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3000+ Aspirants Trained

Exam Pass Commitment*

900+ Hours Of Training

Placement opportunity after Level 1

3000+ Aspirants Trained

Exam Pass Commitment*

900+ Hours Of Training

Placement opportunity after Level 1

About CFA Prep Classes At Proschool

Embarking on the journey to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) requires dedication, a robust study plan, and access to high-quality education resources. Our CFA training program is meticulously crafted, focusing on the latest curriculum updates and incorporating essential tools like financial modeling and Python, ensuring our students are well-prepared for the evolving demands of the finance sector.

Here’s something that Proschool offers to its CFA students:

  1. Introductory Module (M0): For those new to finance or uncertain about pursuing CFA, our introductory module helps clear the basics and assess if this path aligns with their career aspirations.
  2. Customized Study Plans: Every candidate is unique, and we acknowledge this by offering a 6-month personalized study plan, with an additional 3 months dedicated to revision, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of all topics.
  3. Direct Pathway to Employment: Successfully completing Level 1 opens doors to job opportunities, as we guide our students in securing employment right after certification.
  4. Robust Practice Regime: To ensure our students are thoroughly prepared, we offer 5 mock exams and over 2000 practice questions, simulating the real exam environment.
  5. Support Beyond the Classroom: Access to an extensive library of resources & 24/7 doubt solutions by our faculty (Ask any of our students!)

The Flow of Learning CFA

Here’s how you can become a global financial analysis expert.

Syllabus Of The CFA Program

Subject Weightage
Ethical and Professional Standards 15 — 20%
Financial Statement Analysis 6-9%
Equity Investments 6-9%
Fixed Income 11-14%
Quantitative Methods 6-9%
Economics 8-12%
Corporate Issuers 11-14%
Derivatives 11-14%
Alternative Investments 5-8%
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning 7-10%
Subject Weightage
Ethical and Professional Standards 15 — 20%
Financial Statement Analysis 10-15%
Equity Investments 10–15%
Fixed Income 10–15%
Quantitative Methods 5-10%
Economics 5-10%
Corporate Issuers 5–10%
Derivatives 5–10%
Alternative Investments 5–10%
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning 10–15%
Subject Weightage
Ethical and Professional Standards 10–15%
Equity Investments 10–15%
Fixed Income 15–20%
Economics 5-10%
Derivatives 5–10%
Alternative Investments 5–10%
Portfolio Management 35–40%

Let’s Check If You Are Eligible For CFA!

According to the updated guidelines of The CFA Program,

  • Pre-final year students can appear for the CFA Level 1 exams. Meaning, if your graduation gets completed in 3 years, you can start preparing for the CFA Program in 1st year & sit for CFA Level 1 in 2nd year (pre-final year).
  • Final year students can appear for CFA Level 2 exams. That means, you can start preparing for Level 2 of the CFA Program in your 2nd year itself.
  • For attempting the CFA Level 3 exams, you must complete your graduation.

Why Proschool Is The Top Choice For CFA Classes In India?

We focus on personal career goals.

Exam Pass Commitment*

With Proschool’s CFA course, you can take advantage of unlimited revision and doubt-solving sessions if you don’t pass your exams.

Learn From CFA Gurus

Our CFA faculty members hold a combined industry experience of 30+ years. Get solutions for your doubts 24*7

Active Learning Pedagogy

Our one-of-a-kind system which engages students through case studies, practical methods & problem solving. Study in groups with like minded people.

Growth Support Mentors

Growth support mentors help to improve learning and enhance career aspirations as per the candidates’ potential.

Get Customized Learning Plan

Our faculty ensures that you get adequate time to learn all the CFA subjects in 6 months & revise all the subjects in 3 months.

Valuable Placement Assistance

IMS proschool and its network help you find the right internships during the course and the right kind of job roles after completion of the course.

Did you know, you might be eligible for the CFA Scholarships!

What Students Have To Say About Our CFA Classes

I can confidently say that enrolling in Proschool has been a wise decision, thanks to the outstanding professors and the exceptional management team. I highly recommend Proschool to anyone looking to clear the CFA exams with flying colours.

Dhrumeet Thakker

IMS Proschool is one of the best coaching institutes in Pune for CFA classes. They keep proper notes of each student’s progress. I would especially like to highlight Kavita Ma’am as she helps out in every way possible.

Prachi Dahiya

 I enrolled for their CFA level 1 classes. All the faculties who taught us are well experienced and very supportive. Mock tests that they provided helped me identify my strengths as well as topics which needed more efforts.

Nandhini R

Meet The CFA Faculty Shaping Future Financiers

Sameer Gunjal

CEO Ennavat Research Investment
and Capital (Hedge Fund)


CFA Level 1 Trainer | CA |CS | FRM

Manish Sachdev

CFA L1 Trainer|Technical Analysis Trainer|
Futures and Options Strategies Trainer

CFA Certifications

You become a CFA® charterholder after you successfully clear the CFA® Program level 3 exam and complete four years of relevant work experience.

