Excel Training

Training workshops of 15 hrs on basics of excel with case studies

Suitable for: Admin professionals

Advance Excel Training with VBA & Macros

Handing advance excel tools and functions for reducing time

Suitable for: professionals already using excel and want to upgrade the application

Financial Modeling Training

Learn end to end how to build a decision making model from scratch:

Suitable for: Equity research associates, Project finance professionals and management level executives

Advance Financial Modeling- Specific Sector

Sector specific modelling in Investment banking and Project finance

Suitable for: Training new joinees on introduction to the specific sector modeling

Finance for Non Finance- Financial Services foundation

Basic introduction to financial services industry:

Suitable for: Training non domain professionals for finance

Business Analytics with Python or R

Business analytics training with stats introduction and alogrithms to solve business problems

Suitable for: companies implementing data science

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing workshop with a hands on experience

Suitable for: Colleges training students for digital marketing skill as well as companies training employees for awareness of the working process of digital marketing


Proschool has one or multiple training centers in seven cities. These centers have well-equipped, air conditioned classrooms. Each classroom can typically seat 30 students and number of classrooms at centers ranges from a minimum of three to six. We will soon be expanding to top 20 cities in the country.

About Us

IMS Proschool along with its Parent organization has trained more than 3 lakh candidates for different competitive exams and professional course such as the CFA® Program, the CFP Certification, CIMA, CPA etc

Proschool has trained more than 20,000 employees of different financial organizations on Financial Analysis, Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Equity Research, Management Accounting etc.

IMS Proschool is the Official Prep provider of CFA Institute