How to get an ACCA job in the UK?

Everybody wants to have a great career in the field of their choice in the UK.

It is not a secret!

What if we told you that having a great financial career is not difficult anymore? 

Not when you become an ACCA professional

Employers – large scale business conglomerates to small-medium businesses – of every kind are looking for financial professionals with a wide skill set, sound technical knowledge, and great interpersonal communication skill. 

Organisations most prefer candidates who complement their technical skills with core financial knowledge. The ACCA course will provide all the necessary knowledge and training on critical core concepts of finance and accounting. 

The ACCA course opens up a lot of career opportunities for professionals in the UK. Even with an uncertain economy and the dipping job market, the scope and opportunities for finance and accounting professionals have managed to remain high in the UK. There was a mild slump in ACCA jobs in the UK at the beginning of 2022 compared with the previous years. However, the number of permanent jobs for ACCA professionals has increased. Moreover, the median % annual salary increase year-on-year is more than 8.18%

But why do businesses prefer ACCA over other accounting and financial qualifications? Let’s look at some of the jobs open for ACCA professionals.

What Jobs are Open for ACCA Professionals?

Qualified accounting professionals are always on-demand, but when you have specialised qualifications such as ACCA, you have the freedom to select the company, negotiate the salary and choose the role of preference. 

Here is a list of ACCA job roles open for you,

  • Financial Accountant
  • Corporate and Management Accountant
  • Controller
  • Fund Accounting Specialist / Manager
  • Auditor
  • Tax Analyst and Specialist
  • Business Consultant
  • CFO

Employers are consistently looking for candidates with specific financial skills, rather than accepting just about anyone for the job. They know that ACCA professionals have higher core domain knowledge, soft skills and technical aptitude to do the job effectively. 

If you are looking for a global career in finance and accounting, ACCA is the one for you. The UK, alone, is home to more than 3 lakh accountants with different accounting qualifications, experience and skills.  

With ACCA course certification, you can get placed in some top banks, financial institutions, insurance services and public sector companies. This course also helps you get into international trade, taxation and business consultancy for multinational companies. 

What is the Salary Package for an ACCA professional in the UK?

Most financial career aspirants undertake the ACCA course while gaining basic accounting job experience. An accountant in a trainee role will be paid a nominal salary based on the location, company and industry norms. An accountant trainee is usually paid about £20,000 to £25,000 on average. Although this figure can vary from company to company, this is a general structure. 

By completing ACCA certification, financial professionals demand a much higher pay package. The ACCA salary packages, again, depend on the location, company, size of the company, the role, industry sector and other qualifications. 

As an ACCA professional with minimum work experience, your salary can range between £25,000 and £45,000.. In addition to this, companies in the UK also offer exceptionally beneficial perks such as health insurance, profit-sharing schemes, car allowances, bonuses and pensions. 

How Does ACCA Course Help You Get Your Dream Job in the UK?

ACCA is not like any other finance and accounting course that concentrates only on improving domain knowledge. This course helps improve your subject expertise and proficiency in your selected domain. ACCA is a globally recognized certification valid in more than 78 markets and has 80 and more global accountancy body partnerships. 

The course is designed to enhance the overall employability and expertise of financial aspirants. This course also boosts your communication skills by subjecting you to 13 rigorous tests and assessments. 

  1. ACCA allows you to become a stand-out candidate by showcasing your core skills. 
  2. By polishing your technical, soft and core skills, you become an ideal candidate for many international companies.
  3. This course is designed with the current industry requirements so that your skills stay relevant. 
  4. With ACCA, you become an exclusive member of a vast network of international professionals. This networking allows you to seek jobs in multinational companies using their referrals. 
  5. ACCA certification is unlike any other traditional course. It allows you to get into finance specialisations of your choice. You will be able to pursue a diverse range of jobs and career options. 
  6. ACCA has members-only access to job boards that give you access to exclusive international jobs. 
  7. With ACCA, your profile has just got an instant value boost. The certification is globally recognized and is also prestigious and popular. You don’t have to pursue careers only in India but are equally qualified to seek international employment.
  8. You also get access to highly exclusive and premium study material for improving the value of your profile. You can learn about the latest rules, accounting standards, tax rules and more and use it as a continuing learning opportunity.  