CFA Institute 

In 1947, the institute was set up to offer world-class financial education to investment professionals. Since then, the organisation has spread across the globe, offering high-quality training to students in over 165 countries. The chartered financial analyst designation is recognised within the investment domain as a powerhouse certification. The course covers a variety of industry-specific subjects such as corporate finance, economics and financial analysis. There is also a high emphasis on ethics and professional standards. CFA Institute has come a long way in its mission to set an unmatched standard of financial excellence.

Fees For The CFA Program

Fees for the CFA Course is divided into 2 main parts – Exam Fees and Training Fees. Below Read the details of the CFA Exam Fees

  • Early Registration Fee – $940
  • Standard Registration Fee – $1,250
  • One-Time Enrollment Fee – $350
  • Rescheduling Fee – $250

The CFA exam fees are changing from 2025 attempt onwards as below:

Level Early Registration Standard Registration
Level I $990 $1290
Level II $990 $1290
Level III $1090 $1390

To Know About Training Fees & EMI Options

Get through this CFA quiz and wreck your brain for free


For Level I of the CFA Exam, the candidate will have to pay a one-time program enrollment fee of USD 350 apart from the Registration fees. The Registration fees for all the levels are the following:

  • Early Registration Fee – USD 940
  • Standard Registration Fee – USD 1250
  • Exam Rescheduling Fee – USD 250

You can start preparing for CFA Course by yourself. But, if you are someone who needs structured learning, faculty guidance to solve your doubts as and when you want, tips in passing exams or simply need some motivation in completing the CFA course on time, we seriously recommend that you join a good CFA institute.

At IMS Proschool, we make sure that you complete each subject on time and have sufficient time for revision. Not only that, you get 24*7 doubt solving faculty & study with peers who are adamant to pass CFA course.

Yes, now you can start preparing for CFA straight after 12th. And attempt your CFA level 1 exam in prefinal year. By the time you complete your graduation, you will be ready to appear for CFA level 3.

FYI, there are 5 scholarships that the CFA Institute offers. They are –

  1. Access Scholarship
  2. Women’s Scholarship
  3. Student Scholarship
  4. Professor Scholarship
  5. Regular Scholarship

To apply for these scholarships, candidates need to submit an application that includes their personal and professional background, their financial situation, and their motivation for pursuing the CFA program. Candidates also need to provide two professional references.

IMS Proschool will guide you with applying for the CFA Scholarships. Enroll Today.

Yes, students passing CFA Level 1 are eligible to get entry level jobs in core finance. Not only in India, you can appear for job interviews in foreign countries like Germany, USA, UK etc. also. Students enrolling with IMS Proschool get job & internship opportunities straight after CFA Level 1.

When searching for the best CFA classes, Proschool stands out with its comprehensive CFA Coaching program. Our curriculum is updated with the latest March 2023 CFA Institute updates, including Financial Modeling and Python.

With over 900+ hours of training, 5 mock exams, and 2000 practice questions, Proschool offers a robust platform for CFA preparation. Our faculty are CFA charter-holders, ensuring you receive expert guidance.

Additionally, we provide a customized 6-month study plan, job placement assistance after Level 1, and the unique Exam Pass Commitment for ongoing support. Classroom training is available in 10 cities, making Proschool a top choice for aspiring CFA candidates.

Yes, 7 months can be sufficient for CFA preparation, especially with a structured and focused study plan.

Proschool’s CFA program is designed to optimize your study time effectively. Our customized 6-month study plan covers all 10 subjects comprehensively, followed by 3 months dedicated to revision and practice exams.

This approach ensures that candidates have adequate time to grasp the material deeply, practice extensively, and refine their test-taking strategies, making 7 months a realistic timeframe to prepare for the CFA Level 1 exam.

Pursuing a CFA certification involves various costs, including registration fees, exam fees, and preparation materials. The average cost of pursuing CFA Program in India ranges between INR 1.8 Lakh to 2.5 Lakh including Exam fees, Training Fees & Study materials for each level.

While these costs can add up, investing in a CFA credential can significantly enhance your career prospects and earning potential in finance. The starting salaries after CFA Level 1 exams range between INR 5 Lakh to INR 8 Lakh Per Annum.

To reduce the financial burden, the CFA Institute also offers scholarships in many categories. Proschool would gladly help you apply for these scholarships.

Proschool offers a value-packed CFA training program that includes updated course materials, expert coaching, and extensive practice resources, providing a high return on investment.

Our Exam Pass Commitment further adds value by offering unlimited classroom and doubt-solving sessions if you need to retake the exams, making Proschool’s CFA coaching a wise financial decision for your future.

The CFA program does not impose an age limit for candidates. As long as you meet the professional or academic prerequisites set by the CFA Institute, you can register for the CFA exam.

This makes the CFA credential accessible to a wide range of individuals, from recent graduates to seasoned professionals looking to bolster their credentials in finance. Proschool’s CFA training is designed to support learners at any stage of their career, providing the tools, knowledge, and support needed to succeed on the CFA journey, regardless of age.

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