Why Become A Data Scientist?

If you have been living under a rock for the past ten years, you would probably be tempted to ask the above question. The world of big data has unleashed a very intriguing type of professional in the corporate world. To those out of the loop, big data can be difficult to comprehend in large quantities. Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes are generated thanks to the billions of internet users around the world. This figure is only going to get bigger. 

You need data science to decode complex, unorganised data. A certified data scientist is qualified to convert raw data into nuggets of insightful wisdom on which you can build a business. They can analyse the information received from big data to make strategic decisions that help a company achieve their objectives. To get into this highly in-demand role, you need technical knowledge, domain expertise and an analytical mind. Corporations are well aware of the valuable contribution of data scientists to their business and compensate them handsomely. It’s one of the reasons why data science is one of the hottest professions today. And a simple answer to the question, why choose data science?

Job Responsibilities Of A Data Scientist 

  • Transform a large amount of unstructured data into an accessible format.
  • Use data-backed tools and methods to solve technical business problems. 
  • Have the skills and knowledge to use analytical tools and coding languages.
  • Efficiently communicate your recommendations to team members and clients.
  • Look for trends and patterns in the data findings and suggest insights to improve business efficacy. 
  • Use predictive analysis to make better business decisions for the future. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Become A Data Scientist 

The generation that grew up believing a doctor or engineer was the only career path to take will not understand the value data science holds today. To them, it might seem confusing. They want to know why students pick data science as a career option when they can opt for more traditional professions. 

So here are five reasons that explain the merits of getting a data science certification and why you should choose data science.

  1. There Is A Large Demand For Data Scientists 

A data professional is a computer expert, mathematician and business analyst all rolled into one perfect package. You have a head for information technology and a passion for business strategy. It’s an ideal combination for companies who want to set up e-commerce sites or cultivate data online. Data science training enables you to help these organisations optimise their operations. You can use data-based statistics to help them improve their performance going ahead. This level of expertise is highly sought after, and the demand is only going to increase even further. It’s one of the reasons why becoming a data scientist is so important in today’s corporate landscape.

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  1. It Has Tremendous Earning Potential 

Why choose data science when you can become anything else? The answer is that the job offers lucrative opportunities and immense career growth. Freshers can get started with a salary of Rs 5 lakhs a year. After three years of experience, data scientists can earn Rs 10 lakhs per annum. Around the five-year mark, many professionals see the annual figure jump to Rs 15 lakhs. As you rise in your job profile, so does your income. More established data scientists easily take home around Rs 20 to 30 lakhs every year. It helps if you have good negotiation skills. Also, the salaries depend on the type of company and the location of the job. Metro cities pay more, while multi-national companies offer better bonuses. But safe to say, you will earn well. Still wondering why to choose data science as a career?

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  1. There Are Great Opportunities For Growth 

Every industry can benefit from using data science, whether it’s manufacturing, healthcare, auto, retail or finance. Organisations can make smart, data-backed decisions to achieve their targets. As more people log online and more data is collected, the possibilities for data science are limitless. According to a report by LinkedIn, data science has become the world’s fasted-growing profession, with demand increasing by 650 per cent since 2012. By 2026, data science is expected to be a $230 billion industry. 

In India, experts predict that there could be over 10 million job opportunities for data scientists by 2026. There’s no question why data science as a career can be very lucrative.

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  1. Data Science Has Several Job Profiles 

Data scientists are trained in a wide range of skills to perform a number of technical tasks. They learn how to leverage data, make better strategic decisions and create better solutions for the future. However, particular skillsets are needed for specific job profiles, such as: 

Data engineer — creates a framework that helps to store and retrieve data. 

Data architect — is responsible for the structure of the database and streamlining various data sources.

Statistician — uses various statistical methods to understand and analyse data. 

Data analyst — uses analytical tools to help businesses develop and grow.

These roles are multifaceted and unique. You can pick and choose according to where your talents and interests lie. 

  1. Receive Job Satisfaction 

It is an incredibly exciting time to be in data science. As the industry is rapidly advancing, there is so much potential for incorporating state-of-the-art technology and innovative AI. 

There are many fields in data science, such as serverless computing, predictive analysis and edge computing. All of them are upping the ante in the data industry. You have a chance to be on the cutting edge of new development and make a valuable contribution to this growing field. Plus, the salaries compensate for your efforts fairly well. Just a few reasons why people choose data science as a career. 

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As one of the top ten data analytics institutions in India, IMS Proschool has a reputation for offering comprehensive programs taught by industry experts. They have tied up with Jain University to provide a holistic post-graduate course in data science for aspiring professionals. Experienced faculty members teach core concepts and technical skills so that students fully understand each subject. 

The course uses active learning methods and hands-on training to engage students. Proschool ensures this program helps people realise why they should choose data science as a career. 

Course highlights: 

  • There are two semesters in the program. 
  • Practical application is one of the key elements for learning. 
  • The course also works for students who don’t have any coding experience. 
  • Several Proschool coaching centres in India offer the PG course in data science.
  • You can also register for online classes.
  • Multiple learning resources are available, such as practice papers, mock tests, and prep books. 
  • The institute also has a placement portal and interview grooming for students who have completed the program. 

In Conclusion

Now, you have five good reasons the next time someone asks you why become a data scientist. It’s a buzzing and exciting field filled with many rewarding opportunities. There is a huge demand for data scientists but not enough supply. If you are a certified data professional, now is an excellent time to forge ahead and prove to everyone why data science as a career is an excellent choice. 

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