5 Thriving B2B AdWords Strategies Companies Must Follow

It can be challenging for many B2B businesses in competitive niches, to efficiently run Adwords campaign. The foremost objective is mainly to enhance the quality score while simultaneously managing the expenses.

AdWords is not being used effectively yet in most of the businesses, which leads to loss of money, which makes it difficult for businesses to figure out what to target for conversion for the better result.

AdWords marketplace is a complex field for several B2B companies. Usually, such businesses are characterized by low search volumes and remarkably high competition for a few search terms, which provides notably high Cost Per Click (CPC).

Rather than wasting marketing funds on costly yet inefficient advertising, below are the five useful points which can help you to increase your reach.

1. Negative Keywords at first

The very first step in this process is to find out the words that trigger your ads, which can be done using a Search Terms Report, which would allow you to cast out the negative keywords.

In this instance, there are two parts; irrelevant searches and unqualified searches. If you use a comprehensive term, people conducting searches may plunge across your ad, costing you a spot without any ROI.

Irrelevant search: This helps people to search information related to your business or product. Make sure to dodge off a non-specific word like butter, when you are selling peanut butter to avoid irrelevant search which wastes your budget.

Unqualified Searches: This will prevent your search from people, who are not much likely to buy but might cost you for a click. Let us take an example of a person who is looking for an online course, you can use keywords like course, class, learn, book, tutorial

To make your campaign effective it is important to start using the Keyword Planner.

2. Deliberate Remarketing

Don’t let the customers go away without buying if they are already in your conversion list, target them with the benefit you offer, for example giving out discounts, or providing the coupons or other offers to the customers who have kept their carts full.

It is better to keep your campaign creative and short because elongated campaigns might take away the customer’s interest. There are four important C’s of Remarketing which will help your campaign to make a difference and they are; Content, Cookie duration, Creative and Context.

If you want to gain a conversion, don’t forget about locators and fast or slow timers which got the tendency to connect with your audience at a chosen time on the platform of your choice. Strive for new ads in a persistent order that creates on your message with every point of communication.

Smart marketing can lead to an amicable conversion with good profits.

3.Use of Action Keywords

If you want to target a consistent audience and get restrained leads, use action words that potential audience would use in a search. For example, if a job seeker is looking for a job include keywords like a job, jobs, hire, intern, resume, salary, career or occupation. This will help you to generate leads that are looking out to try or buy your product or services.

4. Use of Gmail Ads

Many times while AdWords campaign; users completely forget about Gmails ads which is a billion plus user base. Basically, the fact is there are your competition’s customers lurking and just waiting for you to choose them.

Gmail ads make it easy to target your customers based on their interests also, choose a daily limit-per-user for impressions. Most important for this campaign is to stay creative as possible to generate maximum leads.

For example, if a Gmail user gets a lot of emails about Zumba, they are likely to be responsive to ads for Zumba-related products and services.

5. Attack Competitor Keywords

Another approach is to start to engage competitor’s keywords in search portals. Begin by picking the precise keywords. Make this as comprehensive and accurate as your own keyword collection. Extend to incorporate other particular queries associated with the brand.

Spot the customers that had hit the competitors’ sites or who have visited your’s and are now shopping for great deals.

Do not forget to use appropriate content for your ads. Yes, don’t even try to act smart by pretending to be another company because that can actually get you in a trouble Search engines will block you for misleading ads.


Achieving these 5 steps will enable you to boost ad performance overnight. The changes are easy and need only lesser improvements to existing campaigns. When done accurately, Google AdWords accomplishes among best B2B marketing tools.