Are you in the final year of graduation? If yes, then you must be roaring to land a sexy and exciting job that will lead you to a successful career. Although most of the fresh graduates nowadays are attracted to jobs that have sex appeal of the latest start-ups, what they fail to recognize is that there are many other career paths which may not look sexy at first glance but based on their skills if they pursue these careers then they are sure to achieve success along with fat paycheck. In this article, we will discuss 7 such exciting career options that can help you to land a super sexy job profile.

Healthcare SERVICEs

Thinking about an exciting career and how can you not think of healthcare services. With ever-evolving regulatory compliance coupled with an ageing population, it is set to make the healthcare industry a high-growth industry for years to come. It can be one of the most stable job profile for entry-level roles because these jobs are relatively secure and fulfilling. Few of the exciting and yet stable career options falling under the healthcare industry are discussed below.

  1. Surgery (Median Salary: $254,329)

If you have chosen to be a surgeon then you are in luck as it is one of the highest paid career options. Nevertheless, the pay is well deserved because to be a surgeon you need to have 10-12 years of education from college to medical school to a residency and once you are a surgeon you will be responsible for the lives of many. With almost nil unemployment rate, the career of a surgeon should surely feature in your top-notch career option.

Psychiatrist (Median Salary: $194,507)

Another healthcare profile that is also lucrative is that of Psychiatrist (aka doctors of mental health). Jokes apart, but psychiatrists also have to go through rigorous medical education which includes years in residency. As a psychiatrist, you will be prescribing medicine, which in itself entails more schooling years and at times the workload can be pretty demanding. Mental health is a part of physical health and therefore you get paid at par with a medical doctor.

  1. Physician (Median Salary: $173,953)

One of the common phrases we come across is “Are you feeling well today? Do you need to see a doctor?” Although we might have failed to notice, but when we say we are going to a doctor, more often than not we actually refer to a physician (the doctor for general care of people). Given the increasing human ailments, physicians are always in demand and as such make a lot of money, which can go up to $200,000. But just like other high paying jobs, physicians also have to spend a lot of time in school and working in residencies, while the working hours can be long and demanding.

Financial services

The financial service industry can also be another money spinner with abundant opportunities expected in the coming few years. This industry entails anything from payment processing to managing assets for some big private equity, and as such as a young worker you can align your personal passions with your professional success. Not to forget that a career in finance can be exceptionally rewarding and as an entry-level worker itself you can help your parents to plan their retirement. Few of such rewarding career options under the financial industry have been discussed below.

  1. Actuary (Median Salary: $83,620)

Well if you have opted for actuarial science then you must know that it is a highly specialized branch of accounting that needs you to master the concepts of accounting, statistics and business. An actuarial profile finds its application in the analysis of risk for various financial institutions like banks, insurance companies, government agencies etc. So, I believe you have come in terms with the gravity of the job. Now as far as the academics are concerned, it requires several years of higher education and if you are someone who has a special liking for mathematics, then actuary is one of the best jobs out there for you. Further, there is always a dearth of qualified actuaries which means that a well-trained actuary can pretty much guarantee a healthy paycheck.

  1. Financial Analyst (Median Salary: $70,095)

The job of a financial analyst can be both interesting and challenging as it includes analysis of business finances based on examination of the investments, cash flow etc of the past and future expectations. You will be making a recommendation to wealthy individuals or big private equity firm based on the analysis. So, it is clear that you will be responsible for others’ money and as such you are able to charge a hefty salary for that. But becoming a financial analyst is not a cake walk as it requires several years of education and a business degree. The earning potential of this profile has been growing at an above average rate lately, with solid median income and significant growth potential.

Software applications

If you have a strong inclination towards technology then you can pursue the career of a software developer or coder. Given that almost all industries are moving towards automation of essential business systems, the demand for students with computer science degrees has grown high. These tech-savvy young recruits can help in translation of the computers codes to the non-technical audience. Some of the key job profiles under software applications are discussed below.

  1. Computer Network Architect (Median Salary: $116,408)

In the 21st century, a computer network architect is a crucial part of keeping businesses afloat. If you chose the profile of computer network architect then you will be looking after designing of data communication networks, which may range from a small company’s intranet to the vast cloud network of a multinational company. Consequently, it is a job with a huge responsibility and it requires at least a master’s degree.

  1. Software Developer (Median Salary: $69,411)

The job of a software developer may seem a bit geeky, but it is a lot more than that as it includes overseeing the development process of a computer program until the product hits the market. In this profile, you may work either as a manager or directly as a programmer, depending on the complexity of the project. For this profile, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering. In some companies, you may even need a master’s degree. Nevertheless, given the growth potential and the ever-growing demand for software developers, it can be a sexy profile to start with as a fresh college graduate.


The job market at entry-level can be tricky as it continues to swing with the economy, and as such, each year could be a different scenario. But the college graduates should not be swayed by the short term swings but should rather target the career with long term success potential. Further, today’s job seekers have an abundance of job opportunities to match their skill, passion and experience, and with extremely rewarding and fulfilling careers in fields that they never knew existed. Hope this article will help you in shaping your career by landing an exciting and lucrative job.