Certified Financial planner – how 12th commerce grads are changing the world


If you’re just done with your 12th commerce board exams, we’re sure you must be relieved from all the stress they came with, and you finally feel like you can breathe. However, your journey doesn’t end here. You must also be tense and rattling your head around your future and the course you want to pursue for a bright career. 

Taking up the right subjects becomes essential because this decision will pave your way into your life’s career. Among the various professional qualifications you can pursue after 12th commerce, CFP is one of the most prestigious professional qualifications for a plethora of reasons. 

In this article, let’s discuss the meaning of financial planning, why you should pursue CFP, list other professional qualifications you can pursue after 12th commerce and the best CFP course for you

What is Financial Planning?

The process of planning for your future by looking into your finances and how you can manage them to achieve your future goals is known as financial planning. So, financial planning looks into various aspects of finance such as savings, investing, property, taxes, insurance, retirement, etc. 

A financial planner will always look into all of these aspects because they see you as a person with future goals, plans, and responsibilities that need to be fulfilled. You shouldn’t mistake asset management for financial planning. Under asset management, your assets such as bonds, mutual funds, stocks, and others are managed. 

The most popular financial planners are certified financial planners or CFPs. 

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Why Should You Start with a Financial Planner Course Right After Your 12th Commerce?

Kick Start Your Career

While you can pursue CFP after graduation as well, starting off right after 12th commerce will give your career a kick start as you’ll be a step ahead. Certified Financial Planners are recognized across the globe, and if you start right after your 12th commerce, you’ll become one sooner. This will ensure that your career is secure and that you have a bright future ahead of you. 

Become a Professional without Investing Much

After 12th commerce, there are multiple degrees and professional qualifications that one can pursue. Some various colleges and universities offer courses such as BBA, BSC, B.Com, etc. However, if budget is a concern for you, CFP is a prestigious professional qualification that allows you to have a fruitful career at a lower cost compared to other degrees. 

Learn the Professional Course with an Open Mind

If you pursue CFP right after 12th commerce, you’ll be able to grasp concepts quickly, and you’ll be learning everything about this professional course when your mind is eager to learn more. You’ll be learning with an open mind, and it’ll be easier for you to understand the concepts thoroughly. 

Build a Strong Network

It is really important to build a strong network of professionals in your industry, and it proves to be fruitful for a successful career. Becoming a CFP after 12th commerce will give you an upper hand over those who pursue CFP after graduation. You’ll be able to connect with other professionals and specialists in the industry sooner than others, and your professional network will also be vast. 

Gain Experience & Become a Skilled Entrepreneur

It is never too soon to plan your career and start early in life. Pursuing CFP after the 12th will allow you to gain a lot of experience and turn you into a successful entrepreneur in no time. Entrepreneurial skills are vital and always help in having a strong career, and pursuing CFP will ensure that you become a skilled professional with apt entrepreneurial skills. 

Professional Courses in Commerce 

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

CFP is one of the most prestigious qualifications among the various options that commerce students have. It is especially the right option for you if you want a career in the field of finance. 

CFP is globally recognized, and financial planners are respected and demanded across the world. It opens multiple doors for you in the financial advisory industry. More than 26 countries recognize CFP as a professional qualification, including Germany, the USA, UK, and Australia. 

CFP is a rewarding career as the demand for financial planners is increasing rapidly. Financial firms, banks, and international companies are always looking for certified financial planners to work with them. 

As a CFP professional, your job will be to create portfolios for your clients by using your unique expertise, knowledge, and skills. You’ll also offer financial advice to your clients as per their future goals. 

Chartered Certified Accountant 

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants regulates and maintains the profession of Chartered Certified Accountants. The accounting and finance industry is growing, and the demand for ACCA professionals is also rising. As a Chartered Certified Accountant, you’ll be able to work in several industries like banking, auditing, and consulting. 

Company Secretary (C.S.)

As a CS or Company Secretary, you become an integral part of any company. A Company Secretary’s job is to handle and manage all the legal aspects of an individual or a company. You’ll also be responsible for auditing and maintaining records of tax returns, offering advice to the board of directors and making them understand the company’s financial status, and ensuring it abides by the statutory and legal regulations. 

To become a CS, you will have to pass a set of examinations and go through a professional training process. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, or ICSI, is the body responsible for regulating this profession. 

Cost & Management Accountant (CMA)

A Cost & Management Accountant of CMA is a professional whose job is to manage a business’s accounting. A CMA analyzes statistics and provides logical reasons for the same. A CMA will also share insights on how you can create profits in the future by analyzing multiple project proposals. 

The Right Course to Go About Pursuing CFP 

While theoretical knowledge provides clarity on the subjects, practical knowledge offers vision and makes you understand the industry work in a more efficient manner. CFP is a professional qualification that won’t just make you understand the theoretical concepts. 

While pursuing CFP, you’ll also be indulged in the practical aspects of the industry to gain the appropriate knowledge and skills required in the industry. Job opportunities in the field of commerce have the power to shape your career in the best ways possible, and pursuing CFP will help you climb success’s ladder while making you an important figure in the commerce industry. 

If you want to pursue CFP but don’t know which course to go with, you should check out the CFP course offered by IMS Proschool. IMS Proschool will make you ready to become a CFP within a year. 

Their CFP curriculum has three modules: 

  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement and Tax planning
  • Risk management and Estate planning

The subjects included in IMS Proschool’s thorough CFP course are as follows: 

  • Personal financial management
  • Tax planning and optimization
  • Estate planning
  • Financial planning principles, process, and skills

The course is filled with skill development, practice tests, intensive training, and mock interviews. You’ll be trained under the guidance of experienced and skilled faculty consisting of qualified CFPs. 

You can choose among IMS Proschool’s online, classroom-based, or distance learning options at your convenience. They will also provide placement assistance after your program completion. 


Now that you know everything about CFP, we’re sure you’d want to pursue this prestigious professional qualification after your 12th commerce. CFP has various career prospects, and it is definitely the right qualification to go with in the field of commerce. 

IMS Proschool’s specialized and skilled faculty will ensure that you gain theoretical and practical knowledge on the subjects and become a qualified professional ready to build a strong career in the field of commerce and finance.