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Batches Starting Every Month

Get Access To 700+ Core Finance Jobs


Free Module – Stock Market Analytics

Batches Starting Every Month

Get Access To 700+ Core Finance Jobs


Free Module On Stock Market Analytics

Investment Banking Course Overview

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn throughout the Course

What Students Have To Say About Our Investment Banking Course

Rushi Joshi - Investment Banking Course Student

I’ve enrolled for Investment banking program, and to be honest I am very happy with my decision and each and every faculty member at IMS Proschool is helpful. Even if you missed the lectures they make sure you don’t miss your studies and they take efforts to teach you again.

Rushi Joshi

Sagar Hiremath - Investment Banking Course Student

I had enrolled for Investment banking course and it was good decision to join IMS Proschool. All the faculty are very friendly and supportive. If you are looking for a career in finance field from any background IMS Proschool is highly recommended

Sagar Hiremath

Shahbaz Khan - Investment Banking Course Student

Had enrolled for PG in Investment banking. The course is well structured for someone who wishes to enter IB. The mock interviews and placement support really helped me to get my first job.

Shahbaz Khan

Who Should Enroll For The Investment Banking Course?

An investment banking course can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals, including those who are interested in pursuing careers in the financial sector, such as investment banking, private equity, venture capital, or asset management.

Some specific groups of people who may benefit from an investment banking course include:

  1. College students and recent graduates: Those studying business, finance, economics, or a related field can gain practical knowledge and skills that will prepare them for a career in investment banking or other financial roles.
  2. Professionals working in related industries: Individuals in fields like accounting, consulting, or corporate finance who want to transition into investment banking or improve their understanding of the industry can benefit from an investment banking course.
  3. Career Switchers: For those considering a career change into investment banking, a course can provide the basic knowledge and skills needed to make that transition. This includes people working in other areas of finance, such as accounting or financial planning, or even those from completely different fields who are interested in finance.
  4. Entrepreneurs and business owners: Gaining a deeper understanding of finance and investment banking principles can help entrepreneurs make better decisions related to fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, and business growth.

How We Help Our Students Master The Investment Banking Course!

We focus on personal career goals.

Active Learning Pedagogy

Engaging students through case studies, practical methods & problem solving

Learn From Finance Gurus

Our esteemed faculty members are masters in the domain with a combined industry experience of 30+ years. Get solutions for your doubts 24*7

Placement Oriented Case Studies

Students get to solve case studies from multiple industries helping them prepare for their interviews

Learn Financial Modelling Too

When you enroll for our Investment Banking course, you also master the core skill for all finance professionals – Financial Modelling. Also, get access to 700+ finance jobs

Upgrade To AICTE Approved PG

Post Completion of the course, you get an option to appear for AIMA’s AICTE Approved PG exams & get a PGCM in Investment Banking. Taking this option will then open the doors to a 1 Year MBA Program.

Get Core Finance Jobs

700+ Core finance Jobs in companies such as Deloitte, Axis Bank, Morningstar, Crisil, Motilal Oswal etc. are waiting for you. Our dedicated placement team will guide you thoroughly till the time you land your dream job.

Meet Your Course Faculty

Our faculty are all professionally qualified and have rich industry experience, essential for giving a practical context to concepts

Sameer Gunjal

CEO, Ennovate Research Investment
and Capital (Hedge Fund)

Yogesh Sakunia

Ex-CRISIL | CA | CIMA Level 1
of the CFA® program

Mushtaq Ali

18 Years of Experience in
Equity Research and FP&A

Investment Banking Certifications

Certificate from NSDC & IMS Proschool

The Investment Banking certification from NSDC & IMS Proschool indicates that you have undergone an extensive course focused on the integral skills associated with investment banking. This course usually encompasses topics like financial modeling, equity research, corporate finance, and mergers & acquisitions.

Having this certification on your resume can considerably enhance your career prospects if you’re aiming to enter or progress in the investment banking sector or a similar field. This certificate not only showcases your dedication to growing professionally, but it also proves that you’ve been trained by esteemed institutions that tailor their curriculum according to industry requirements.

Additional certificate from NISM

Enrolling in the Investment Banking course offered by IMS Proschool provides students with a wealth of knowledge and skills that prepare them to take and pass the NISM Securities Operations and Risk Management Certification exam.

This specific NISM Certification focuses on creating proficient professionals capable of understanding and effectively managing operational aspects and compliance issues in securities markets. The certification also delves into risk management strategies, an essential facet of maintaining the stability of financial systems.

Additional certificate from AIMA

By enrolling in the Investment Banking course at IMS Proschool, a student gains a deep understanding of key concepts and skills which prepare them to take the AIMA’s (All India Management Association) PGCM (Post Graduate Certificate in Management) exams. Upon successfully passing these exams, students earn the PGCM certification in Investment Banking.

This opportunity offered by IMS Proschool gives students an edge in the financial industry. Successfully obtaining the AIMA’s PGCM in Investment Banking demonstrates a student’s profound knowledge of investment banking principles and their commitment to professional growth in the financial sector.

Where Our Alumni Work

Get through this Financial Modeling quiz and wreck your brain for free


An Investment Banking course can be beneficial to finance students, professionals looking to switch careers, current investment bankers aiming to enhance their skills, entrepreneurs, individual investors, and anyone interested in the field of finance.

The Investment Banking course at IMS Proschool is designed to be completed in 6 months.

Yes, post completion of the course, students have the option to appear for either AIMA’s AICTE Approved PG exams and earn a PGCM in Investment Banking or NISM Securities Operations & Risk Management Certification.

Yes, IMS Proschool has a dedicated placement team that guides students until they secure their dream job. More than 700 core finance jobs in companies like Deloitte, Axis Bank, Morningstar, Crisil, Motilal Oswal, etc., await our students.

Job prospects after completing an Investment Banking course are generally good, with opportunities in investment banks, asset management firms, private equity firms, and other financial institutions. The specific roles can vary, ranging from financial analyst to portfolio manager to investment banking analyst, among others.

According to our research & experience, an investment banker at the beginning of their career can expect to make approximately INR 4-6 lakhs annually. As they gain experience, specifically around 4-9 years in the field, the average salary typically increases to about INR 12.4 lakhs per year. For seasoned investment bankers with a wealth of experience, around 10-20 years, the average annual salary is significantly higher, at approximately INR 42.1 lakhs.

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