Finding befitting entry level accounting jobs is not really an easy task. Especially in recent times, when most stringent competition is existing.

Still, you’ll be able to fetch a fair entry level position as an accountant in the government sector, small or large scale business, CPAs, and non-profit organizations as well. Although there are myriad job opportunities in accounting, you need to have apt skillset and favourable experience in order to get luckier.

Let’s see what are the 5 steps to get started in finding the most appropriate entry level accounting jobs.

1.Build a strong network

Apart from everything else, building a strong network works big time when it comes to finding entry level accounting jobs. So, start by getting to know people and communicating with those who are really interested in recruiting new accountants. Maintain social interactions with such people, especially in accountants clubs, workshops, meetings, and conferences.

You might also try knowing the top people who’re doing great in the accounting field. Recommendations and references from such individuals often helps in landing favourable job opportunities.

Play the word-of-mouth game. As soon as you finish your accounting certification or accounting degree, share the news with your friends, relatives, and neighbors too! Again, you won’t know but a good accounting job opportunity might just be some few spaces away from you.

Entry-Level Accounting Jobs - 5 Steps to finding the most suitable one!

2.Search the internet

It is no more a secret that the internet is full of accountancy job opportunities. So much so that it provides a majority of chances for prospective employees to build an accounting career.

You might have known about the existence of various job opportunities available for freshers around the world. Along with leading online job portals, there are also small forums and communities where you can find a good number of accounting vacancies.

Then there are even those free websites that do not require registration or any kind of payment. Just figure out such helpful online job portals, post your resume in the local CPA network and you never know, you might get your first call sooner!

3.Sleek & professionally sound resume

If you’re looking at having a long-term and rewarding career in accounting, remember that a sleek and professional resume is the key. Right from formatting, layout, and grammar, to fonts; make sure your resume carries everything in a viable appearance.

Hence, to bag your dream accounting job, start by preparing an exceptionally wonderful resume that screams “Hire ME”. Recheck your resume good number of times so that you present a perfect copy to your recruiter. Also brush up on your interviewing skills to grab that opportunity.  

4.Do your best at Interviews

The next step after preparing an amazing resume is doing your best at interviews. Whether you’re a fresher or a professional, interviews tend to get tricky at some point of time. You should be able to tackle it well and walk out winning at the interview.

Useful steps to face an accounting interview

    • Be punctual, reach 10 minutes before the scheduled time
    • Go well-prepared with all the necessary answers
    • Brush up your mathematical and analytical knowledge
    • Refresh your IT/ accounting software skills
  • Stay cool, calm, and composed throughout the interview session

accounting jobs

7 Most common accounting interview questions

    • Describe the 3 Financial Statements in brief?
    • Which financial statement would you use to review overall health of the company, and why?
    • What is working capital?
    • What does it mean to have negative working capital?
    • Give difference between deferred revenue and accounts receivable?
    • Explain common budgeting methods?
  • How to increase the goodwill of the company?

5.Importance of Internships

Last but never the least. Do make sure you take your internships very seriously. Often, individuals fail to commit to their internships and hence end up with relatively negative results.

Remember that the internship programs not only prepare you for the real-world but also provide you with a handsome work experience. You just cannot afford to let go off the internship without acquiring additional skills and knowledge.

The best and most ideal way to take up genuinely rewarding internship programs is to feature yourself across social media channels. To take up genuinely rewarding internships programs, feature yourself – as in your qualifications, certifications, profile, interests, etc. to gain maximum exposure. 

As far as internships are concerned, never hesitate to grab any opportunity that might come your way. If pay package is an issue, you can always negotiate, but putting down any kind of offer can be fatal. Do not get disappointed even if you’re offered data entry job, as you have to start from somewhere.

Note that every opportunity has its own value and pay package always rise once you get down and start working.

So, keeping all of the above points in mind, make sure you practically apply them wherever you see yourself at for landing well-to-do accounting jobs!