6 Most Important Benefits of ACCA Course

You can ace EVERY accounting job interview! 


No, there is no magic potion or a wand that can help you do that. 

Yet, there is a way – a sure way – to get noticed and valued at job interviews. 

(Start the drum roll already)

We are talking about the ACCA certification. 

An ACCA certification can open a vast number of career opportunities at the top organisations. It gets you through the door and makes sure you ace the interview and make a career for yourself at the top level. 

Want to know more? We have the complete scoop on ACCA and how it will help you take your professional career to the next level.

For the uninitiated, let’s quickly introduce the ACCA course from IMS Proschool before we share the benefits, course details and jobs profiles available to ACCA professionals. 

A Brief Overview of ACCA

An ACCA or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a global accounting body that provides aspiring and experienced professionals with the needed exposure, expertise and practical experience in core accountancy and finance concepts. 

The ACCA is a global accounting body in over 180 countries and has more than 200,000 active members. The level of knowledge transfer done through ACCA certification is almost unparalleled as it is both standardised and dynamic in all aspects. 

To become an ACCA member, you should:

  • Complete 13 examinations (Students might be eligible to an exemption up to 9 exams based on their previous educational qualification)
  • Have 36 months relevant work experience (Students can acquire the work experience during, before or after the qualification)
  • Complete Ethics and Professional Skills module

When you pass all the mandatory examinations, you will be able to become a member of the prestigious ACCA group and a Certified Chartered Accountant. 

What Makes ACCA a Coveted Certification?

You’ve most likely heard that ACCA is a coveted certification that opens the doors for you and allows you to choose the room you would like to enter. 

Ok, that was a little dramatic! 

But realistically, ACCA certification gives you the freedom to select any field of specialisation of your preference, negotiate better salary packages and get the opportunity to work at the most prominent global organisations. 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, there is still more. 

The best part is that although globally recognized, ACCA certification is treated as equal to local accounting qualifications in almost all countries. It essentially means that you can bag a lucrative and career-building job at any international organisation regardless of the location.

With ACCA certification under your belt, you have the eligibility to work in domestic and international settings with equal professional respectability and career growth. There have been instances of many local students who bagged incredible international positions thanks to ACCA certification. 

How has ACCA Certification helped Students Achieve their Career Goals?

Multinational companies no longer choose candidates with a highly narrow job profile or skill set. They are now seeking candidates with a range of technical and practical knowledge. They look for candidates with both the technical and core domain knowledge, interpersonal communication, and ethical qualities. The GPA or Global Professional Accountant program from IMS Proschool trains candidates precisely on these parameters. 

Generally, not every commerce or accountancy student can ace the CA examinations simply because they do not get the minimum required aggregate percentage or rigid study format. The GPA program helps them become Global Chartered Accountants by providing complete ACCA study material and upskilling with other relevant courses. 

As a student, you get to improve your subject knowledge expertise in areas such as Business and Technology, Financial and management accounting, taxation, auditing, corporate law, strategic business planning, and advanced performance management. Additionally, you will also be required to complete an ethical and professional module. 

The GPA course prepares you for practical and real-world problems and assesses you based on your approach, strategic thinking, core subject knowledge, and communication skill. 

Benefits of Studying for ACCA Certification

An ACCA certification gives you global exposure, recognition and opportunities to excel in your chosen field. With this certification, it is easier to climb your career ladder from just about anywhere. Besides a promising career, ACCA certification provides a lifetime of experience, knowledge, networking and support.

  1. Global Exposure

ACCA is one of the world’s fastest-growing bodies of accountants who have been instrumental in building today’s business world. ACCA has more than 233,000 qualified members working in every sector imaginable. 

With more than 536,000 future members, this is one big growing organisation. Becoming a prestigious organisation’s membership is no easy task. But the international exposure you get can catapult your career to great heights. 

Along with global exposure, you can also benefit from the international opportunities that come your way. Thanks to the strong group of members, you might qualify for ACCA job roles in the UK or Singapore. Whether you decide to set shop, your ACCA qualification will still be valid.

  1. A Robust Foundation 

ACCA course is open to graduates, school-passed candidates, experienced professionals seeking promotions, or simply making a career move. Regardless of where you start, your journey will also be based on a solid foundation of core concepts and subject knowledge. 

You will be able to gain critical finance and accounting skills, managerial abilities, communication expertise, and technical know-how. 

Being a foremost accounting and finance education program, ACCA also focuses on developing you as an ethical and professional accountant. It follows strict ethics and corporate accountability standards. The ethical strength of the candidate is assessed to note whether they are making fast ethical decisions without falling under peer pressure. 

  1. Well-structured Program 

ACCA is a comprehensive program that provides extensive knowledge of accounting and finance concepts. It also covers other crucial topics needed to excel in any chosen field of accountancy, such as managerial, strategic and analytical modules. 

As a finance professional, you will be expected to have the latest rules, laws and amendments at your fingertips. But is that even possible when you do a standard accountancy course? Of course, not. ACCA course keeps you updated with the latest news on tax laws, new rules and regulations needed to perform all accounting jobs. 

