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Get Job Ready In 3 Months

Earn While
You Learn

Complete Alongside Graduation

3 Days Weekday Program

Get Job Ready In 3 Months

Earn While
You Learn

Complete Alongside Graduation

3 Days Weekday Program

HR Course Syllabus

  • Talent planning cycle,
  • Recruitment process,
  • Interviewing skills,
  • Offer letters and documentation,
  • Onboarding
  • Compensation theories,
  • Salary elements,
  • Salary designing and calculations,
  • Statutory benefits,
  • Reports and payroll.
  • Training and development needs and design,
  • Performance measurement and appraisals,
  • Monitoring and decision making

What Students Have To Say About Proschool

It has been a wonderful experience for me. I really appreciate and want to thank the efforts and assistance of the mentor & team. They ensure each student gets proper attention.

Nishi Garg

IMS Proschool is really good as the faculty is very supportive &  even the technical  coordinator  is very polite and the teaching skills and knowledge is so good.

Tamanna Garg

I recently had a fantastic experience with IMS Proschool, and I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking professional coaching. Their commitment to providing comprehensive resources and pre-recorded classes greatly contributed to my success.

Anurag Chaudhuri

Eligibility For The HR Associate Course

Anyone pursuing their graduation & is eager to make a career in HR is eligible to pursue this course.

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Where Our Alumni Work

Our qualified professionals are trained to handle different strategic roles like a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in a multinational firm.

Why IMS Proschool Is One Of The Best Coaching In India?

We focus on personal career goals.

Fast-Track Your HR Ambitions

Eager to climb the HR ladder quickly? Our certification course is the rocket fuel for your career aspirations. Get ready to stand out in the job market!

A Curriculum That Means Business

Dive into a curriculum that’s as real as it gets. From talent acquisition to payroll wizardry, learn the HR ropes from those who know them best.

Earn While You Learn

Who says you can’t make some cash while mastering HR? With our paid internship, get hands-on experience — and a paycheck that says ‘Thank you for showing up!

Interview Assurance

Complete your course and walk straight into an interview. It’s your open door to the HR world. We’re talking about a genuine job opportunity with your name on it!

Flexibility is Our Middle Name

Busy bee? No worries. Choose from online or in-class sessions in Mumbai, Pune, and more. Learn on your terms and on your turf.

Wisdom from the Frontlines

Learn the HR secrets directly from financial wizards. Our instructors don’t just teach – they’re in the field, shaping the future of HR.


Looking for the cream of the crop? Our HR Associate Certification Course is the toast of the town. It’s a comprehensive, hands-on program with a paid internship to boot. No fluff, just the good stuff to make your resume shine!

Absolutely! If you’re a people person with a knack for organization and strategy, HR is your calling. It’s a dynamic field where no two days are the same, and you can genuinely make a difference in people’s work lives. Plus, every industry needs HR, so the world’s your oyster!

Jumping into HR is as easy as pie. Check out our HR Associate Certification Course. All it takes is a simple enrollment process, and you’re set to begin. You can sign up online or at one of our local centers. We’ll guide you every step of the way!

Not at all! While an MBA can open doors, it’s not a must-have for breaking into HR. Our certification course is tailored to give you the practical skills and knowledge you need, MBA or not. So, don’t sweat it — you can still rise to the top!

Of course! With a BA, you’re already in the game. Our course is designed to complement your degree with specific HR expertise. So, bring your BA smarts, and we’ll teach you the HR magic.

BCom grad? Welcome aboard! Your background in commerce is a fantastic foundation for the financial aspects of HR like compensation and benefits. With our certification course, you’ll add all the HR-specific skills you need to your toolkit. Let’s turn that BCom prowess into HR excellence!

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