What to Expect in ACCA Course?

An ACCA course will train you on relevant industry concepts and make you ready for a variety of job profiles. This course prepares individuals for a more strategic and leadership role. 

For instance, the course is well-structured with a focus on improving your strategic thinking capabilities, professional values and honing your technical and soft skills. 

Since the certification qualifies you for several roles, you are trained in all financial and accounting concepts thoroughly. 

The course covers management accounting and financial accounting concepts, preparing you for a financial analyst or a controller position. You can get senior-level roles in strategic or financial planning profiles. 

With this course, you also learn about taxation, auditing, and business law opening up careers in the manufacturing and IT sectors. You can make a career as an internal auditor, legal advisor, compliance officer, financial consultant or specialist. 

Advanced financial planning and strategic business reporting knowledge are ideally suited for profiles in risk management, credit manager, business advisor or even a CFO. 

What Makes IMS Proschool the Ideal Center of Excellence for ACCA courses?

IMS has been training and developing students for an enriching and successful career for more than 40 years. While crossing many milestones, IMS Proschool achieved yet another milestone in 2017 by becoming the official training partner for ACCA. 

Build your Resume with 6 Professionals Certifications:

The Global Professional accountant(GPA) course from IMS Proschool is a globally recognized certification offering a ‘Chartered Certified Accountant’ certificate for successful candidates. It is recognized in more than 180 countries and has 2,00,000 plus members. It is a great way to build a lasting career in accounting and finance for both freshers and experienced students. You can pursue this course along with graduation or while gaining work experience. 

Along with ACCA certification, this course from IMS Proschool helps you gain a,

  • Diploma in Accounting and Business. 
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business.
  • Strategic Professional Certification
  • And, Certificate from IMS Proschool, NSE Academy and NSDC

The GPA course trains you to take up strong leadership and management roles in highly sought-after companies and sectors, such as banking, finances, insurance and the Big Four. The exams, exemptions and eligibility vary from student to student based on their previous work experience or the lack of, and current qualification. 

For instance, a commerce graduate is eligible for 4 level exemptions and is required to sit for 9 exams. Whereas a fresher, without graduation, is required to sit for all 13 exams without any exemption. 

Best-in-class Teaching Methodology:

Our teaching methodology has always been one of our USPs. Our holistic and student-led learning approach and curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the variety of roles students can perform. Our faculty is from a spectrum of industry experts and professionals keen on passing on their knowledge and experience to the students. 

Knowledge through Active Learning:

We stress on giving students active learning tools so that they learn theoretical and practical concepts at their pace. Our ACCA study material has been designed to ensure students gain theoretical and practical knowledge of concepts. The concept of mentoring helps students take on leadership roles, and also reach personal goals. 

Flexible Dual-Mode Learning:

The flexible mode of learning – weekends, weekdays or fast-tracking – allows students to learn at their own pace and learning methods. The reason for providing both teacher-led and student-led learning is to encourage both freshers and experienced candidates to learn concepts thoroughly. 

Personal Mentorship:

IMS Proschool believes that with a personal mentor, students are keen to engage, develop strong interpersonal skills and expand their knowledge based on their mentor’s experience. Personal mentorship allows students to get all their doubts cleared at their convenience, build a network and gain useful insights into career development.

The Promise of Placement Assistance:

Most importantly, placement assistance is given to all students based on their preferences and skill. Moreover, we also provide an in-depth understanding of industry standards, mock interviews, and resume preparation assistance. 

It is the time to make smart career decisions!

Be smart and enrol in GPA from IMS Proschool.

A bright and successful career in finance and accounting in the UK is possible with an ACCA certification. Unlike other traditional courses that concentrate on increasing only your core subject knowledge, the ACCA is a well-structured course that focuses on domain knowledge, technical skills, ethics and communication proficiency. It is a course that develops your technical and fundamental knowledge and builds your career ground up.