors were at IMS ProSchool. With a lot of handholding and patience, they helped me throughout the course and even my interview process. Entering into the new company was not terrifying at all, and everyone praised my soft skills and on-point knowledge a lot. Would recommend all those into finance to take this course.

Vinod Patil
Senior Analyst

The course has been really rewarding. They start from basics for everyone and then go on to complicated topics. The mentors also share valuable knowledge that is not in the curriculum but learned through experience. That is something no other institute can offer. Personally, it has been the best investment I have made for my career.

Pooja Sharma
Financial Project Head

Before signing up for the course I had many doubts and was not sure if the tutors would clear my doubts or be okay with me asking multiple questions. But I am so happy I took the chance after a friend recommended it. All the faculty members are just great. They clear doubts of each student and always listen to our opinions. Their advice are note-worthy and all of them are highly educated. I am so glad I took my chance with IMS ProSchool.

Geeta Pawar
Business Analyst

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About NSE Academy

NSE Academy, is a wholly-owned Subsidiary of NSE. It offers programs in various aspects of banking, financial services, financial markets and financial literacy.

About IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool is one of the leading institutes of skill development in India, with a strong presence in the finance and accounting domain. Proschool brings with her a strong understanding of the industry needs and the fast-changing landscape. The Financial Modelling program has been successfully running at Proschool since 2014, and has been transforming careers into finance.

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