The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) exam is one of the most highly reputed exams in India. Over the past few years, ACCA India has managed to garner much recognition across the country. As the ACCA certification is new here in India, students are curious to know about the career path and job prospects of ACCA in India. Keep reading, to get insights on the job opportunities and career path after ACCA. Also, know details about potential recruiters and ACCA Salary in India. Further, to understand ACCA in more depth, Click Here


ACCA certification in India – your career path

As we all know, the ACCA qualification is equivalent to CA (ICAI) certification in India. However, the CA qualification is a bit too difficult to get through. However, the CA qualification is a must if you wish to work in one of the Indian firms, start your own business, or become a partner in a CA firm. That’s so because an Indian CA would have thorough knowledge about the taxes, laws, Indian economy, policies, etc.

Similarly, if you aspire to work abroad, then ACCA becomes a compulsory qualification. ACCA job opportunities are available across Australia, UK, Singapore, Dubai, etc. If you are looking to get an expert guidance on how ACCA can help you get international jobs, you can enquire here. Besides, students who would like to have experience and comprehensive knowledge within the finance domain, ACCA works big time.

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What are the ACCA career opportunities?

There are multiple ACCA career opportunities available worldwide. Apart from an accountant, an ACCA professional can work as a management consultant, financial planner, and so on. To understand ACCA in more depth, Click Here.

It is not possible for an ACCA to pursue auditing in India. That’s because an ACCA India has no authority for signing and hence he cannot mark his signature on audit reports. Similarly, he cannot set up his own auditing firm as well. However, ACCA India professional can carry out auditing job in the UK.

ACCA India job opportunities and ACCA salary in India

Over the past few years, ACCA India job opportunities have increased exponentially. With the growth of more and more MNCs and Big 4 companies, there has been a steer rise in jobs for ACCA professionals.

Likewise, as more number of students are becoming aware of ACCA and its benefits, the demand for the certification exam has increased in the industry.

With such an influx, it is being predicted that India could easily become one of the biggest global markets for ACCA. As such, the Indian economy is on the path of growth and globalization. Due to which, even MNCs and larger international companies are turning towards India to seek professional accountants and ace finance experts.

ACCA salary in India is considerably equivalent to that of a CA professional. An individual with ACCA qualification can earn an average salary of up to INR 8 lac p.a. The payscale generally ranges between INR 4 lac p.a. To INR 15 lac p.a. It could go higher too, depending upon candidate’s skills, company’s demands, competition, etc. If you are looking to get an expert guidance on ACCA salary in India, you can enquire here

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Which companies are hiring ACCA in India?

ACCA qualified individuals get easily placed at Big 4 companies like EY, PwC, Deloitte, and KPMG. MNCs including Tata Grant Thornton, Embassy Group, and Pepsico as well recruit ACCA India professionals. Apart from that, Accenture, HSBC, and Shalimar Paints also do look for accountants having ACCA certification.

Currently, there are more than 180,000 members and around 490,000 students from over 170 countries, associated with ACCA. As the popularity of ACCA is increasing, we can see more enrollments and job opportunities for the qualification. To understand ACCA in more depth, Click Here.

ACCA is also very popular as it provides end-to-end knowledge on IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), which again is useful worldwide. That’s why, ACCA offers great scope and job opportunities not only in India but around the world.