10 reasons why you should become a certified financial planner

Hey, do you like making money? 

If you answered yes, keep reading. We want to talk about an incredible career in finance where you get to make money for other people, and yourself.

Just in the off chance that money is not your top priority, consider these questions:

Do you love giving advice? Does it feel good to help other people plan a better financial future for themselves? How would you like a fulfilling, productive career that offers you many possibilities in the financial industry?

Do we have your attention now? Good. Then let’s discuss one of the hottest professions today — the financial planner.

There are so many reasons to pursue this profession. It is lucrative, offers immense career growth and job satisfaction. There is a growing need for financial planning in India today. What makes the job even sweeter is if you add a CFP certification to your resume. This course gives you the perfect education in financial planning and fully prepares you to get ahead in this field. There are a few more reasons this qualification is a must for every financial planner. Here are ten of them.

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#1 CFP is a globally renowned program that adds value to your resume

The CFP is considered one of the finest financial qualifications in the world. The course is recognised in 26 countries, such as Australia, China, Hong Kong, Canada, the USA and the United Kingdom. It is also a well-respected program in India. Major financial advisory services and investment banks in these countries prefer hiring employees who are CFP-certified as they bring a high standard of excellence and credibility to the job. When you apply for a position, whether in India or any of the 26 nations, you automatically edge out the other candidates who don’t have the same certification. This kind of advantage helps you get a head start in your career.

#2 The CFP course increases your chances of getting hired in the financial sector

The finance domain is no better than a gladiator arena. It is a cut-throat world and you need every weapon in the armoury to succeed. The CPA certification is one of the sharpest tools you can have at your disposal. It opens up so many opportunities within several finance sectors. Once certified, you are eligible to work in asset management firms, wealth management companies, insurance firms and even retail banks. Financial planning requires qualified, knowledgeable people. The CFP course ensures you have all the skills you need to get hired. 

#3 CFPs are in huge demand to sell financial products 

There are many options available for personal financial planning. Banks, NBFCs and investment firms have launched several financial products to suit the needs of their customers. Such as mutual funds, fixed deposits schemes, stocks or bonds. However, not all the products will be relevant for all types of investors. A middle-class working family won’t require the same investment products as a high-net-worth businessman. This is where you step in. You have to analyse each client’s background and future goals to create a customised plan while integrating the financial products that work best. That makes you valuable to the company you work for, as well as the customer.

#4 There are many career opportunities 

Once you are a CFP-certified professional, your next order of business is to apply for a job. There are quite a few avenues to consider. Many sectors are looking for financial planners to help them manage their clients’ investments. Some of the financial institutions you can join are:

  • Asset management 
  • Wealth management 
  • Insurance 
  • Retail Banking 
  • Non-banking financial companies 

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#5 CFP Salary packages are very attractive

Remember that money we talked about earlier on in this post? Let’s delve deeper into it. CFPs raked in a cool sum of money. We are not talking about just the basic salaries, getting lucrative business deals could get you a sizable commission as well. 

The money depends on where you are. Big cities get bigger clients so the earning potential is greater. If you are part of a successful investment organisation and high up the corporate hierarchy, you can lead a very comfortable life. Established certified financial planners could earn a crore or more every year. 

#7 There is a high demand for financial planners in India

The wealth management industry is growing at a rate of 20 percent. People are investing more than they did before. They need a good financial advisor, a trustworthy planner and a strategic partner all rolled into one. Planners with a CFP qualification are known to build good relationships with their clients and retain them in the long run. This certificate will help you successfully create and maintain a large clientele. 

#8 The certificate can give a boost to your existing career 

The CFP course is not just for freshers. To all the people already working in the finance field, this certification is your ticket to a better career. Are you a financial service professional, customer relationship officer, insurance agent or stockbroker? This is the perfect course for you. It opens up new opportunities and puts you in a higher salary bracket. You get to work closely with big clients and make impactful changes to their financial future. 

#9 You can set up your own business

Do you eventually want to work for yourself? You need the right amount of experience, clients and vision to set up your firm. The CFP gives you the advantage you need to achieve all the three points listed above. As a financial planner, you meet some high-profile people in the business. You will make connections and network with many potential clients. This will widen your worldview and give you the exposure you need to get started. Once you have made a name for yourself, you are ready to be your boss. 

#10 Good work-life balance 

“You want to work in finance? Then kiss your personal life goodbye.”

This is a common perception people have about working in the fast-paced, drama-filled financial world. However, CFP professionals are blessed to have the best of this industry — high perks, opportunities and connections, without sacrificing all their time working non-stop. When you are a financial planner, you will have a lot on your plate. However, you should be able to carve out some time for yourself outside of work. That is a very important factor to consider when you have a high-pressure job. 

In conclusion 

When you become a certified financial planner, you get to take your place among the best advisors in this business. The course prepares you to take on most of the challenging elements you will face in your career. You become knowledgeable, efficient and a keen strategist. Your clients will depend on you for their financial planning and wealth management

Your company will rely on your judgment and expertise to maximize profits and productivity. You build close relationships, network with the financial giants and become a high-valued professional in the industry. Did we mention there is a bit of money involved too?

It is your time to shine. Register here for the CFP course today