Since the course is structured to suit students’ career aspirations, it covers various topics that help you achieve a lucrative position in an organisation or become an entrepreneur. 

Is having a certification in finance or accounting enough? Certainly not. That’s precisely why the ACCA course also has a mandatory communication, ethics, and professionalism module for all students. As a Chartered Certified Accountant, you can get placed in the top business and industry sectors working in various domains. Some of which are:

  • Internal or external auditors
  • Financial and management accountants
  • Tax accountant
  • Compliance Officer
  • Credit control and risk management
  • Financial analyst
  • Treasurer
  • CFO 

As an ACCA, you will be trained to handle many corporate finance domains – tax, strategic planning, budgeting, and accounting. Along with the domain-specific knowledge, technical, communication and management skills are also provided. 

Since ACCA is a global accreditation, you can get placed in any country and domain of your choosing – MNCs, Banks, Not-for-Profit organisations, or start your business.

To Know About ACCA Exemptions

  1. Better Growth Opportunities

Naturally, a large and growing group of prolific accountants will not design a sub-standard course. And ACCA is one such course developed in collaboration with industry leaders and business magnates. 

So, the entire course is filled with practical business and finance information that improves your core concepts. Moreover, you will also be subject to various other tests such as communication, strategic planning and technical skills.

Your resume gets a value boost when you have GPA qualifications, and with it, you’ll be able to explore several high-end career opportunities. The chance of getting placed in the senior strategic management level at international organisations also increases. 

  1. Lifetime Support and Networking

ACCA has a vast global member infrastructure that acts as a support for all aspiring financial professionals. Once you qualify for ACCA certification, you will be able to find help in support among your peers in this group. 

A community of equals and like-minded professionals is a huge help, especially when looking for international positions or a change in career aspirations. 

  1. Higher Salary 

Of course, a course like the GPA puts you in a higher salary bracket in jobs. ACCA qualification allows you to negotiate a higher salary and boosts your earning potential. Certainly, you won’t double your salary overnight, but you will be sitting pretty in a position where you deserve a better paying job. 

How does a GPA from IMS Proschool help Shape your Professional Future?

You know that you have what it takes to soar high in your chosen professional career. We understand that, but do you know that a few courses can catapult your career higher and make your profession more rewarding and progressive. 

One such course is the GPA or Global Profession Accountant, a comprehensive course that includes ACCA certification and Financial modelling course.

We will walk you through each of the benefits.

  • Why is GPA a Complete Professional Solution?

The GPA certification is a comprehensive professional program explicitly designed for ACCA. With GPA under your belt, you are uniquely qualified on all the concepts provided under ACCA and getting financial modelling training and certification and practical training on the use of excel tools. 

The training methodology is designed in such a way that you get exposure to various accounting and finance topics such as,

  • Management accounting
  • Business and technology
  • Auditing and reporting
  • Taxation
  • Corporate and business laws
  • Strategic business planning
  • Advanced performance management

What makes GPA from IMS Proschool different from the rest of the institutes that offer accounting courses is that GPA includes ACCA certification and training in other diverse value-building skills. 

This comprehensive course is an exclusive course designed for ACCA, and based on your prior experience and qualification, you might be exempt from specific examinations. The course focuses on training you and not teaching you. It provides students with ample practical examples so that students can apply their knowledge to real-world problems. 

  • Global Scope of GPA

ACCA is a global certification accepted and valued by more than 179 countries. 

This certification acts as a foundation for a global career in international companies. You can take up senior management level positions at the top global organisations. Moreover, the pay package commanded by Global Professional Accountants is undoubtedly 50% higher than those without professional certifications. 

  • Upskilling Certifications

GPA combines ACCA certification and other critical skill-enhancing certifications such as Financial Modelling from NSE Academy. This upskilling certification can help you develop insightful financial models, judge the quality of models and gain valuable insights into the strategic planning of businesses. 

The Financial Modelling course also provides training on using tools such as excel, model preparation, reporting and analysis, business valuation and research. The financial modelling course can increase the value of your resume manifold as it makes you professionally ready for a job from the word go. 

  • Get Mentored by the Experts

IMS Proschool has some prolific industry experts on its faculty boards for all courses. Some experienced professionals provide the extra advantage of learning with industry experts. 

Their great academic background and practical knowledge help students understand the concepts clearly and thoroughly. Moreover, the course is structured so that it encourages students to learn the concepts at their own pace by applying their knowledge to solve most problems. 

  • Get your Admission – Enhance your knowledge – Get Placed.

The admission policy of IMS Proschool is pretty simple. It is crucial to submit all documents – educational and professional – that are submitted during the time of admission. 

Students are free to attend a demo better to understand the course, fees, timing and curriculum. It helps students align the course curriculum with their career aspirations and make better-informed decisions about the right path for their particular needs. 

Are you ready to transform your Accounting career with the ACCA course?

It is time to make the right career-transforming course. The GPA course from IMS Proschool combines ACCA course and Financial Modelling to provide students with the most comprehensive professional course. It is easy to get the international job you’ve always wanted with the GPA certification.