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Get Job Ready In 3 Months

Learn To Run Your Own Campaigns

Earn 4-6 LPA Starting Salary

Learn From Agency Specialists

Get Job Ready In 3 Months

Learn To Run Your Own Campaigns

Earn 4-6 LPA Starting Salary

Learn From Agency Specialists

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Batches start every 30 days  | Taught in Offline mode  | 7+ hrs of faculty-led training every week

Student Testimonials

IMS Proschool’s Digital Marketing specialisation is a superb structure. This is an excellent base for someone keen to pursue a career in digital marketing or is already part of the industry but looking to expand his knowledge horizon.

Sharique Khan

Being from a traditional marketing background, it is critical to acquire and master new tricks as the times change. The manner in which the lectures and modules were delivered sparked my interest in digital marketing and greatly aided in gaining technical and professional confidence. The course content is broad and deep enough to provide you with hands-on experience. So, if you want to pursue a profession in digital marketing, I don’t believe there is a better place to look than IMS ProSchool.

Abhay Gala

Very good service. Top notch faculty and classrooms .A different approach for the digital marketing courses offered, covering each session with live practice.

Princy Xavier


There is no set criteria for eligibility for our digital marketing course. You can be a graduate in any industry. Digital marketing courses need passion and interest in this field and no formal education related to marketing is necessary.

6 Reasons To Choose IMS Proschool For Your Digital Marketing Journey.

Get Job Ready In 3 Months

Learn everything you need for your 1st digital marketing job. From SEO to Performance Marketing, we make sure that no stone’s left unturned in your training.

Get Classroom Advantage

We have 10+ centres all over India. Visit us at your convenience

Apply to 100s of jobs curated by us

We are constantly searching for and verifying jobs that match skills learned by our students.

Resume building

Having a solid resume is essential to get noticed by hiring personnel. Our career services provide proper guidance to all students so that they can create solid resumes and cover letters.

Aptitude Test prep

Most candidates fail this round due to either lack of practice or awareness of the interview process. We help candidates overcome psychological and aptitude gaps before facing this round.

Interview skills

Personality fit and technical knowledge are the final tests. We help you work on communication and interview skills and guide you in showcasing your technical skills in an interview context.

Where Our Alumni Work

Our Alumni are all placed in reputed firms in high positions due to the knowledge and skills gained from this course.


Certificate from Proschool

Awarded on completing the course & submitting the final project. Proschool’s Digital Marketing course also prepares you for passing certifications by Google, Facebook, Hubspot, and LinkedIn

Meet Your Expert Faculty

You will be trained by digital marketing experts who are passionate about teaching and marketing.

Dwij Kumar

MICA Alumni | Digital Strategist

Bhumish Sheth

MICA Alumni | Digital Marketer | Co-founder – Zimble Digital

Get through this Digital Marketing quiz and wreck your brain for free


The difficulty of a digital marketing course can vary based on your familiarity with marketing concepts and your comfort with digital technology. If you’re someone who can navigate social media with your eyes closed and loves diving into what makes people click (literally), you might find it easier than a crossword puzzle on a lazy Sunday.

But if you’re still figuring out how to send an email without attaching unintentional selfies, you may have a steeper hill to climb. It’s all about your perspective and willingness to learn new skills.

Absolutely! Your BCom degree has already introduced you to the world of commerce and business, which is a great foundation for diving into digital marketing. Think of it as adding masala to Maggi—it just makes it better. Digital marketing is a versatile field that welcomes people from all educational backgrounds, especially those who have a knack for understanding business and market dynamics.

For a fresh-off-the-boat digital marketer in India, you might expect a salary that could range from ₹2,00,000 to ₹5,00,000 annually as a starting point. It’s like the opening bid in an auction—it can go up significantly with experience, skills, and a track record of successful campaigns.

Keep in mind that this figure can vary based on the city, the size and type of the company, and the specific role you’re taking on.

Before you leap into the digital marketing pool, it’s good to have a few swimming skills to keep you afloat:

  • Communication Skills: Being able to express your ideas clearly is like having a good chai recipe; it makes everything better.
  • Basic Writing Ability: You don’t need to be Shakespeare, but being able to write a coherent email is key.
  • Comfort with Technology: You should be more at ease with technology than your dad is with his smartphone.
  • Analytical Thinking: If you can look at numbers and figure out why last week’s “Paav Bhaji” post got more likes than this week’s “Biryani” post, you’re good to go.
  • Creativity: A dash of creativity is the spice that can make your campaigns stand out in the digital market bazaar.
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