What is the CFP Certification Course?

CFP Certification is the leading Certification globally in the field of Financial Planning with over 1,70,000 Certificates. It is popular in more than 26 countries across the world. For those looking for a career in the financial services sector, CFP Certification in India provides a definite edge over other candidates. Consumers, professionals & industry widely respect it.
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Benefits of doing CFP

  • Most Recognized qualification in the field of Financial Planning & Wealth Management
  • Increased your chances of getting employed at Wealth Management, Financial Planning  Firm, Banks , Mutual Fund
  • Improves career progression as most banks become universal banks and expect you to have knowledge of mutual funds, insurance, taxation besides core banking products
  • Boost your own advisory services since CFP communicates credibility and knowledge

Career Options

As more and more people are shifting from traditional asset classes like real estate & Gold to asset classes like equities and fixed income. Financial planning as a need is increasing among the middle-income group, which provides a massive demand for financial planners. Pursuing a career in CFP in India increases your chance of getting employed.

Industry Trends

These are some of the new trends happening in the area of wealth management

  • Global volume of net investable assets of HNI’s will be close to US $70 trillion by 2021
  • India falls under the top 20 companies participating in this growth
  • Digitization and transparency will be factors affecting wealth managers
  • Out of all the types of businesses like family offices, traditional wealth managers  and independent wealth advisors there will be a new class known as the holistic wealth managers
  • There will be more companies from abroad offering wealth management service in India, as the market in the developed markets become more saturated

Course Structure

The new course structure will consist of three specialist certifications (Tracks) which can be completed in any order. After clearing all three Tracks successfully, candidates must complete one capstone course for CFP certification in India.


TrackEducation Modules
Investment  Planning Specialist Certification
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Investment Planning and Asset Management
  • Regulatory Environment, Law and Compliance
Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist Certification
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning and Optimization
Risk Management and Estate Planning Specialist Certification
  • Risk Management and Insurance Planning
  • Estate Planning
Certified Financial Planner Certification
  • Financial Planning Principles, Process and Skills
  • Integrated Financial Planning
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Exam Process

Exam Details

Investment Planning Specialist Certification

Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist Certification

Risk Management and Estate Planning Specialist Certification

2 hours, 75 multiple choice questions, computer-based test for each track exam
Certified Financial Planner Certification4 hours, computer-based test with case studies

 Program Fees

ParticularsFeesFees (INR)*
Enrollment Fees$16512375
Textbook for Specialist Track course (per track)$604500
Exam Fees for Track/Module Exams (Per exam)$614575
Textbook for CFP Certification Track$1209000
CFP Certification Exam Fee$1229150
Student Renewal Fee (Annual)$1108202
CFP Certification Renewal Fees$1209000

*Fees mentioned in INR  approximate number calculated based on 1 USD=75INR

Education Routes

There are three potential routes to fulfil the CFA certification in India. Understand the requirements to become eligible for the exam.

1) Instructor-Led Education Route

In order to successfully complete this route, enroll with an FPSB Ltd. Authorized Education Provider.

2) Individual-Led Education Route

FPSB Ltd. provides educational materials in an online platform, including textbook content, PowerPoint outlines, quizzes, and practice tests that align to the learning objectives and prepare a learner to sit for the exam. Learners must pass the FPSB Ltd. quizzes for each chapter, as well as the post-module tests for both modules to be eligible to successfully complete the education component.

3) Education Exemption Route

Individuals may apply to FPSB Ltd. for exemption from the instructor-led or individual-led education routes. This status is granted upon proof that the individual holds any of the following linked qualifications or certifications. If this waiver is accepted, individuals may bypass the education and prove eligibility to sit for the exam by successfully passing the prequalification exam in the FPSB Ltd. online platform.

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TracksInstructor-Led Education RouteIndividual-Led Education RouteEducation Exemption Route
Investment Planning Specialist Certification
Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist Certification
Risk Management and Estate Planning Specialist Certification
Certified Financial Planner Certification

Important Update

  • CFP certification qualification in India is now directly handled by Financial Planning Standard Board Ltd. US.
  • Legacy program (old) enrollment ends on 31 May 2020, and students enrolling on or after 1 June 2020 will have to enrol in the new program.
  • Important dates on which respective Tracks will be activated. Students can enrol for those tracks:
    • FPSB® Investment Planning Specialist Certification(starting 1 June 2020)
    • FPSB® Retirement and Tax Planning Specialist Certification (starting August 2020)
    • FPSB® Risk Management and Estate Planning Specialist Certification(starting September 2020)
    • CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Certification (starting October 2020)
  • Before apply for any certificate, i.e. for track exam certificate or final CFP candidate needs to pass FPSB Ltd.’s online Ethics Course

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CFP Certification is suitable for a wide range of professions including but not limited to financial services professionals, customer relationship officers, insurance agents, stock brokers. So if you want to enhance your career in the financial services business and want a certification that is globally recognized in the corporate world then the CFP certification is what you need.

The current global population is growing not only in terms of size but also in terms of the annual salaries that it draws. Hence, the number of people requiring financial planning assistance is rising, increasing the demand for CFP in India. Financial Planners are hence essential for a huge number of working professionals. Along with individuals, even corporate outfits in India, such as Banks, Financial Planning Outfits, Wealth Management Companies, Insurance Companies, Accounting Firms, etc., seek Financial Planners.

Financial Planners are well-versed in several relevant issues related to retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, investment planning, insurance planning, financial management (for various business sizes), trusts, stock broking, and debt and risk analysis. This ensures that the Financial Planner can fit into a variety of roles.

  1. Since the CFP certification is well-recognized in the corporate world, it instantly increases your employability.
  2. Knowledge of the core concepts of the curriculum improves the experience of your clients and hence leads to a longer and more satisfying relationship with them.
  3.   More networking and learning opportunities due to the CFP community.
  4.   Increased avenues of revenue making and a wider range of service offerings.
  5. Recognition as a CFP professional in over 26 countries across the world.

Yes.The three primary revenue streams that are available to a Financial Planner are salary and/or fees, commissions and a combination of the two.

    1.   Salary / Fees: Usually paid by a company can be a flat rate or on an hourly base. It may also be derived from the percentage of the assets invested and /or income generated.
    2.   Commissions: Usually paid by a third party for the products recommended by the Financial Planner and sold to the clients of the Financial Planner.
    3.   Combination: Fees are charged for the amount of Financial Planning and commissions are received from any product sold based on the recommendations of the Financial planner to the client.

Of course, the CFP Certification is offered Financial Planning standard Board US and which is globally recognized in over 26 countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, China Taipei, Columbia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States of America.